Sun Dream Team Tips – FFGeek Sun pundit Simon Rowley updates us on his team

Previous winner of the FFGeek league and top 1k overall finisher our Sun Dream Team pundit Simon Rowley talks through his team and plans in this Sun Dream Team Tips article


Team overall rank

With the busy Christmas period over, its time for an update on my team. I’m currently on 1407 points and in 3941 overall rank (correct as before the FA cup games). So doing well, but I’ve dropped down recently from a highest ranking of 1412 in the middle of December.

I’m 34th in the FFGeek classic League out of 375 and 7th in the 40 member Head to Head league

Here’s the team.  The points total is as of Monday.

sun dream team tips

The recent fall down the rankings was mainly down to injuries (Valencia, Jesus and Salah), loss of form (Lukaku and Hazard), and the eternal problem of rotation (Gomez and Christensen). To help rectify this, I did 3 transfers last Friday, taking out Smalling (who’d come in for Valencia), Lukaku and Jesus, and putting in Rojo (purely to free up money), Pogba and Aguero.

So that is all of my transfers done now for January.


With the league cup semi’s taking place this month, and City’s fixtures, Aguero looks an absolute must have (even more so with Jesus missing for 2 months). I’d ideally have liked Sanchez instead of Pogba, but funds weren’t there, to take advantage of their extra fixtures, but I’m happy enough with 5 players in the semis (fingers crossed for a City-Chelsea final now for me).

Man City

I’ve seen people going really heavy on Man City attacking players, but if they were to win the league in March (highly possible), they could end up resting a lot of players, and concentrating purely on the Champions League and FA cup (assuming they progress in both).

January transfer window

With the transfer window open now, its still possible for some big names to come and go (Van Dijk and Coutinho being 2 of the first), so I could end up having a few nail biting moments now that I have no transfers left this month, but that’s just the way it is unfortunately.

As usual I’ll try and answer any questions, and all transfers and updates will be posted on twitter (@upthevale1). Good luck to everyone!

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17 thoughts on “Sun Dream Team Tips – FFGeek Sun pundit Simon Rowley updates us on his team

  1. I had a nightmare over the weekend.

    I swapped Jesus for Aguero when I saw him starting, to fund I took out Monreal and brought in an Everton defender (best of the cheap bunch).

    I knew Everton had already played in the game week and so assumed that the second transfer would be pending until Friday but the first transfer would take effect straight away. Only Saturday evening I noticed that the Aguero transfer was also pending, so I lost out on his 13 points and lose whatever he scores in the league cup semi finals.

    Wasn’t obvious that this transfer wouldn’t take place straight away in my view. I’d have brought in another cheap defender if I did know.

    • Exactly why I did my transfers on Friday, to avoid any deadline mistakes. A cautionary tale for everyone, unfortunately for you.

  2. Hi Simon,
    I currently have David Silva in my team and I am considering on taking him out for Lukaku,
    Do you feel this is a good move given that Lukaku goal returns are not great but Silva is pretty much missing every other game at the moment, any ideas if not Lukaku? I have 0.6 in the bank and my team is below 1 transfer remaining

    De Gea,
    E.Pieters, (need to take out but no funds) Cahill, Christensen, Walker

    • Given I’ve lost patience with Lukaku, I cant really recommend you put him in. Id leave Silva a bit longer yet, and look at getting Pieters out instead. Without checking values, a west ham defender would be my choice, good run of fixtures coming up.

  3. Hi their, just wondering who you see as the most productive midfielder for remainder of month, Stirling possibly 5 games, Pogba 4, good fixtures for both, current front 6, Hazard, de bruyne, Silva, Morrata, Kane, Aguerro, cld use last transfer to bolster defence, which is Christenson, Cahill, Pieters A. Williams, can afford Alonso, appreciate any reply.

    • I obviously have sterling and pogba, sterling is almost a must have now, with the form he’s in. Pieters is a worry in your defence, think that’s where id be looking to strengthen.

  4. Thanx Simon, have 4.3 to spend after taking out pierters, taking fixtures for remainder of month, scoring potential, & everything else into consideration, who will be best option out of, Van Dijk, Smalling, Walker, Vertonghen, D. sanchez, thanx.

  5. Going well in the overall league with 1565 points.
    What your thoughts with my team please??
    I have no money in the bank with one transfer left. Any thoughts what I could do with my last transfer?? Here my team


  6. Morning Simon

    I need to take Cahill out due to injury and his getting rotated a lot atm.
    My team is

    I’m 50 points clear at the top of my league with 1525 points and have used no transfers this month and have 0 in the bank.

    Was thinking Gomez out for VVD as I think he’ll play more
    Cahill for Sanchez from Spurs MAYBE

    This will free up 0.9 for the kitty

    or do I put a cheap defender in to free up money?

    Any thoughts Simon?

  7. HI their, trying to find some differentials for February, player’s of interest Vardy, the Ox, Mktharian, current team.
    In February looking to make 2 transfers initially, Baines & downgrade Stones, players of interest D. Sanchez, Van dijk, 3rd transfer Hazard out 20th February tough fixtures for maybe Sanchez, but wld maybe like to take a punt on a differential, players mentioned at start, appreciate ur thoughts, need to try & climb my mini league.

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