Euro 2020 fantasy tips – Best Goalkeepers


Here’s our Euro 2020 Fantasy tips article where we outline the best GKs with stats and commentary

Euro 2020 Fantasy Tips – Best Goalkeepers

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Here I’ve taken the best defensive teams fixture schedule for the first 3 match days and then picked out the Goalkeepers that I think will start from the top 20 teams of that schedule.

I’ve taken into account some predicted lineups and their presence in the friendlies as I write this on Wednesday morning

The fixture schedule

This shows the clean sheet odds for each team for £1 invested. Those under £2.00 I’ve highlighted in green.

This is the order that I have put the players in the further schedule below

 Euro 2020 Fantasy Tips

The player rankings

I’ve put together their career appearance, goals conceded and clean sheet stats as International players including their minutes per clean sheet stats. Their club stats are in all competitions for the 20/21 season just gone

There’s notes on a couple of players below.

Euro 2020 Fantasy Tips

Notes on a few players

Finland – Hradecky

I didn’t go down as far as Finland but Hradecky is a £4.0m GK if you want to go very cheap. He plays for Leverkusen and in 65 games for Finland has a fairly impressive 25 clean sheets.

Last season he played 37 games for Leverkusen for 10 clean sheets in all competitions

Netherlands Krul or Stekelenberg

Both are £4.5m and are great value. Hard to know which one will start though. The Netherlands also play in the evening so if you have a GK that plays before them then a sub on of one of these could be disastrous. If you have a GK who plays after such as Marshall or Simon at least you have the chance to sub him out.

Austria – Bachmann

The £4.5m GK has played both friendlies and by apparently according to the coach will start the first game. He’s a bargain for that at £1.80 for the clean sheet. What that means for future matchdays I guess will see but if you’re using your chips in the Group Stages as the FFGeek team is it maybe worth the gamble

Spain – Simon

I guess he remains a risk with the Covid stuff going on for Spain at the moment although I haven’t seen him mentioned in that context.

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