fantasy premier league gameweek 8 – my imaginary wildcard – with and without Aguero


Here’s 2 teams where I pretend I’ve got an imaginary wildcard to use.  I’ve done one with Aguero and one without just for interest.  To put Aguero into my team has been a big debate so I thought it would be interesting for everyone else as well

fantasy premier league gameweek 8 – my imaginary wildcard – with and without Aguero

Firstly here’s the 2 teams and then I’ll discuss both below:



1.  Neutralising the high ownership players

Unless you’ve come to the site for the first time you’ll know that I believe in having all players with over 30% ownership in my team.  The fact is that without them whenever they get a big points haul your ranking will suffer big time.  So why live in fear all weekend that one of these guys is going to score.  Just buy them and fight your ranking battles elsewhere. So thats where I start with Costa 67%,  Sterling 53% Fabregas 52%, Siggy 46%, Di Maria 40%.  I could make a case against 3 of them.  Fabregas doesn’t shoot enough, Di Maria’s fixtures are too difficult and Siggy both of those. However until I can predict the future perfectly I’ll neutralise these guys and fight my rankings battles elsewhere

2.  The remaining attackers

Unfortunately that only leaves 2 places free in the attacking part of the team apart from the cheapie midfielder of Boyd.

The ideal recipe for these players is good form, good fixtures and good underlying stats.

Pelle certainly has all these and is in both teams.  4 goals and an assist in his first 7 games plus returning a goal or assist in 4/7 games ie  57%.  Apart from maybe Costa he also has the best overall underlying shooting and creating chances stats.

Welbeck isn’t so certain.  Since coming to Arsenal its been 1 goal and 1 assist.  He’s also only returned in 1 of 4 games although those games he didn’t return in were Man City, Chelsea and Spurs.  He’s also been rather frustrating as shown by his airshot which saw a goal for the Ox against Spurs.  However his hat trick for Arsenal in the Champions League has helped to readress this.  He’s also great value at £7.3m for an Arsenal forward.  His underlying stats are good if not great so overall a good pick.

Aguero doesn’t need fixtures he’ll score against anyone, any place and anytime.  A fantastic player of top top quality.  5 goals in 7 games, 2 of those games as sub says it all.

I’ve gone for Boyd as my cheapie.  At £4.4m he’s reasonably solid gametime wise and has some attacking potential.  Hammond of Leicester and Marney of Burnley are 2 less attacking options.

3.  The defence

Suddenly the defence becomes a real point where you can make a difference

Whatever you do Chambers should be in your side.  He may be suspended for 1 game but £4.6m for a player in a team that got 17 clean sheets is great value.  Only 1 clean sheet to date but good fixtures coming up also helps.

Southampton are also in a phase of good fixtures and great defensive form and underlying stats at the moment.  I’ve gone for Bertrand who’s slightly cheaper than Clyne.  You could save a littlle money though going for Alderweireld.

Non Aguero team

In the non Aguero scenario a Chelsea defender looks a good option.  They’ve just got 2 consecutive clean sheets and their underlying stats are good even if some of their defensive form hasn’t been great.  You’ve also got the  knowledge that Mourinho won’t rest until things improve.

I’ve also gone for the big gamble of Leighton Baines.  Everton are just about to enter a series of good fixtures starting with Villa at home.  Baines incredibly has 1 goal and 3 assists in 7 games.  He also has pens and a decent share of other set pieces including direct free kicks.  The question is whether Everton can keep clean sheets.  They’ve conceded more goals than anyother team so far this season.  15 clean sheets from last season can’t have just vanished can it?  Home to Villa and the fixtures coming up is a good time to gamble.

I’ve gone for Lloris as the GK.  Spurs have got good fixtures after the City game and Lloris has good save points.  I’m also thinking Pochettino has to improve the defence after his success at Southampton.

The Aguero team

Far less pickings here.  I’ve had to squeeze out the funds and apart from Chambers it’s just Bertrand and a Hull/Burnley rotation.

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fantasy premier league gameweek 8

fantasy premier league gameweek 8


2 thoughts on “fantasy premier league gameweek 8 – my imaginary wildcard – with and without Aguero”

  1. What do you think of mine?

    Oshea Alderweireld Duff
    Sterling Hazard Chadli Siggi
    Costa Aguero Falcao

    Green, Marney, Chambers, Moore

  2. Mannone / Krul



    Ulloa/Diego Costa/Welbeck

    3.6 in the bank.

    Would you drop Ulloa, Lallana, and Krul taking the big hit and picking up Aguero, Schneiderlin, and Hamer?

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