McDonalds FIFA World Cup Fantasy tips – midfield rankings and stats

Here’s the first of our McDonalds FIFA World Cup fantasy tips articles where we rank the midfielders and provide a bunch of stats to help you make a decision for your team

McDonalds FIFA World Cup Fantasy tips – midfield rankings and stats


I’ve provided a table of stats with a mixture of stats related to qualification, their club form and some bookies odds on teams winning the Groups to rank the players.

Stats explained 

Grp W odds – This is an amalgamation of the odds to win each game within the Group.  It is to give an indication of the fixture difficulty for each team within their Group.  You can see a variety of odds on The lower the odds the better obviously.

A in Q – Appearances in qualifying matches

Gls in Q – Goals in qualifying matches

Club starts and sub – The starts in League matches only for the 17/18 season for their clubs plus sub appearances.

Goals and assists – The Goals in those league matches only.

Mins G/A – The minutes it took in League for a goal or assist to happen.

The Schedule

Here’s the schedule.

It maybe difficult to read on a phone especially so here’s the link to the google spreadsheet if you want to copy it and mess about with it yourself.

I’ve tried to only include those players who I think are fairly gametime certain although that is a difficult task especially with some of the lesser known countries.  I have ranked them although there is enough information for you to make a decision yourself.

Here’s the link to my article on the rules

mcdonalds world cup fantasy tips

I’ve tried to put in a range of prices.  It’s noticeable that alot of FPL midfielders such as Hazard and Salah are treated as forwards and that the differential of prices isn’t quite what you’d expect for the difference in countries.

One player I haven’t put in is Carrasco of Belgium.  He’s cheap at £6.5m and it seems he will play as an LWB.

If there are any comments on the ranking or inaccuracies please tell me.  It is a very painstaking and laborious process so I can’t guarantee there aren’t any mistakes.

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7 thoughts on “McDonalds FIFA World Cup Fantasy tips – midfield rankings and stats”

  1. When you Speak about “carrasco from Spain”, he plays for Atlético de Madrid but he is Belgian, if you refer to Yannick Carrasco.
    Anyway, Great work!!! Thank you ;-)

    • I do mean Belgium Thanks for clearing that up. I think seeing him play for Madrid must have confused me Cheers, good luck and thanks again


  2. “A in Q” stands for appearance or assists in qualifiers? I had not followed qualifiers …

  3. low cost midfielder option, 6 or below
    Hi gang, love this page and all the tips provided. I was hoping for some help with my last midfield pick.
    I’m undecided between Asensio, Casemiro or Kante. I think Casemiro will probably not get that much playing time so I’m thinking it’s really between Asensio and Kante. I like the fact that Asensio is an attacking player but I’m not sure if he’ll get much play time either. Kante will def start for France but he’s more a defensive holding midfielder and not sure if that will translate well for fantasy points. There’s also Argentine midfielders at this price range like Biblia but again wondering how much he’ll play or contribute. If you had to go with one, who would you choose? Are there other better picks at this price range? Ideally I’m looking for an attacking midfielder if possible.

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