fantasy premier league managers – an analysis of the FFGeek contributors seasons


Here’s our fantasy premier league managers article where we give an analysis of the FFGeek contributors seasons

fantasy premier league managers – an analysis of the FFGeek contributors seasons

Here we look at various ways of analysing the contributors season in a similar way to what we did with the 10 top FPL managers we follow.

The analysis will only include those managers who regularly showed their FPL team in the FFGeek contributors show their teams articles.

The analysis is mainly done through the excellent website FPL statistico

Firstly here’s the final contributors table. Congratulations again to Yaniv for winning the league.  In the end it was comfortable by 42 points

fantasy premier league managers

A table of basic stats

You can take a copy of this google spreadsheet

Using that link you can also see the gameweek history of each manager as well as a line graph showing every managers week by week overall rank.

fantasy premier league managers

While only Yaniv finished in the top 10k, 11 of the 16 managers finished in the top 1% of the 6.3 million teams.

What does it mean?

I talk about the individual stats in the  10 top FPL managers review article.  That article showed a reasonable relationship between the managers who took less hits and obtained a high number of clean sheets and overall rank.  However the same cant be said for the relationship with the contributors.

While the stats were interesting.  No stat seemed to be the key to overall rank success.


However if you look at Yaniv’s ranks he was 4th in captain points. Top in GK points PPG, 5th equal in Defs,  2nd equal in Mids and 3rd in Fwds PPG.  Top in goals, 4th equal in assists and 1st in clean sheets.  He was 11th in immediate points from a transfer but obviously he made the points up afterwards.

My ranks

My ranks pretty much reflected my position of 7th with a couple of exceptions.  I was 6th in immediate transfer points, GK PPG, Goals and 7th Clean sheets.  I was 5th equal in Defs PPG and 6th in Fwds PPG. My low rankings were 10th in midfield PPG and  12th in assists.

The contributors 5 most successful players and 5 worst performers

There’s a 2nd google spreadsheet which shows each managers top 5 and bottom 5 performers.  The players had to be in the managers FPL team at least 5 times.  It also shows the amount of times they were in the team and the average points gained.  That is turned into total points and shown as a % of their total FPL point score.

Here’s a summary which shows how many times a player appeared in the contributors top 5 best performing players

PlayerTimes in top 5
Alexander Arnold5
Van Dijk1

Here’s a list which shows how many times a player appeared in the contributors top 5 best performing players.  Minimum of in 2 lists otherwise it would be too long

PlayerTimes in bottom 5
Wan Bissaka4

Here’s a summary table which shows the FPL managers summary stats for the best and worst 5 performing players showing averages for the amount of times they were in the team, the averaged points gained and the total points.  There’s each managers individual top 5 and bottom 5 in this 2nd google spreadsheet

Unfortunately there was no stat which showed a strong relationship with overall rank.  You can see though that Yaniv was 1st and 2nd in the 2 average points categories.

That’s it hope you found it interesting even if it didn’t unearth any silver bullets

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7 thoughts on “fantasy premier league managers – an analysis of the FFGeek contributors seasons”

  1. Brilliant stuff Geek, thanks again for your warm words, it’s a big honor to be a contributor in your amazing site, hope to find enough time for next season, and can’t wait myself for the next season, as I will try to male it 3 times in a raw for top 10k to fet into the top 10k managers !
    Thanks again for an amazing season!

    • Thanks Yaniv and all the warm words were well deserved. I’m glad you were successful and enjoyed the season. Here’s to a 3rd consecutive top 10k finish next season! Enjoy the summer with your family and hope work intensity settles down


  2. A belated thank you to the contributors to this brilliant site. This year was my first go at FPL and following a lot of advice on here I came top of my local pub mini league by 104 points scoring 2259 points (lead all the way from GW1). I had hoped to sneak into the top 100k, but fell slightly short on that target with an OR of 116k. Here’s to next season and improving on that!

    Cheers guys!

    • Hi Ian thanks for the nice words. Glad your season was successful and look forward to seeing you on the site next season

  3. superb article!!! it is also very helpful for us as contributors to see where everything went wrong. For instance i knew this year i only got a 84k rank largelly due to not investing a lot in defense throughout the year. I actually had the lowest clean sheets than all contributors so its a point to look at for next season!

    Again, great stuff geek

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