fantasy premier league team selection GW38 – the FFGeek team for GW38


Here’s our fantasy premier league team selection GW38 article where we outline the FFGeek team for GW38. We look at our usual topics of last week, the transfer thoughts, lineup dilemmas and the captain choice

fantasy premier league team selection GW38 – the FFGeek team for GW38

Gameweek 37 review

GW37 points:  (average 48) Total points 2,262, Gameweek rank 2,093k, Overall Rank: 36k, green arrow 5k, Team Value: £103.1m

GW37 points:

fantasy premier league team selection GW38

So a good green arrow of 5k to 36k OR when many managers seem to suffer a red.  That happened with no attacking players returning which is pretty bizarre but 3 double figure defensive returns was the key and I’m not sure if I can ever remember that happening to me.

I was also lucky with my Son to Pogba transfer which gave me a 4 point swing.  Ironic in the end as I couldn’t turn on my phone all day as I was afraid Eddie Howe’s non defence was going to do me once again.  It was definitely a lucky decision as opposed to the right one.

Not looking forward to GW38

I’m really not looking forward to GW38.  The players in my team have served me well over the past few weeks so I can’t regret having the team I have.  I’m up to 36k which I never thought I’d get anywhere close to but I can’t help but feel there’s a red arrow hunting me like a heat seeking missile.  I’ve always known this gameweek was going to be a potential problem it’s just been exacerbated by the Vertonghen injury and the transfer I didn’t want to use for Andre Gray after Deeney was suspended.

Alot of managers will have 3 Wolves players but most will be on their benches and they will see their Southampton players come off their benches.   Unfortunately I will be playing at least 2 Wolves players.  If there’s a load of rotation they could be joined by 3 Brighton players.  Potentially 6 players against Liverpool and Man City is not the recipe for a green arrow.

If I could freeze my rank now I definitely would.

Transfer thoughts

1 free transfer and £0.1m in the bank. I’ve used all my chips

There will be no 4 point hit for 1 game.

Vertonghen out?

So my whole focus during the week has been who to transfer in Andre Gray for on the basis that he wouldn’t play with Deeney back.  The choice was probably going down to Long or Ings.  This decision was all on the basis that Vertonghen, as my only other fitness doubt,  looked like he was going to be fit. Indeed he started the UCL match v Ajax. However he is now ruled out and that has changed the decision.

Now it’s do I replace Vertonghen or Gray?  As I said above, I can’t countenance a -4 point deduction for 1 game so I have to make a choice between the 2 of them.  In very simple it seems Vertonghen definitely wont play and Gray won’t start either.  Home games against non top 6 sides have seen Gray get 20 minutes or so and against West Ham that could get some points.

So very logically I should replace Vertonghen.  I would go for a defender with Liverpool, Man Utd and Southampton as the candidates.  I’m wary of who will play CB vs Wolves other than Van Dijk for Liverpool and I can’t afford Van Dijk.  The usual “bus gate” has caused problems with a Man Utd choice with neither Shaw or Lindelof spotted so I’m not going there v Cardiff.

That leaves Southampton.  Now the issue there is that Southampton have only kept 1 clean sheet at home this season and that was against Fulham.  To counter that though Huddersfield have failed to score in 10 of their away games this season and have only scored away in 1 of their last 9. So if I’m replacing Vertonghen then it will be with Valery of Southampton.

If I don’t replace Vertonghen it will force me to start Doherty who could be lucky to get 1 point I feel.

Gray out?

I don’t think Gray will start as when Deeney has been fit he will normally be  a sub although he has got a record of getting reasonable minutes off the bench so I’m not totally thinking he will get no attacking returns.

If I were to replace him it would probably be with Shane Long.  I prefer Ings but his minutes have been terrible and I’m just not sure he will even start.  There are other options in Rondon v Fulham, or Barnes v Arsenal or even Origi v Wolves.  But the Huddersfield route seems potentially the most fruitful.  Their non top 6 away record isn’t too bad though.  They’ve averaged 1.67 goals a game and in 12 games away against non top 6 sides.  They have conceded 4 once and 3 twice.  Reversing that they’ve got 2 clean sheets and conceded 1 goal 4 times.  The unknown is how defensive minded they will be on the last day

So replacing Vertonghen is the safer more conservative route but has far less potential upside than replacing Gray with Long.  (I’m still struggling to believe I’m saying that)

Arghh those 50/50’s

So in the end I decided to replace Vertonghen with Valery.  Another 50/50 call which I don’t know the right answer to but just hope I get it right.

Btw, Is this really the future of the premier league?

Fulham conceded 77 goals this season so far including 45 away and Huddersfield 75 overall and 44 away. The reverse of that is you’ve got Liverpool and Man City knocking on the door of 100 goals this season.  Is this the future?  A disparity which means we stuff our sides with 6 players from Liverpool and Man City and then spend the rest of the time focusing our transfers on the likes of teams facing the Huddersfield and Fulhams of this world?

I hope the Premier League is rich enough so there is more equality otherwise I suspect the evening out will come from FPL pricing the top players so they become unaffordable in anything other than paltry numbers.

Anyway just an aside

Captain thoughts

You can see my detailed captain analysis article if you haven’t already.

Although I was disappointed in his stats I’m going for Aguero as a pretty strong poll leader.  I could try and go for a differential captain to offset the possible red arrow issues in the rest of my team but lets face it that’s not me.

Lineup issues

With 3 Brighton players in my team the lineup is pretty easy.  Doherty is first on the bench.

The team

Here’s the team lineup then:

Good luck this week everyone.  If you holding or chasing in your mini league or just trying to get to a target OR then I wish you all the best.

There will be articles next week rounding up the FFGeek team, the contributors and the 10 top FPL managers.

