Telegraph fantasy football tips – the FFGeek contributors show their teams GW6

Here’s our Telegraph Fantasy football tips article where 4 FFGeek contributors show their teams. All of them finished in the top 1000 and 2 within the top 500 last season.

Telegraph fantasy football tips – the FFGeek contributors show their teams GW6

Bryan O’Rourke

Bryan finished 37th in TFF last season and 7th in 17/18

Week points: 38 Overall rank: 32,710

I came away with 38 points for the week which wasn’t too bad with only 8 starters. Position 32710 overall.

I was surprised that none of Emerson, Walker-Peters and Martial started. Looking at the news today (Wednesday) only Walker-Peters appears fit for the weekend. I will still stubbornly stick with the others though especially as Chelsea and Man Utd have tricky fixtures.

My first draft this year had Abrahams in a 5-3-2, I wish I has stuck with him. So no transfers and 38 left for the season. Good luck

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telegraph fantasy football tips

Sergio Torija

Sergio finished with an overall rank in the 300’s last season

Week points: 25 Overall rank: 49,254

A disgusting week with 25 points, only small returns from Kane, Sterling and Salah. The worst of it is that problems are starting to accumulate:

Ryan, only 1 clean sheet in a very favourable start, and now fixtures turning to the bad

Walker Pieters is back fit, but he might have lost his place

Emerson is still injured, and with a back 5 Alonso might be preferred anyway ?

Sigurdson, nothing in 5 games.

Looking at a few possible moves this week:

Ryan to Fabianski

KWP to Lowton if he doesn’t start

Siggy to Cantwell/Abraham/Pepe

Emerson maybe survives the week, or could go to Lowton/Cantwell

A lot to think about

Good luck this week Geekers!

telegraph fantasy football tips

Ben Humphrey

Ben finished with an overall rank of 576 last season

Week points: 45 Overall rank: 60,889 Transfers remaining: 37

Team review

CRUMBLE CRACKERS it’s yet another underwhelming, distinctly average week. Obviously not helped by my Liverpool and Manchester City back line. I can however be thankful for small mercies. My planned transfers completely went out the window, as I got distracted before the Norwich game. This meant Robertson played, and got his assist. It also meant that I didn’t bring in an extra Manchester city defender. In hindsight, this may be a blessing.

I did though make one of the transfers I had planned, which was to bring in Haller in place of Jota. Fingers crossed, so far this season, I haven’t been made to pay for my choice of Mane over Salah, and he rewarded me with two goals. I am still slightly stunned and overjoyed with what Norwich achieved, and Pukki’s 10 points were a lovely cherry on the top.

Team thoughts

I am toying with the idea of three transfers. Pepe to Aubameyang , Emerson to Lowton, and one other. I would be left with £3.7m for the final spot. It could be a defender like Rose or Otamendi, if I choose to ignore what happened in the Norwich game. But I’m finding it very hard to have faith in defenders at present. The alternative is to go with the midfielder, the options that I have narrowed down to include,Mount if fit, or James or Lamela, although I don’t know how secure his future spot in the starting 11 will be.

I think it’s all going to be a bit last-minute.

Good luck, and I hope you can be more decisive and above average than me.

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Here is a link to my podcast, “Oh My Pod, it’s fantasy football”.

Here’s Ben’s team

telegraph fantasy football tips

Stephen Troop

Stephen finished with an OR in the 900’s last season

I’ll add Stephens team on Friday when I receive it.  Apologies

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