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Here’s the weekly update on where my fantasy premier league team is for GW1 at the moment.  I’ll talk through the changes, selections issues and my watchouts over the next 2 weeks of pre-season. 

fantasy premier league team selection tips – FFGeek 3rd draft team

Firstly it’s worth stating that the team will undoubtedly change over the next couple of weeks leading into GW1.  So just take it as a moment in time.

Also there’s no Aguero or Sanchez due to the Copa America making it unlikely they will start in GW1

Thirdly I’m probably going to use my first wildcard after GW4 but the team is being set up to give flexibility so I dont need to.  I’m also planning on using the 3 chips in the 2nd half of the season so thats also not an issue for the moment.

Ok so here’s the latest team with the changes explained below:



The Changes

£4.0m Crystal Palace GK Hennessey in for £4.0m Norwich GK Rudd

I’m sticking to my £4.5m Myhill being my only GK despite the fixtures.  I believe in Tony Pulis’ defence home and away so don’t feel the need for a rotation GK option. I will have to change it when Foster comes back in October and no one likes wasting a transfer changing a GK but so be it.   Hennessey is £4.0m and rumoured to being bought by WBA so if I’m going to have a non playing £4.0m GK then it may as well be one who’s potentially going to be Myhills back up at least to Foster returns

£4.5m Bournemouth Def Francis in for £4.0m A Villa def Baker

The Bournemouth RB is the most attacking of the Bournemouth defenders and seems secure gametime wise.  Bournemouth had a reasonable defensive record in the Championship.  I’ve lost faith in any £4.0m defender coming through so I’ve adjusted my team accordingly

£4.5m Leicester def Huth in for  £4.5m Leicester def Morgan

There is some doubt about Morgan starting the season so I’ve swapped him for his CB partner Robert Huth who if anything has more attacking potential

£7.0m Spurs mid Chadli in for Swansea £7.5m mid Sigurdsson

Merely the result of the Francis upgrade on Baker.  Chadli was a frustrating player last season having big scoring bursts  followed by times out of the side.  His lack of pressing is the reason why Pochettino seems unconvinced but Chadli did start the last 12 games of last season scoring 4 goals in the process.  He did have 3 substiutions in the late 70 mins and 3 in the 60’s which isn’t ideal though.  His minutes per FPL point is 15 which is pretty impressive its just can he get on the pitch and stay on it.  For the price I think he’s worth the gamble.  The fixtures after the Man Utd game aren’t that bad.  Although as you saw against Chelsea in Spurs 5-3 win where he got a goal and an assist he can get points againts anyone.

Man Utd (A)
Stoke (H)
Leicester (A)
Everton (H)
Sunderland (A)
Crystal Palace (H)


Before I get on to my team here’s a check on the ownership position.    I wont go into the debate about ownership.  If you want to refresh it then go on to the strategy tab on the website to see my latest article.

fantasy premier league strategy – a review after the end of season

There are 4 players with ownership above 30% at the moment:

Hazard 53%

Clyne 43%

Costa 35%

Kane 32%

Normally I would be very wary of not owning anyone over 30% and certainly over 40% I would be very nervous.  I have Hazard and Clyne but not Costa or Kane.  I’m wary of doubling up with Chelsea players as their fixtures aren’t easy.  Im also a little wary of Kane as I’m concerned he overperformed last year (his shots in the box ratio was quite low) and the fact that he played in the U21 tournament during the offseason.  For the moment I’m holding off both.

Looking at the ownership of my entire team it goes as follows:

Myhill 2%, Hennessey 6%, Francis 3%, Azpili 20%, Clyne 43%, Huth 2%, O’Shea 11%, Walcott 7%, Silva 13%, Hazard 53%, Chadli 8%, Surman 0%, Benteke 29%, Rooney 10%, Wilson 5%

Ownership is quite low at the moment which does place quite alot of risk of a very low ranking if things don’t go well or conversly a very high ranking if it all does go well.  In terms of team value there’s some debate about how ownership in the early weeks effects it.  Some argue that if a high ownership player fails to perform mass sales will see a large drop in value.  Others argue that it takes more sales to trigger drops in value so high ownership is a protection.  I have to say I don’t know what the answer is.  If you read my strategy article you’ll see that team value isn’t exactly my strength.  Last season I finished 2,720  with a team value in the £102m’s.  This was mainly due to the fact that I hate transferring in early in the week and used the wildcard late on and not early to gain team value.

I’ll keep an eye on ownership over the coming 2 weeks but for the moment the ownership players are Hazard and Clyne

The core players

These are the proven FPL players or defences and make the core of my team.  They are Azpilicueta, Walcott, Silva and Hazard.  I would also classify Rooney there who is a proven FPL player when played as a striker

Here’s the relevant article to copy and paste into a new tab

fantasy premier league – the proven and reliable

The fixture players

I always like to have a few players in the team who are based on good fixtures coming up.  They won’t necessarily always be proven players but will be attractive due to the fixtures.  Benteke and Wilson are the 2 players here.

Lets look at their fixtures:

Firstly Benteke

Stoke (A)
Bournemouth (H)
Arsenal (A)
West Ham (H)
Man Utd (A)
Norwich (H)

Great home fixtures if not the away ones.

And Wilson

Aston Villa (H)
Liverpool (A)
West Ham (A)
Leicester (H)
Norwich (A)
Sunderland (H)

Here’s our fixture ease schedule which ranks the opening fixtures of all the teams to copy and paste into a new tab

The cheap fillers

I have 3 defenders at £4.5m who rotate reasonably well.  I didn’t pick them specifically based on the rotation possibilities but chose 3 teams with £4.5m defs that are gametime secure and have defences I believe in at least for that price.

