Sun Dream Team – which teams have the best fixtures up to transfer window 3

Here’s my guide to which teams have the best fixtures in Sun Dream Team up to transfer window 3 including details of the relevant competitions

There’s a summary at the end if you don’t want the detail

Sun Dream Team background

The next transfer window opens on the 1 February making this a crucial transfer window for Sun Dream Team managers

I’m sure you know but just for the avoidance of doubt the Sun Dream team is the only format that includes virtually all the competitions that premier league teams play in:

The premier league

The FA and Capital One cup

The Champions League and the Europa league

So lets start by looking at the different competitions, who’s in them and the effect that may have on our Sun Dream Team transfer policy

The premier league 

There are 12 game weeks in this transfer window before the next one opens making this a very significant window

Teams with the best fixtures are (some home highlights shown):

Palace (West Ham, Cardiff, Norwich and Stoke at home)

Man Utd (Newcastle, West Ham, Swansea and Cardiff at home)

Liverpool( Norwich, West Ham, Cardiff and Hull at home)

Norwich (Palace, Fulham and Hull at home)

Arsenal (Hull, Cardiff and Fulham at home)

WBA (Villa, Norwich and Hull at home)

The FA Cup

The 3rd and 4th round of the FA Cup will take place in January.  The teams involved in European competitions will probably rotate their teams to rest players in these 2 rounds to some extent negating the more difficult European fixtures.  Swansea I think will generally rotate rather than pick competitions to do so.  The teams facing relegation battles I think will also rotate players

Teams that are likely to take the competition seriously in my view are likely to be

WBA, Newcastle, Southampton, Everton

The Capital One Cup

The quarter finals are:

Leicester v Man City

Stoke v Man Utd

Sunderland v Chelsea

Spurs v West Ham

There is then 2 leg semi finals in January which will count towards Sun Dream Team.  The sides involved in European competitions will rotate I think but possibly less so if they get to the semis

The Champions League

This involves Man City, Arsenal, Man Utd and Chelsea.  There are 2 games left in the Group stages for each team.  The knockout stage is part of transfer window 3.  I think all sides will go through

The Europa league 

Spurs and Swansea will play 2 more Group games.  I don’t believe the dates of the Knockout rounds have been decided yet but I imagine, although I’m not sure, there will be a round in January.


  • There are less European fixtures so the teams involved in European fixtures will have less of an advantage
  • The FA Cup will have 2 fixtures prior to transfer window 3.  Look for teams not in Europe or challenging for top 4 plus  those not in relegation danger to play full teams, say:  WBA, Newcastle, Southampton, Everton.
  • The Capital One cup potentially provides 3 extra fixtures prior to transfer window 3 for Man Utd, Man City, Chelsea and Spurs.  Rotation may mitigate this advantage though
  • The Europa and Champions league provide 2 extra fixtures only  prior to this Transfer window 3 although I’m unsure if dates have been announced for the Europa League
  • Palace, Man Utd, Liverpool, Norwich, WBA and Arsenal all have good fixtures prior to transfer window 3 in the premier league

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