McDonalds World Cup fantasy tips – forward rankings and stats

Here’s the second of our McDonalds FIFA World Cup fantasy tips articles where we rank the forwards and provide a table of stats to help you make a decision for your team

 McDonalds World Cup fantasy tips – forward rankings and stats

This is the 3rd McDonalds World Cup fantasy tips article.  Here’s a link to our midfielders article and to our rules article 


I’ve provided a table of stats with a mixture of stats related to qualification, their club form and some bookies odds on teams winning the Groups to rank the players.


Grp W odds – This is an amalgamation of the odds to win each game within the Group. It is to give an indication of the fixture difficulty for each team within their Group.   The lower the odds the better obviously.

A in Q – Appearances in qualifying matches

Gls in Q – Goals in qualifying matches

Club starts and sub – The starts in League matches only for the 17/18 season for their clubs plus sub appearances.

Goals and assists – The Goals in those league matches only.

Mins G/A – The minutes it took in League for a goal or assist to happen.


Here’s the schedule.

world cup fantasy tips

It maybe difficult to read on a phone especially so here’s the link to the google spreadsheet if you want to copy it and mess about with it yourself.

The McDonalds format tends to classify players as forwards very differently to FPL.  Hazard, Son, Salah and Even David Silva are counted as forwards.

That tends to give a massive pool to choose from.

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