fantasy premier league team selection – FFGeek GW8 team

fantasy premier league

Here’s the FFGeek  fantasy premier league GW8 team

fantasy premier league team selection – FFGeek GW8 team

So no transfers this week.  I had debated selling Welbeck to get Aguero in but I would have had to take a 8 point hit which didn’t seem worth it.  I’ve got £2m sitting in the bank but no way of getting Baines in so I left it at no transfers;

Here’s the team:


The team selection was pretty straight forward.  Without Aguero Costa is my only real captain choice as I generally go for forwards as quite simply  I think they have more chance of scoring.  Sterling against QPR is my vice captain although I may go for Di Maria to avoid any champions league rotation risk.

There was only 1 defensive choice so I went for the home choice of Burnley against West Ham

Good luck for gameweek 8

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fantasy premier league team selection

fantasy premier league team selection

10 thoughts on “fantasy premier league team selection – FFGeek GW8 team”

  1. Weird captaincy choice given Costa is a small doubt. If he comes off the bench for 10 mins and does nothing you may live to regret that.

    • Yeah it’s tricky but I don’t particularly trust anyone else at the moment. Aguero would be my back up but I’m not getting him in yet

  2. With Costa being a game time risk this week I can’t captain him. He may not start or he might just play an hour. I’m going to go with Di Maria

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