Euro fantasy 2020 best midfielders


Here’s our Euro fantasy 2020 best midfielders article. There’s a schedule with their International and Club stats plus commentary and bookies odds

Euro Fantasy 2020 Best Midfielders

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Here I’ve taken the best fixtures in the Group stage schedule which consists of ranking the bookies “odds to win” for the first 3 match days and then picked out Midfielders from the top 19 teams of that schedule.

I’ve tried to get players with reasonable gametime security and reasonable attacking stats. I’ve taken into account some predicted lineups and their presence in the friendlies as I write this.

There’s also commentary explaining some of the players and some who are not in it

The fixture schedule

This shows the “to win odds” for each team for £1 invested. Those under £2.00 I’ve highlighted in green.

This is the order that I have put the players in the further schedule below

Euro Fantasy 2020 Best Midfielders

The Midfielders schedule

The midfielders are ranked by the fixture ranking above. The International stats are career and the club stats are for 20/21. Appearances include sub appearances and G/A PM is how many minutes for a goal or assist. The lower the better obviously. There’s also the Anytime goalscorer odds for MD1.

You can access the schedule here and make a copy for your own use

Euro Fantasy 2020 Best Midfielders

Comments on some players and teams

Here’s a few points on some specific players and those not involved

Ferran Torres

There’s still uncertainty over the Spain Covid situation which obviously makes anyone somewhat of a risk


Berghuis at £7.0m would be a great pick as he has a goal or assist every 100 minutes or so for the Netherlands and even better stats for Feyenoord Rotterdam. However he’s missed the 2 friendlies and seems to be a victim of the managers desire to play a back 3. There is some thought that this is in case they need it rather than the formation of choice but it stops a great MD1 pick for me.

Wijnaldums stats for his country are miles apart in a positive way from his Liverpool stats where he is more of a shuttler for the fullbacks. However he’s not cheap.


Who knows how England are going to line up. Will it be a back 4 or a back 3 if Maguire is absent. If so even Mount has to be a risk. Either side of Harry Kane it could be either Foden/Grealish or Sterling/Sancho. So I’m reluctant to put forward any of them.


The thing about Italy is that we will see the lineups before the deadline so can just our team accordingly. For me only 1 of Chiesa and Berardi will start so they are both good picks for MD1.


Eden Hazard hasn’t started the friendlies and has a pretty injury affected season and De Bruyne had the facial injury from the UCL final so it’s hard to be certain of either starting MD1 although Martinez has been talking positively about both. It’s enough doubt for me to leave them off the list.

Turkey – Yazici

A shame he’s playing Italy MD1 as his stats with Lille in their title winning campaign are absolutely mind blowing.

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