Thinking about Manchester City’s FPL GW38 lineup

With Manchester City playing Norwich in FPL GW38 their lineup will be the most important factor in the decision on your free hit or transfer for FPL GW8.  Here we look at the lineups for the last 3 games, overall minutes played and PL starts and sub appearances to make an assessment on which players could start

Thinking about Manchester City’s FPL GW38 lineup

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Man City play Norwich in GW38 which is just about as a mouthwatering fixture for a free hit as you could get.  However who knows

Firstly it’s important to say that no one can predict what Pep will do with his team selection.  Secondly although I am a very sceptical person about the information in his press conferences it is still worth waiting until then to see what he says about a possible lineup.  Lastly I imagine their will be the usual twitter “leaked news” before the lineups are announced shortly after the gameweek deadline.

Any useful quotes from Pep?

This is the only 1 I could find of note which is before the Watford game.  It is of limited use for the Norwich game but I guess shows something of his mindset

New players who will maybe come or maybe not will change the freshness of the team completely.

If you bring in nine players – that’s impossible – it changes the mentality, the freshness and quality. I think 80% 85% of the team will be the same. It will depend who is here.

Who has played in the last 3 games plus other info?

The only way I can make an assessment is look who’s played in the last matches as well as their all competition minutes plus their Premier league starts and sub appearances and then make an assessment from there.  The time on the schedule refers to when they were subbed

So here’s a schedule with that information.


So what does this potentially mean?

Just a reminder that no one can predict Pep but here’s some thoughts.

Firstly were not interested in the CDMs.  Primarily the attackers but secondarily the defenders.


Surely if there is any logic to selection,  given his miserly gametime over the last 3 matches and over the course of the season he will start?

I think Pep could play 4-2-3-1 which would give 4 attacking positions.

It’s difficult to know if he will approach the game with an overall strategy of say the strongest team or a heavily rotated team.  He may say something in the press conference but who knows.  So I’m approaching this on a player by player basis

David Silva

Last Premier League game for Man City and he missed the Watford match in GW37.  Again surely he will start.  I have heard some theories that he could be subbed at 21 minutes to match his shirt number.  There was a precedent with John Terry but that was very different if I remember as I think he was fringe first team.  Also it was pretty roundly criticised and it doesn’t seem Peps style.  Plus they still have the Champions League to go.

De Bruyne and Sterling

Both missed the Bournemouth game but played the next 2.  Even against Norwich Sterling is 4 goals behind Vardy so it would seem difficult to imagine that that could be a sole reason to start him.  He is only 2 goals behind Ings if you strip out penalties but I’m not sure that counts.


Played 2 of the last 3 so could in theory start as had 1 game rest.


Seems the favourite defender to start given he missed the last game.  Should be a fairly nailed clean sheet.


Started the last 3 and 90 minutes in the last 2.  Could easily see him benched for say Sterling as a CF but the advantage he has is that he has played a lot less minutes than some and a few goals v Norwich would do his confidence a world of good.


Otamendi has the best xG of any of the defenders and also has scored 2 goals this season in the PL compared to the other defenders where the most is 1.  His aerial ability would be useful against Norwich It would be a massive gamble to think he will start though given that he has been out of favour when there are alternatives.  A good bet for a goal and clean sheet if he does start

Who would I pick on a free hit?

Mahrez and David Silva I think.  Then I might just look at the Captain Polls and see if they gave me a clue where everyone else was going?   Without that I’m not sure.  Maybe Sterling as he has the potential to do the most damage.

The FFGeek contributors picks will be interesting

Many of the Contributors have saved their free hit for GW38.  Alas I am not one of them.  There will be articles coming out.  Also on the FFGeek Patreon site the FFGeek contributor tracker team will also be free hitting and will include the players most favoured by the FFGeek Contributors

Best of luck whoever you choose.

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6 thoughts on “Thinking about Manchester City’s FPL GW38 lineup”

  1. Thoughts on Garcia? Any logic behind Pep wanting time give him minutes this season ahead of possible starting spot for next?

  2. I am leading in our cash league worth 200 quid by 8 points. My nearest rival has bench boost left and will use two free transfers also to get three extra players. I am thinking of Sterling and D Silva in for Willian and KDB for a -4 hit. My reasoning is that it’s D Silva’s big game and he should be fed or feed every attack. KDB seems to take a bit of a creative back seat when D S is in the team. He is a rotation risk along with Jesus for this game (Pep Roulette…who knows???) As my opponent will have 3 extra players I think I have to block Sterling and maybe C him (or DS). 8 points isn’t enough to be able to go defensive in my thinking when he will probably outscore me with the teams below.
    What do you think? Any help most welcome!

    My Team
    Patricio Martin
    Azpilicueta Docherty Tarkowski Lascelles Robinson
    Salah KDB Fernandes William Foden
    Jiminez Rashford Greenwood

    His Team with BB and 2FT and 2.1 ITB
    Martinez Martin
    Saiss Aurier Robinson Docherty Lamptey
    KDB Martial Fernandes Sterling Gendouzi
    Jesus Rashford Ings

      • Thanks! Here are my latest thoughts if you have the time:
        Ok. If this was you what would you do? 8 points ahead in my cash league. I have no chips and 1 FT with 2.0 ITB. He has bench boost 2 FT and 2.0 ITB. So Sterling is potentially the most dangerous differential he has. The main decision is whether it’s worth it to take a hit to get one of the players in below with just an 8 point lead? The obvious move for him is to use his 2 FT to move out Robinson and Gendouzi to players who are nailed on for his BB. Any ideas most appreciated!

        My Team
        Patricio Martin
        Azpilicueta Docherty Tarkowski Lascelles Robinson
        Salah KDB Fernandes William Foden
        Jiminez Rashford Greenwood

        His Team
        Martinez Martin
        Saiss Aurier Robinson Docherty Lamptey
        KDB Martial Fernandes Sterling Gendouzi
        Jesus Rashford Ings

        What would you do?
        Rashford for Kane
        KDB for Sterling
        Willian for D Silva
        KDB for Sterling and Willian for D Silva(-4 hit)
        KDB for Sterling and Rashford for Kane (-4 hit)
        KDB for Sterling and Fernandes for D Silva (-4 hit)

  3. Great article geek! Here’s my thoughts on the Pep roulette. KdB, Jesus likely subs, and B Silva will get nod vs Foden to start. CB could easily see Laporte again, but like the article says – doesn’t really matter much. Hoping for a pre deadline leak to confirm!

    Walker Otamendi Stones Mendy
    Gundogan Fernandinho D Silva
    Mahrez Sterling B Silva

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