Sun Dream Team tips – 3 FFGeek contributors show their draft teams

Here’s our Sun Dream Team tips article where 3 FFGeek contributors show their draft teams.  There’s Lee who finished an incredible 79th last season, Redrum who finished the last 3 seasons in 5k, 750th and 250th and lastly TFF expert Bryan (37th and 7th last 2 seasons) is having his first season at it.

Sun Dream Team tips – 3 FFGeek contributors show their draft teams

We also have as an FFGeek contributor joint winner of Sun Dream Team in 2016/17, Michael Byrom. He also finished top 1k in 2017/18 and top 300 in 18/19.  Here’s his draft team and strategy article here

Lee Giles

Lee finished an incredible 79th overall in Sun Dream Team in his first attempt last season

This is my first draft and I’ve gone for a 4.4.2 formation as I believe there is plenty of value in defence this season. I knew I wanted some big hitters up from so I started looking for some bargains,and I’ve taken a chance on Dan James at £1m I’m not expecting to much but I’m hopeful his good form in pre season will see him get some minutes.

Boly from Wolves at £2.5m is also budget friendly especially with the European games this season.  Zinchenko and Coleman should get some attacking returns without costing a fortune.  Alisson and Robertson also get two Liverpool players into the side.

Now to spend some money! Sterling, De Bruyne and Bernardo Silva don’t need an introduction and should pick up lots of attacking returns. With Salah and Kane up front, both will be looking for a great start to the season as they chase the golden boot.  Home games against Norwich and Aston Villa should give them both a great opportunity to get off the mark in GW1.

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Redrum has finished the last 3 seasons in Sun Dream team in 5k, 750th, 250th

Hi folks, I am Redrum and I have been a big fan of fantasy football geek website for years and I am delighted to be part of the Sun Dream Team game here on this brilliant website.

A bit about myself. I have been a fan of football since England came close in Euro 96. I support Newcastle United and enjoyed very much Keegan and Robson era but no so much the current regime under Ashley. I have been playing fantasy football for 4 years now, before I spent all my time on championship/football manager. My fantasy football record is fairly decent: In the sun dream team, I have finished 5k, 750th, 250th position in the seasonal games. Finished in 116th position in the World Cup 2018. Last season I finished overall in 5621 place so hopefully I can improve. Additionally, the other fantasy football game I enjoy is the Telegraph game with 3k, 2634, 118 and 38 seasonal finishes.

So here is my Sun Dream Team: I have gone with 433 formation.

Kepa Arrizabalaga. CHE, GK 3.5m

A talented keeper with good ball distribution and at a very reasonable price. He should score well again with Kante back in his best position protecting the defence.

Cesar Azpilicueta. CHE, DEF 3.5m

I like to pair defensive assets where I can so in comes this dream team favourite. He is Mr dependable – a player that consistently picks up points season after season and rarely gets rested.

Trent Alexander Arnold. LIV, DEF 5.0m

Attacking fullback who offers the prospect of clean sheets and assists in abundance. He ended the season in great form.

Andy Robertson. LIV, DEF 4.5m

I think TAA and Robertson work well together as a pair. It is an unique playing style by Liverpool where the creativity is achieved by the full backs rather than their midfielders.

Lucas Digne. EVE DEF 3.0m

Everton have a great early run of fixtures and ended last season in fantastic form. In comes another fantastic full back (gosh no centre backs in my team), Digne provided the most crosses than any other player in the league. So if Everton can improve their goal conversion rate, Digne should be challenging the likes of TAA and Robertson in the assist charts.

Gylfi Sigurdsson. EVE, MID 4.0m

When the fixtures are very good, I like to pair a defender with an attacker so in comes this attacking midfielder. He is on penalties although he didn’t have a great record last season but I hope he has been practising over the summer with the introduction of VAR.

Youri Tielemans, LEI, MID 2.5m

A good all rounder who should do well in the ratings department. He scored an impressive 3 goals in 13 games for Leicester last season thanks to his good long range shooting. He has developed a good understanding with Vardy so good assist potential there.

Raheem Sterling. MCI, MID 6.5m

One of the most explosive players in the game. He has to aim for 30 goals a season now.

Sergio Aguero. MCI, STR 7.5m

With Sterling and other city midfielders creating plenty of chances, you would want their striker in your team. On penalties and can be truly devastating on his day with hat tricks in his locker.

