Sun Dream Team tips GW24 – 5 FFGeek contributors show their teams for Sun’s gameweek 24

Here’s our Sun Dream Team tips GW24 article where 5 FFGeek contributors show their teams for Sun’s gameweek 24. There’s previous joint winner in 16/17 Michael Byrom. He also finished top 1k in 17/18 and top 300 in 18/19. There’s also Lee who finished an incredible 79th last season, Red Rum who finished the last 3 seasons in 5k, 750th and 250th and lastly TFF expert Bryan (37th and 7th last 2 seasons) is having his first season at Sun Dream Team. There’s also Tom Grogan who finished in 34th place last season

Sun Dream Team tips GW24 – 5 FFGeek contributors show their teams for Sun’s gameweek 24

Michael Byrom

Michael was joint winner of Sun Dream Team in 2016/17. He also finished top 300 in 18/19 and top 1k in 2017/18

GW23 points 44, total points 1,537 pts Overall rank- 3.1k

Gw 23

Another game week rescued by my Liverpool contingent and Mason Mount chipping in with 7pts .

Gw 24 ( 3 transfers)

So the first of the two split weeks kicks off with just the 4 games , won’t be replacing the hamstrung Sterling until next week ( probably will be the due to return Mane )

Good luck all this week.

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Sun Dream Team tips GW24

Lee Giles

Lee finished an incredible 79th overall in Sun Dream Team in his first attempt last season

GW points 55, Total points 1, 487 Overall rank 12k

My outfield team full of Liverpool and Man City players was very one sided with Liverpool players getting me 48 points thanks to another clean sheet and a brace from Salah who looks on fire at the moment. As I settled down to watch Man City I was hoping for a big haul from Aguero,Mahrez,Sterling and B.Silva but a 2.0 defeat to Tottenham resulted in a combined total of -1 points!! We now have our 3 transfers for February I don’t want to rush into them but the injury to Sterling could mean I’ll be using 1 but I will wait until Peps press conference in the hope he gives a update. Good luck for the half gameweek

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Sun Dream Team tips GW24

Red Rum

Red Rum has finished the last 3 seasons in Sun Dream team in 5k, 750th, 250th

Gwk points 71, total points 1,512, overall rank 6.5k,

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Sun Dream Team tips GW24

Tom Grogan

Tom finished an incredible 34th in Sun Dream Team last season

GW Points: 50 total points 1,360

Finally, a week i can be proud of. Funnily enough it has come when i am down to 9 fit players. I knew i was on to a good thing when Mina knocked in a couple at Watford. A defender with 16 points? Happy days. A liverpool clean sheet combined with Son grabbing a couple goals including gaining man of the match in his extra game vs Southampton in the FA Cup replay from a penalty that in my opinion should not have been given (What does VAR actually do) it culumated into a productive week.

Now. Feburary. Feburary is a ticky month with the introduction of the winter break. Any team that is not Europe only has 2 or 3 fixtures. So you want to remove as many of those players who represent those teams as possible.

GK is usually fine to keep, i actually prefer to have a GK who plays less games. Just for the fact there is a less chance for a minus. I currently own Schmeichal, Soyuncu, Mina and Vardy who fall in to this category. I will keep Schmeichal and in this case keep one of the defenders. Simply because i want to get rid of Vardy as he was performed horrendously and also i need to get rid of Rashford who is out for an extended period of time.

In terms of ease of schedule i would be looking at Arsenal, Wolves and Liverpool. Liverpool however is slightly tricky just in case Klopp decides to rotate the team prior to the champs league games.

Wolves Schedule:

Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Leicester City
Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Espanyol
Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Norwich City
Espanyol vs Wolverhampton Wanderers
Tottenham Hotspur vs Wolverhampton Wanderers

Firstly, as you can see. Wolves have 5 fixtures that is a massive advantage over the other teams. 3 of these are at home. The other two are away at Espanyol who are fighting a relegation battle in La Liga and Spurs who can’t keep a clean sheet. Unless they play Man City…..

Potential Players to bring in: Willy Bolly, Raul Jimenez, Adama Traore

Arsenal Schedule:

Newcastle (H)
Olympiakos (A)
Everton (H)
Olympiakos (H)
Portsmouth (A)

Once again, having two Europa league ties is massive. Auba who had been banned for 3 games returned at the weekend and looked ok. He should of scored a couple times. But with that schedule you would be hoping for a hatful. The rest should do him some good and i think you can not ignore bringing him in.

Potential Players to bring in: Auba, Pepe, Luiz

Norwich (A)
Atletico Madrid (A)
West Ham (H)
Watford (A)
Chelsea (A)

Liverpool are just Liverpool aren’t they? This season they are unstoppable. So, to be honest it does not really matter on schedule but this run fixtures is especially favourable. Especially the premier league.

Potential players to bring in: Salah, TAA, Gomez

Good luck and see you all next week.

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Bryan O’Rourke

This is Bryan’s first season at Sun Dream team but he has a fantastic history in TFF finishing 37th last season and 7th in 17/18

GWk points 31 overall rank 139k

This team had fallen back to 140K position and has a few injury concerns. The next allocation of transfers comes on Friday but with fewer games this weekend I’ll keep transfers back for the next weekend and see who’s fit. Good luck

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