Premier League suspended until April 4 due to the Corona Virus.

So unless you have no form of outside communication you’ll know by now  there will be no GW30 fixtures played and the Premier League have suspended all fixtures until April 4 because of the Corona Virus.

Premier League suspended until April 4 due to the Corona Virus.

Premier league statement

So here’s the basics of the Premier League statement

Following a meeting of Shareholders today, it was unanimously decided to suspend the Premier League with the intention of returning on 4 April, subject to medical advice and conditions at the time.

What fantasy premier league have to say

Here’s the graphics from the FPL twitter site;

premier league

premier league

So it seems that you can still make transfers for GW30 and onwards which has got to be completely ridiculous. Why they just don’t freeze it?

I imagine in reality, depending on how long the virus situation lasts, that they will try and fill in the fixtures where the Euro 2020 fixtures were.  I’m saying that as it seems inevitable they will postpone the Euro 2020 tournament.

What will happening on FFGeek?

Not much I guess although I’m going to play it by ear.  In theory it’s only 2 gameweeks although it seems a pretty optimistic time frame for football to return that’s for sure.  The transfer I was probably going to make was Rico out for Basham so I may actually do that however strange it seems.  If I do I will put a short post on the website

Take Care 

Take care of yourself and follow although the guidelines you’re given in relation to the virus

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5 thoughts on “Premier League suspended until April 4 due to the Corona Virus.”

  1. If transfers can still be made for GWs 30 + 31, will player prices also rise and fall? If so then that would be reason to transfer; if not, then why transfer?

  2. If you have 2 FTs then it’s probably worth doing a transfer to get your team as strong as it can be for when the fixtures return. No need to worry about the partial GW31 now and there will be a lot of DGWs to come.

  3. You can make one free transfer every week until it resumes. You can strengthen your team and get rid of the weak links to your team. If it lasts two months, eight free changes is just like having a free wildcard

  4. Suppose all this miraculously blows over by late April, might we perhaps experience TRIPLE game weeks!!??
    It’d be maybe similar to the frequency of the Xmas congestion but crammed into single GWs..?

  5. Hi Geek, if transfers are still available for the foreseeable, would it be worth doing some of the regular articles but focused on team selection for GW32 onwards, so informed transfers could be made ready for the recommencement? All my plans have been focused on transfers for BGW31, but now that’s not happening I need to start looking at other players, particularly those with double (or triple?!?) GWs…
    Keep up the top work!

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