Which players will have the biggest impact on their new clubs in the 19/20 season


Here’s Boris with his article on which players will likely have the biggest impact on their new clubs in Europe during the 2019/20 season.

Which players will have the biggest impact on their new clubs in the 19/20 season

The 2019-20 European Football season has just gotten underway  As usual there are great players that have moved teams with some staying in the same league and others going across leagues and continents. Many of those moves will work out. Trying to figure out which ones will have the greatest impact is key to setting up your fantasy team. Here are some of the biggest moves that look to have the greatest impacts on their new teams.

Nicholas Pepe at Arsenal

Arsenal has spent €80m on a top winger that they sorely needed and Pepe gets his chance to shine on the big stage. There was intense competition for his services from several clubs causing Arsenal to pay much more than they wanted to Lille, but in the end they got the man they hoped for, and it should pay off well for the English club.

One good thing for the club is that they can make the payments in five instalments over the life of Pepe’s contract making the money spent bearable. For Arsenal and its hungry fans, they show that they will spend money for top players and are interested in competing with and beating the top Premier League teams. They are now Evens to get into the Champions League places at sites like Novibet.co.uk The 24 year old is not very seasoned at the top level but he has shown that he can handle the big stage, and he is definitely getting better with lots of room to grow.

Mario Ballotelli goes to Brescia

Mario Balotelli is always a gamble but when he’s good, he is great. He has chosen to go to a small team, which coincidentally is his hometown club Brescia. The club has been trending up recently and this no doubt convinced Balotelli to sign with them thinking that his presence could solidify their position on the top tier. In any case he is the club’s focal point and will be as long as he is with the club. With this the case, he could have a great year.

Ivan Perisic to Bayern Munich

After Bayern’s loss of two of their top winger’s this summer, Arjen Robben and Franck Ribery the club needed to make a big move and this deal is certainly that. There are stories that PerIsic was not their first or perhaps second choice, but circumstances led to this move and it is a great one. Perisic knows the Bundesliga with this being his third stint there, so will have no trouble adjusting. He comes over from Inter Milan at age 30, and will likely stick with the club after his loan date comes.

Harry Maguire to Manchester United

Purchased from Leicester for a whopping £80m Maguire is no doubt a top defender in the Premier League. But whispers are that his cost only reflects the fact that it is Man U. doing the purchasing as opposed to his actual value. With all of the money comments put aside, Maguire can make a big difference for a club that had defence issues all last year. Time will tell, but Man U. has definitely shown again they are not afraid to make big moves