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21 thoughts on “fantasy premier league team selection GW38 – the FFGeek team for GW38”

  1. Geek: Firstly thanks for all your posts and thoughts through the season. I’m sure few of us regular readers understand quite how much time and work goes into the site. It is appreciated!
    I know you hate the idea of a minus 4 for one gameweek but I wonder if week 38 should be treated differently based on the high number of goals it usually brings? Could be worth a punt for someone like Redmond or Zaha against a dodgy defence? Doesn’t always work but it does mean you can look at things from a more positive perspective rather than dreading 3 o’clock. I turned around 2 mini leagues on the last day 3 years ago with a minus 4 to bring in a Giroud hat-trick v Villa.

  2. Similar to you Mr Geek, in what is potentially an overwhelming gameweek for the real game, may be an underwhelming gameweek for the fantasy game, my team is not too dissimilar with the same headache of selection problems. Finding myself in a stick or twist situation to try and find that coefficient player who may help me get over the line and win one or two leagues, but also who wont make me lose any ground on those very close behind me.

    I’m sure I speak for the many who would like to say thanks to you and all your excellent contributors for the tireless work put in through the season in the production of this excellent website. Without which, many almost certainly wouldn’t achieve and take as much enjoyment out of the game (and a few quid in some cases).

    All the best for the game week and have a great summer.

    • Darren apologies for this mate I started it but had a few issues with the numbers of a number of players which has meant I won’t have time to do it unfortunately. The form tables are a reasonable substitute. Good luck today.

  3. Jeez, I’m 25 points up on second in our league and we have 7 of the same players. Is it worth a -4 to bring rashford in and make it 8?

  4. Just want to add my name to the thanks for Geek. It’s been both useful and interesting following all year, thank you for all your hard work.

    For this week I’m taking a punt on Long for Jiminez. Yes he’s been a disaster for a few years now, but he seems to be clicking under Ralph and I’ll be keeping my eye on him over summer (and the fact they play Hud might have something to do with it too).

  5. Approaching half time and my twist has gone as per previous years.

    It was Gray for either Rashford or Batshuayi… Chose Rashford…

    Oh well, 45 mins to go.

    I love the last day…

  6. Thanks geek for an another amazing season of your site, glad to be one of your contributors, sorry that I had less time in the last period of the season. As for my OR 2nd year in a raw in the top 10k hope to get the third year to be one of your top 10k managers you follow , have a great summer , and we all “meet” here again next season,
    Thanks again you are awesome!!!

    • Firstly I’d like to say congrats on wining the contributors league and the great rank. Amazing when you consider the extra work responsibility you had with your new job. I’ll be doing a full contributor article over the next week.

  7. Son out for Redmond got me 10 points and I gambled a little with a -4 with the rumours of Shaw not playing and picked up TAA and his 15 points.

    75 points in total and won all my mini leagues this year. I tied my best season points total but saw my OR drop from 26k last year to 43k this year. Still a decent season!

    Thanks to geek and all and roll on next year!

  8. Hi geek and contributors
    Just wanted to thank you guys for your insights and thoughts over the seasons.
    This season I managed my personal best rank of ±20k thanks to you all.
    Keep up the good work!

    Hope u guys a fun summer as man utd should have!

  9. Geek,

    I would also like to thank you for running this informative and fun site. I have had my best season in FPL so far with a 5k OR, won all 3 of my paid in mini leagues, including a last day win in the league with the highest top prize (my transfer in of Redmond for 10 points done the job) and it has a lot to do with the insight this site provided.

    Keep up the good work and see you next season.

    P.S just a quick word on your aside note about the future of FPL… if you look at the points difference between City & Liverpool with 3rd place then the gulf is big right now. So I definitely think that 3 City and 3 Pool players will be a must for the coming seasons. I am expecting United to back Ole and let him buy who he wants, and also ship who he wants. Therefore, I expect United to bridge that gap a little bit, but it will take a couple seasons. Chelsea, Spurs and Arsenal will not I feel.

    • Ian, a great thanks to you for all your comments and leading the discussion on so many occasions. Thanks for the nice words also

  10. Geek,

    Thank you so much for all you’ve done for us. This is my first year playing FPL, and thanks to you and all the contributors on your site, I topped my mini-league and did well overall considering my limited experience and time devoted to this game.

    I wish you and your loved ones a happy holiday season. I will definitely miss this community, but looking forward to seeing you all again next season.

    Again, my sincere appreciation for your work and your attitude.

    All the best,
    Saudi Arabia

  11. Hi Geek,

    Keen to add my thanks to those above. This was my first FPL season and your site helped enormously. I’m looking forward to next season already and will miss this site and it’s contributors in the meantime. Whilst there are obviously other relevant resources out there I love the personal touch of FFG – it really felt like we joined you for the journey in addition to benefiting from your insights to supplement our own.

    Enjoy the break.

    Marc (Hong Kong)

  12. First time here and followed you from gameweek 1. Thanks alot to you and your contributors for the information you’ve provided throughout the season! Finished 47k overall this season. Can’t wait for the next! (PS: I’m expecting Alexander Arnold and Van Dijk to be the backbone of the majority’s team next season)

    • Great to have had you reading the whole season Roger. Yes the price of TAA will be very interesting.

  13. Likewise, thanks to Geek for all the articles. I’ve done TFF for years and followed Fantasy Geek but did FPL for the first time this year. Now I understand! So much better.
    I finished on 2k, and this site was incredibly helpful. Mind you, a couple of my worst mistakes were because I listened too much to external advice.

    My favourite articles are your own and the contributors. I don’t really care for stats. One thing I’ve learnt is to respect ‘ he wasn’t on the bus’ rumours! Thanks again, great site and a very good finish.

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