fantasy premier league teams GW11 – some early thoughts on the FFGeek team

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Here’s our fantasy premier league teams GW11 article where we give our early thoughts on the FFGeek team for GW11. We look back at gameweek 10, The monitor list, transfer thoughts plus early captain thinking.

fantasy premier league teams GW11 – some early thoughts on the FFGeek team

Gameweek 10

Here’s my GW10 team selection article btw if you’re interested

GW10 points: 73 (average 58) Total points 651, Gameweek rank 1,072k, Overall Rank: 29k, green arrow 5k, Team Value: £102.7m

Here’s the points:

fantasy premier league teams GW11

So if I look at my basic metrics for a gameweek then I’m just about ok.  A gameweek rank just about 1 million.  4 returners which is the minimum you’d hope for but 3 were double figures to compensate.  Lastly a small green arrow to 29k.  So definitely ok.

The week was helped out by an unusual save master class from Foster.  Not something he’s known for.  There was probably some evening out of luck with Foster as Wolves somehow lost to Brighton despite it being a 25 shot to 7 game.

Fulhams inability to handle counter attacks saw Fraser pick up 11 points although it was only a 1 shot performance.

Of the players that would negatively affect my score as they are held by a high proportion of active managers.  There are 3 effectively:

Wilson scored 13 points although I imagine many don’t hold Fraser and Wilson so Fraser would have offset that in the main

Richarlison was just 5 points

Maddison blanked

So no other player really hurt me I think.

The team planning schedule 

Here’s the team planning schedule.  I think it’s fairly self explanatory

2 free transfers and £1.4m in the bank

fantasy premier league teams GW11

Likely transfer

So you can see the planned transfer this week has been Bennett out Mendy in and Lacazette out and Arnautovic in.  They are both good entry and exit points with Wolves playing Spurs and Arsenal playing Liverpool.  I’d like to keep Lacazette but he really is my only source of funds to get Arnautovic and Mendy.  You can see from the fixture ease article how good a run of fixtures West Ham have.

I do have 2 alternatives:

The first is keeping Lacazette and  transferring out Fraser for Brooks (that would be reliant on the unlikely scenario of no price rises) or Murphy of Cardiff.  That just leaves me with a fairly threadbare midfield though.

The second alternative would be Mitrovic out for Ings in which would give me enough cash for Mendy but not Arnautovic.  That would also mean Mitrovic missing the GW11 game at Huddersfield which isn’t ideal.

However all this could be scuppered as the transfer depends on Arnautovic’s fitness as he has a virus apparently and has an ongoing knee issue.

The other question is that of Hazard if he is a longer term injury then the question becomes whether he should be transferred out.  That would scupper Arnautovic unfortunately and where I go from there is difficult.  Possibly to a City midfielder or to Mane as Liverpool have Fulham in a couple of weeks.  However I’ll decide that if and when it becomes an issue.

You can plan all you want but most of the time you will be doing reactive transfers due to injuries and players being dropped rather than pro-active ones

Other monitors

Of the other changes I’ve moved Foster to Fabianski back until GW14 which is after West Ham play Man City.

I’ve taken Alexander Arnold off the exit list and put him on the rotation monitor list.  If everyone apart from maybe Van Dijk is going to be a regular rotation target perhaps I should just stick with the option I have which is at the cheaper end.

I’ve given myself more time for the Fraser exit as they are peppered with tricky fixtures going forward now.  His lack of goal threat isn’t ideal (1 shot in the last 4 games) but he’s definitely performing for the price.

I’ve identified Murphy of Cardiff as a possible replacement for Ward who is injured and I imagine will struggle to get back in.  That could also be Brooks of Bournemouth if he holds his place although the double up on Bournemouth seems a bit unnecessary.

Mitrovic I’ve given some potential exit dates to although he has a good fixture next at Huddersfield.

Likely transfer

2 free transfers and £1.4m in the bank

So, subject to Arnautovic’s fitness and the Hazard injury situation, the planned transfers are Mendy in for Bennett out and Arnautovic in for Lacazette out.

However there will be no transfer until Friday and as we’ve seen anything is possible.  No European games this week just EFL cup matches to worry about.

Captain thoughts

Hard to go past Aguero this week although the polls as ever may change my view.  I’m not sure when I’m going to put the poll up.  Man City play Fulham on Thursday in the EFL Cup for whatever reason although Aguero is incredibly unlikely to play I would have thought.  The makeup of the rest of the Man City team may affect votes.  Also the fitness of Hazard at home to Palace may also sway the votes. So I might do another Friday poll so everyone is voting with full information.

Lineup issues

No issues there.  The bench picks itself as you’ll see below

Pretend Bennett is Mendy and Lacazette is Arnautovic and Hazard is fit!

fantasy premier league teams GW11

That’s it hope you had a good gameweek

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