FPL teams GW30 – FFGeek contributors show their teams

Here’s our FPL teams GW30 article where the FFGeek contributors show us their teams before the transfer deadline. All of the contributors finished in the top 1% of teams last season.  Here’s part 1.


Here’s a version of the 10 or so FPL managers who contribute to the FFGeek site with good histories who show their teams each week. This will give people a feel for what other managers are doing. It’s a fairly informal thing with no obligation on anyone and these teams may change at anytime before the deadline without further notice. It also wont covering early transfers. It’s just to give an idea of the trends for the week no more.


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Rob finished with a rank of 22k last season 4,701 in 2015/16 and 7,810 in 2014/15.

GW29 Points 47 (Avg 46) Total Points 1,638 OR 249k TV 104.7 red arrow 26k

Gameweek 29 review

Another poor week sadly and my slide down the overall rankings continues. Most of my mini-leagues are out of sight and I’m counting the days until the end of GW31 where I will dead end my team, ready for a fresh, shiny new team on my Wildcard in GW32.

Things have gone very wrong from GW24 onwards. None of my 50/50 calls seem to have gone right, highlighted this week again by picking Kane over Salah as captain. My differential picks just haven’t performed either and I’ve also been stuck with some badly out of form players due to injuries and holding for blank gameweeks. It certainly has been a tale of woe!

The good news for the last 9 weeks of the season us that I still have all my remaining chips and I believe a good strategy for the final run-in. Hopefully I can salvage some pride and at least haul my way back close to the top 100k. If nothing else I’ll keep fighting to the bitter end!

Gameweek 30 team

I’ve got 1 transfer and plenty in the bank again. Once more it’s players with GW31 fixtures on my radar. I already have my 3 Liverpool players so I’m scouring the other teams now. Everton and Huddersfield look to have the best fixtures for 2 weeks so I’ll make my transfer from one of these teams.

For Everton Coleman, Sigurdsson and Walcott are on my radar. For Huddersfield its the defence, Van La Parra or Pritchard if fit. Mounie looks a good option too but I’d  have to sell another striker: Kane and Firmino aren’t going anywhere and I’m hanging on to Wilson who has a fixture next week.

In the end, my choice has been dictated little bit by how awful things look this week. My defence looks like a car crash and 7 of my front 8 are away from home. Non-playing Kenny has to go therefore, at best he’ll get 1 point next week so this is no biggie. I have the exact money to get Coleman in so he’s my transfer.

So 10 of my 11 starting players away from home. I’ve benched Daniels and Wilson versus Spurs and Robertson at Old Trafford. Kane has the armband. Sadly I’m expecting another big fat red arrow this week based on the fixtures, but hey I’ve just had a great week snowboarding in Switzerland so things could be a hell of a lot worse!

All the best for this week everyone – hope your arrows are green!



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Joseph finished with an overall rank of 13k last season

GW29 Points 47 -4 (Avg 46) Total Points 1,725 OR 25k TV 104.3m red arrow 8k

GW29 Summary

A rather frustrating week for Dier-bolical XI which brought a run of 4 successive green arrows to a grinding halt. In fact, my rank is back to almost exactly where it was before that good period, so it feels like a lot of hard work has been wasted. Nonetheless, I am still in a good position to attack the remaining weeks and the top 10k is still very much in reach.

The poor GW29 was defined by the transfer decision where I had elected to remove Sterling and Jones who have both had recent injury problems. The original choice was between Mahrez and a cheaper defender such as Bauer or Arnautovic and Davies; unfortunately, I decided on the latter with the West Ham man proving extremely disappointing. I noticed on Saturday morning that I could bring in Son instead of Arnie as well but decided against that due to the rotation risk; in hindsight, how I wish that I had taken that risk!

The risk that I chose to take instead was to place the armband on Kane as opposed to Salah, which luckily only cost me 3 points after the Spurs striker could only pick up an assist. The only other points came from the rest of my Liverpool contingent who performed once again, but overall 47 points was not the return that I was looking for.

GW30 Team

This is the last week before the blank gameweek and it would be great to enter that with a green arrow under my belt, though the fixtures do look rather tricky. Moreover, the punishment from last week’s transfers continued as Davies started in the Champions league midweek which makes it highly likely that he won’t start at the weekend. Therefore, I was looking for some defensive cover for this week, preferably with someone that also plays next week.

The team that I was looking at, surprisingly, were Everton because, out of the GW31 teams, they have the best fixture besides Huddersfield who I already have cover for with Zanka. The Blues have been decent at home and a match-up with Brighton this week has some potential.

Preferably, I would have sold Dunk, but the ideal replacement for me was Coleman with his impressive attacking threat and low ownership. Unfortunately, he’s unaffordable as a replacement for Dunk, so Davies is being removed after just one week. Hopefully Coleman will repay me over the next couple of matches with attacking returns and maybe a clean sheet or two.

The armband will be staying on Kane this week; it feels like a good opportunity to stay away from Salah with Liverpool heading to Old Trafford in the Saturday lunchtime game. Meanwhile, Spurs travel to Bournemouth on Sunday which is a fixture that Kane has a great record in so let’s hope for some goals on the South coast!

Best of luck to everyone this weekend and may your arrows be green!

fpl teams GW30


Alex finished in 10k in 16/17 28k in 15/16 and 3k in 14/15

GW29 Points 44  -4 (Avg 46) Total Points 1,713 OR 37k TV 104.0m red arrow 13k

Sterling out and Pritchard Huddersfield in.  Despite the yellow flag looks like he’ll be fit.

fpl teams GW30


Mikael finished 5,846 OR last season

GW29 Points 60 (Avg 46) Total Points 1,592 OR 558k TV 103.6m green arrow 79k

I decided to transfer Sterling out for Siggy.
I don’t think he’ll will get full gametime or perhaps not at all.
Rumours Pep will leave him out so he doesn’t go on international duty.

Everton have a nice home fixture against Brighton and play in BGW31.

Kane (C), Salah (VC)

fpl teams GW30


Aashiket finished 9k last season

GW29 Points 63 -4 (Avg 46) Total Points 1,529 OR 1,211k TV 103.3m green arrow 116k

 Sterling and Wimmer out.  Shaqiri and Coleman in

fpl teams GW30

More coming in part 2 tomorrow

ffgeek Contributors League table

fpl teams GW30

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