catching up with the FFGeek FPL ultimate losers league

At the start of the season we started a league where the objective was to score the least points and finish bottom.  The FPL Ultimate Losers League.  It isn’t as easy as it sounds though as you had to spend your entire budget and couldn’t pick anyone red flagged when GW1 opened.  After that it was set, forget and hope.  We catch up with how the leading? managers teams are doing

Catching up with the FFGeek FPL ultimate losers league

Firstly apologies to Joe Hart as associating him with the word loser seems pretty harsh. It was more a comment on the type of player thats is in the teams

Here’s a recap of the rules by the way

The Rules

The team has to be entered as a valid team in the Ultimate Loser League prior to the GW1 deadline.
You have to spend the WHOLE £100m
You can’t pick any players who are red flagged at the GW1 deadline (yellow/orange are ok)
Once the season starts you can’t change anything. That means no transfers, no sub order changes , no captain changes, no wildcard, no chips, nothing. I will take screenshots of teams but please it’s only fun so no cheating. Anyone who does will be removed from the league with no right of appeal.

Numerous teams didn’t follow the rules and were ejected from the league.  The most common rule broken was players who were red flagged at the deadline.

Selection was helped by the European clubs being able to buy/loan players after GW1 started due to the uneven closing dates of the respective transfer windows.

My team

fpl ultimate

So I’ve got 505 points to date and are 5th from bottom 94 points in front of the bottom team

I took the view that to make up the cash I would do it with City players and then concentrate on those likely to be sold or be benched.

Mahrez with 112 points, Jesus with 89 and Moura with 69 have been my problem players.

The bottom team

The bottom team with 409 points is Matt Palmer.  Here’s how he looks

fpl ultimate

We have a few players in common in Ozil, Sanchez and Batshuayi.  Him avoiding Mahrez is a big factor.

Lets look at the manager behind him

fpl ultimate

There’s only 9 points between him and the bottom team so it’s going to be a close one.  Again he has the same 3 players as I mentioned above.

He has a lot more players in common with me than the leader has but again swerved Mahrez which has been the key decision

Which players do the bottom 9 have most? 

I picked a reasonable cluster of 9 teams and here were the most common players:

Jesus 8

Batshuayi 7

Alexis Sanchez 7

Lovren 7

Ozil 6

Eriksen 6

Alonso 5

Mkhitaryan 5

Darmain 4

Mahrez 4

Giroud 4

I’ll catch up with the teams again towards the end of the season

Best of bad luck if you’re entered

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