Mohamed Salah. LIV, STR 7.5m

With Liverpool challenging for the title, they will need 20 goals again from a wonderful player. Likely to be on penalties with Milner playing fewer games.

Diogo Jota. WOL, STR 2.5m

I feel the need to include a Wolves player considering that they will play two extra games in the Europa playoff round if they get there. Jota initially struggled as an left sided attacking midfielder but since his role change in 2019 he has become a striker with good finishing ability. He has the potential to score more goals than more expensive strike partner Jimenez.

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Bryan O’Rourke

This is Bryan’s first season at Sun Dream team but he has a fantastic history in TFF finishing 37th last season and 7th in 17/18

My first serious go at Dream Team since the newspaper days. Having 10 teams gives the flexibility to experiment with formations and with this team I’ve opted for big hitters up front and gone bargain hunting elsewhere. The budget is more generous than Telegraph Fantasy Football, so no unknown mystery players needed.

Most of the picks speak for themselves, its only the midfield where I may swap about, ahead of the first kick off. Pulisic and Barkley offer great value while there is still uncertainty with the Chelsea strikers. Sane is a punt and may be the first of the three monthly transfers out, possibly to Pogba or a premium defender. I think I will keep one transfer in reserve for the final week in case of injury or suspension. Anyway it will be good to have another interest beside the Telegraph Fantasy game this year. Best of luck.

sun dream team tips

We also have as an FFGeek contributor joint winner of Sun Dream Team in 2016/17, Michael Byrom. He also finished top 1k in 2017/18 and top 300 in 18/19.  Here’s his draft team and strategy article here

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14 thoughts on “Sun Dream Team tips – 3 FFGeek contributors show their draft teams”

  1. Few questions.
    Is it worth going all out to get Salah, Aguero and Kane in a team and unbalancing the rest of the team?
    Is James a risk because he’s not a guaranteed starter?
    Barkley and Pulisic look good options but what worries me is Chelsea’s lack of threat upfront now

  2. You need to choose 2 out of those 3 strikers really, if u have all 3 it’s difficult to get a good balance.

    I’m finding it hard to find any reason not to have kane and Salah but there are some negatives around sergio.

  3. I wouldn’t go with Rose mate, Davies only has a slight injury.

    I’d start with Walker-Peters, admittedly he is only a short term option but he has zero competition for his place in the first few games

  4. Currently I have a team of Patricio, Maguire, Robertson, Digne/Rose, Sterling, B.Silva, Pepe, Pulisic/Barkley, Kane, Aguero/Salah and Lacazette. What would you change in that?

    • John personally I’d lose rose and put digne in, lose Pepe and have pulisic and Barkley, Kane, Salah and laca. If you can swap laca for auba I would

  5. Everyone would have a different opinion mate, I’d definitely Have Digne over Rose at the start.

    Plus, I wouldn’t risk Pepe and pulisic – it’s best to give new players time to bed in, it’s better to go for seasoned Premier league players at the start

  6. Can I ask thoughts on my current draft . Ederson, digne, Robertson, trent, sterling, b silva, maddison, Mcneil, salah, Kane, jiminez

  7. Martin, I wouldn’t have McNeil in my team because I think if you change someone in your defence to a cheaper option you will be able to upgrade that position quite well.
    I read somewhere on a forum that Barkley might be rotated a lot which I find a bit of a risk putting him in now. What other midfielders would you say are good cheaper options at prices between 2m-3m?

  8. Can I see what you think of my team?: Patricio, Laporte, TAA, Robertson, Alonso, Pulisic, Pepe, B Silva, Sterling, Salah, Kane.

  9. Thoughts on my latest draft. Alison, Robertson, zinchenko, digne, sterling, b silva, maddison, tielemans/tossard, salah, Kane, wilson

  10. Thooughts on this team:
    TAA, Robertson, zinchenk, Rico
    Dani James, sterling , kdb
    Kane , auba, salah

  11. I welcome your thoughts on my team:

    Alexander-Arnold, Digne, Aké
    Sterling, Sigurdsson, Mané, Pulisic
    Aguero, Vardy, Aubameyang

  12. My current team
    de Gea
    sterling ,moura,de bruyne,james
    salah kane,jota
    quite happy with 8/11 ,so any thoughts on
    1-leave it as it is
    3-de gea,james/patricio,barkley

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