Here’s how they rotate for the first 6 games:

GW1 – Bournemouth home to A Villa

GW2 – Sunderland home to Norwich

GW3 – Sunderland home to Swansea

GW4 – Bournemouth home to Leicester

GW5 – Leicester home to Villa

GW6 – Bournemouth home to Sunderland

£4.5m Bournemouth midfielder Surman looks a good bet for the 5th midfield spot without being a card magnet and with some attacking potential

Captain considerations

I only really have 3 games to consider before Aguero comes on board for the GW4 match home to Watford.  Hazard and Rooney in the team are the only real captain options.  The first 3 games look like this

GW1  – Hazard home to Swansea

GW2 – Rooney away to Villa or Benteke home to Bournemouth

GW3 – Rooney home to Newcastle

The watchouts coming up


Will he start?  Luckily the community shield should show Wengers first team.  That gets over 1 hurdle but still the question remains over whether Sanchez will take his place when he’s fit.


Again will he start? Pre-season needs watching


Will he be fit and adjusted enough to start in GW1

All things to watch in the 2 weeks coming

Hope the above gave you some food for thought in doing your own team

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63 thoughts on “fantasy premier league team selection tips – FFGeek 3rd draft team”

  1. Any thoughts on my team:

    Butland/ Speroni
    Azpil Koscieiny Huth Wisdom (loan to Norwich) Mlings
    Hazard Carzola Sterling Cabaye KI
    Costa Peile Deeney

  2. Thoughts on my current draft?
    Mignolet (Hamer) – look to swap for Foster or Forster when back from injury
    Damian, Clyne, Francis (O’Shea, Prodil) – swap BOU and WAT on home/away games
    Hazard (c), Walcott, Mane, Ritchie (Abdi)
    Rooney (v), Costa, Wilson

  3. Hi,

    Could you please rate my team,

    Ivanovic, Baines, Huth
    Silva, Hazard, Mane, Ozil
    Berahino, Benteke, Wilson’

    Myhill, Wisom (loan to norwich – could play), Bennett, Surman


    • Thanks, I was torn between Baines and Clyne, but little apprehensive about Clyne as he is at LFC now (I am a Liverpool fan too!), our start to the season is favourable, but stability in the starting 11 isn’t.

  4. Thoughts on my latest team:

    Ruddy (Speroni)
    Shaw – Huth – Azpil – Francis (O’Shea)
    Walcott – Hazard – Silva – Ritchie (Wanyama)
    Benteke – Rooney (Deeney)

    I will replace one of Huth/Francis with Deeney after GW1, but I do have 0.5m in the bank so I’m open to options here. I like my team, but willing to listen to opinions on Walcott, O’Shea, Ruddy, Deeney.

  5. My team for the year, playing a 3-5-2

    Boruc (Schmeichel)
    Clyne, Soares, Ward (Prodl, O’Shea)
    Depay, Mane, Ritchie, Wijnaldum, Hazard
    Rooney, Kane (Deeney)

    Thoughts? Shall I upgrade keepers? My thoughts are Bournemouth have a good run to start and could even put a couple of clean sheets together. Boruc is probably preferred over Federici.
    Pretty happy with the midfield and strikers.

  6. thoughts….

    Ruddy – Butland
    Ivanovic – Francis – Cedric – O’Shea – Huth
    Hazard – Silva – Henderson – Ozil (Sung Yeung)
    Benteke – Giroud – Deeney

    Rotate GKs, Iva + 2 other defenders

  7. Would appreciate any thoughts on my team. Not sure yet whether to go with Benteke or Rooney or Giroud. Went with Cazorla over Ozil due to penalty takes.

    Speroni (Krul)
    Clyne-Cedric-Lescott (O’Shea-Francis)
    Hazard-Silva-Cazorla-Ki Sungyueng (Ritchie)

    • Nice looking team. Targett for Southampton is 1.0m cheaper than Cedric and has been playing whilst Bertrand is out. Would free up some money to upgrade Wilson or Ki?

  8. Can someone give me some feedback regarding my squad please? Thanks!

    Huth Azpilicueta Clyne
    Walcott Hazard Henderson Silva
    Wilson Benteke Rooney

    Schwarzer O’Shea Aarons Targett

  9. Hi everyone,

    Can I get some thoughts on my team? Cheers

    Azpil, Clyne, Gibbs
    Carzorla, Herrera, Hazard (c), Sterling, Puncheon
    Vardy, Rooney (v)

    Butland, Simpson, Alderweireld, Deeney

  10. rate my team plz
    Kalarov , Koscielny ,Baines
    Tadic,Hazard , Richie , Walcot
    Wilson , Rooney , Lukaku ,
    subs, Myhill , Clyne , Johnson , Hoolahan

  11. Thoughts on this?

    Francis – Azpil – Clyne
    Cabaye – Fabregas – Ozil – Silva
    Giroud – Benteke – Costa

    Subs – Schwarzer, Prodil, Baker, Barry

  12. Any thoughts or recommendations…….
    Cech Butland
    Clyne Azpil Targett Prodl Francis
    Ritchie Hazard Mane Sterling Grealish
    Rooney Benteke Sahko


  13. Rate my team please guys!! 1st draught but I’m pretty pleased with it!! Here goes …


    Cheers for any feedback!

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