Fantasy Premier League Player Review – The Saturday GW13 “blankers”


Continuing our new article called fantasy premier league player review article called the GW13 Saturday blankers.  Worried about a player in your team who didn’t score or assist?  Here’s a few brief notes on the performance of a number of attacking fantasy premier league players who will be in your team but didn’t score or assist.  Obviously it’s only Saturdays games.  It may help you on a decision whether to hold or not although remember it’s only 1 game.  Also midweek European games.

Fantasy Premier League player review – The Saturday GW13 “blankers”

De Bruyne Man City v Liverpool home

A typical De Bruyne story.  No goal threat despite an advanced position but created more chances than anyone else in the game.  Very involved and good set piece representation

v Southampton home next

Mane Southampton v Stoke home

Only 27 minutes as a sub means no analysis can occur here.  Not sure of the reason why.

v Man City away next

Pelle Southampton v Stoke home

Only 1 shot although created a couple of chances.  Lots of pen box touches for what thats worth

Suspended for GW14 next

Willian Chelsea v Norwich home

Good shot and assist threat and involvement plus set piece responsibility.

v Spurs away next week

Hazard Chelsea v Norwich home

disappointingly little shot threat but created the most chances in the game and was the most involved player with alot of pen box touches

v Spurs away next week

Wijnaldum Newcastle v Leicester home

No shot threat, next to nothing assist threat and strangely deep average position.  Disturbingly little involvement.

v Palace away next week

Deulofeu Everton v Villa home

No shot threat but a constant menace on the RW although only a couple of assist chances created.  Most involved attacking player in the game which was positive

v Bournemouth away next week

Alexis Sanchez Arsenal v WBA away

No shot in the box threat but a couple from distance.  Very involved.  Lead chance creater in the game which was a surprise

v Norwich away next week

Mata Man Utd v Watford away

Subbed on 78 minutes.  No shot threat but created a few chances.  Reasonably involved.

v Leicester away next week

Thats it hope you found it useful
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4 thoughts on “Fantasy Premier League Player Review – The Saturday GW13 “blankers””

  1. Sanchez and De bryne really letting me down this week. Thinking about transferring one of them out for next week.

    • Thinking the same, and also want to free up cash for Agüero. Sanchez 3 next fixtures are pretty good, so guess I will be transferring out DeBruyne.

  2. Mane low gametime was due to international games. Same every time he plays abroad. Always gets only a few minutes the PL week after.

  3. This is the best addition to your blog articles. This alongwith Top 10 managers review really helps guide if keep/remove key players…Keep up the good work and it would be amazing if you can do this for all the matches of Sunday/Monday too.Great stuff keep it up 🙂

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