fantasy football geek team performance – All formats – game week 10

Another good week.    Here’s a summary of the fantasy football geek teams performance this week, game week 10.  Goals from  RVP,  Fellaini, Gorkss and Cazorla, all helped the score this week and saw some positive movements up the table, especially in most of the formats. Congratulations to Gaivarra555 top of the Barclays fantasy premier league

Barclays fantasy premier  league

Total points:  GW  56  (av 37) TOT 519

Fantasy Football Geek league position:  124/366 up from 184/366

Overall position: 180,084 up from 319,789      Total Players: 2,467,827

Gaivara555:  59  GW points   681 points OVR  overall rank 1

Facebook premier league fantasy

Total points: game week 56 points total points 473

FFgeek league position: 7/27 up from 8/26

Overall position: 3,812 up from 5,536 top 2%

FFgeek Leader:  DudeE Goa – 516.5   points overall rank 212 (top 0.1%)

ffgeek value: £148.2 down from £148.4

Telegraph fantasy football

Total points:  GW 33 TOT 437

FFgeek league position:  8/53 up from 9/53

Overall position:  4750 up from 4754

Leader:   Martyn Justice 500 points OVR position 207

League of leagues position: 20 up from 21

Sky Sports fantasy football

Total points: GW 45 TOT 500

week position 62,101 down from 3310  last week

FFgeek league position: 17/111 down from 16/109

Overall position: 4,960 up from 5770

Leader:   Gary Wood  –  Pistol Pete Sampras –  583points

Fantasy football geek league position 11 down from 9

Sun Dream Team

Not analysed as ongoing due to champions league ongoing