Sun fantasy football – final FFGeek Sun Dream Team done


Here’s our Sun Fantasy Football article with the final (again hopefully!) FFGeek Sun Dream Team and a few words on the team selection

Sun fantasy football – final FFGeek Sun Dream Team done

So after all the Defender, Midfield and striker articles here’s what I’m hoping is the final FFGeek team.

Here’s the team:

sun fantasy football

The team is pretty much as per my 2nd draft team.  I went to look at my fixture timeline and even though there are only 20 transfers I want to gamble on the early big guns vs the lower ranked teams.  I’ve therefore put Sterling in for Englands first match with the intention of changing up to James Rodriguez.  Griezmann is in there but will most likely go to Neymar and Muller will change up to De Bruyne for Belgiums first fixture.  That’s 3 transfers used but all the first round good fixtures covered.

The defence is a bit risky.  Hummels, Mendy and Danilo all have some risk about them and no Spain defence again as I ended up in the telegraph format

The rest of the team looks ok although I would rather have had Suarez than Cavani but that just wasn’t possible in the end.


Good luck. As I said in the telegraph article,  this is a short tournament which unlike the premier league fantasy means that decisions that don’t go for you aren’t as easily recovered from. So to do well you need it.

If I change my team I will put it on twitter

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4 thoughts on “Sun fantasy football – final FFGeek Sun Dream Team done

  1. Caballero
    Alberwiereld. Gimenez Hummels
    Hazard Muller Sterling Coutinho
    Messi. Jesus. Cavani

    A few of the same players Mr Geek.
    Good team! And good luck!

  2. Will you be doing transfer updates on top of the 3 you have mentioned to maximise appearances.

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