sky sports fantasy football – the FFGeek team

Here’s  my Sky Sports fantasy football team with a few words to explain it

sky sports fantasy football – the FFGeek team

To be honest I didn’t remember my Sky Sports Fantasy Football team being in such a mess and thought it would just need a tweak but it needed a complete rethink which I haven’t really got time to do.

It was one of my better formats although finishing 1,500 last season was a disaster the year before that finishing 34th overall was pretty successful

To have captain picks all the way to the overhaul you really need a captain option from Arsenal or Spurs, Liverpool Man Utd and Chelsea.  At the moment the problem I have is no City attack.  That will have to be rectified after the Arsenalv City match where for the Huddersfield game and the Wolves game in GW2 and GW3 we will at least be able to see the City lineups

Here’s the team:

sky sports fantasy football

Good luck tonight

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