fantasy premier league teams GW15– early thoughts on the FFGeek team


Here’s our fantasy premier league teams GW15 article where we outline our early thoughts on the FFGeek team for GW15.  We review GW14 and talk about potential transfers, captains and lineups for GW15

fantasy premier league teams GW15– early thoughts on the FFGeek team

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Firstly if you’re new to the site my last 4 seasons overall ranks are 17k, 36k, 17k and 21k.


GW14 points: 93 (FPL average 60) Total points 842, Overall Rank: 477k, green arrow  391k Team Value: £101.6m

I used my wildcard in GW9

Here’s the points:

fantasy premier league teams GW15

93 points for a  391 green arrow to 477k overall rank is the short version.  7 players returning either a goal, assist or clean sheet.  58 points from 50k overall rank.

So I finally get the rank halving type week I have been hoping would come.  That was mainly the result of Son and Kane blanking but at this stage I’ll take whatever I can given my current rank.

The only negative was the injury to Chilwell which I’ll address later in the article.

If you saw my GW14 team selection article you’ll know that I originally had Salah as captain.  I changed that to Fernandes after rumours started appearing that Salah was going to be benched.  Seeing that there was little point in having a vice that might not start I put De Bruyne as vice and not Salah.  Interestingly that was not what many of the FFGeek Contributors chose to do.  They kept Salah as vice.  So after seeing Salah get 16 points my brain went to a scenario where Fernandes was rested and I got 10 points as captain and everyone else got 32 points.  Even when I saw Fernandes on the United team sheet I was worried he would get injured in the warm up.

In the end he got 34 points as captain so all was well with the world but it was a worry for a while.  I did something similar last season and got punished badly so it was seemingly a case of potential deja vu.  In that instance think I had Salah as vice to Sterling instead of De Bruyne like most people and it was something like a 17 vs 5 point difference.

Transfer thoughts

2 free transfers and £0.1m in the bank

BGW18 and DGW19

If you’re not familiar with the above scenarios upcoming then there are 2 articles from last week worth reading.  That’s Andrew Whitfields strategy article and my DGW/BGW potential schedule

At the moment my plan is to use my free hit in BGW18 and use free transfers to maximise DGW19 probably without using the bench boost

Here’s the teams with 2 fixtures in DGW19:

West Ham – BUR WBA
Leeds – BRI SOU
Liverpool – MANU BUR
Chelsea – ful leic
Southtn – lei leeds
Leicester – SOU CHEL
WBA – wolves, w’ham
Man Utd – liv ful
Burnley – w’ham liv
Fulham – CHEL MANU

So far I have for DGW19 Soucek, Bamford, Dallas, Salah, Walker Peters and C Taylor.  That’s 6 double gameweekers.  However I will probably play De Bruyne at home to Palace and will definitely need at least 1 of Kane and Son for their game vs Sheffield.  That means I have 8 effectively with 5 transfers to go.  Enough to field 9 double gameweekers plus Kane/Son and De Bruyne and even potentially enough for a bench boost but I think I may keep that for later.

Transfer options

As I said above, 2 free transfers and £0.1m in the bank

With Chilwell injured I think unless there’s some positive news then I’ll transfer him out

My options are effectively 3 fold:

Zouma – Chelsea

James I really like is injured and Silva I would be surprised if he plays both DGW games.

Not wild about the GW15 entry point or the fixtures overall but they are good after the DGW

fantasy premier league teams GW15

Matip – Liverpool

I’d prefer Robertson or Alexander Arnold but I would have to sell 1 of Grealish v Palace or Calvert Lewin v Sheffield or Cancelo v Newcastle or Fernandes.  None of those appeal.

I’m not wild about Matips injury record and he again could be rotated but he’s my only option for this gameweek.  The entry point v WBA makes a compelling argument to transfer him in now

fantasy premier league teams GW15

Coufal – West Ham

A good entry point in GW15 and great fixtures for DGW19 but otherwise not so great.  That’s not the end of the world as he can sit on the bench but I could just leave him as my last transfer.

fantasy premier league teams GW15

At the moment I’m leaning towards Matip but I’ve yet to decide fully

Captain thoughts

With Liverpool at home to WBA it’s hard to go past Salah even with WBA’s rearguard 1-1 display vs Man City in GW13.  De Bruyne vs Newcastle is tempting although he has an EFL quarter final cup match vs Arsenal today (Tuesday) which if he plays won’t help his cause.

Lineup issues

I suspect it’s going to be another Dallas v Soucek decision which I’ll let the bookies make closer to the time

Here’s the team

Pretend Chilwell is 1 of the options above.

Hope you had a good gameweek

fantasy premier league teams GW15

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11 thoughts on “fantasy premier league teams GW15– early thoughts on the FFGeek team”

  1. Hey Geek, you missed out Bruno Fernandes off the list of DGW players you already have, which would take the list to 7 double gameweekers. Unless you mean to get rid of him in the upcoming weeks?

  2. Geek what do u think about the argument that 18 is not too great fixtures wise so it is therefore a waste of a free hit? The argument goes to just go into blank 18 with 8-10 players and free hit in 19.

    • I think the fact that the blank and the double are next to each other and the mirror image of each other makes it difficult not to use it but I do like the idea of having it for the later qtr final blank. The later blank has more prep time to avoid using the free hit.

  3. Geek Contributors, where were you in GW 14 when we needed you? I didn’t see any mention of the possibility that Salah was going to get rested, even though I did mention this in a comment.
    I’m kidding a bit, but I was surprised, especially after all the chat the previous week about Salah’s minutes being managed. Unless I missed it?

    • I personally had no idea about the rumours until quite late on Saturday morning and I updated the article and tweeted and FB’d it as well. Luckily it would have worked out whether you knew or not. Good luck this week

    • Someone put it up late on Friday on Twitter. It was only a rumour not confirmed.
      Nobody could know until the team news was out really.

  4. I’m also leaning towards FH in GW18 and no bench boost for DGW19. Saving WC+BB combo for later GW, likely a massive one in GW26 according to Ben Crellin.

    In honesty though, I think too much focus is on building for the DGW19. If you look across the next 6-8 GWs, actually TOT and MCI assets are very likely to outperform despite no doubles in GW19. If hits are taken to get in WHU, LEE, LEI, BUR cheapies, and post GW19 transfers used to take them out.. Not sure it’s worth it overall.

    • I think getting the right entry points and being conscious of the fixtures before and after is necessary to avoid what you said. Good luck this week

  5. Love your work Geek. Out of interest, if Chilwell didn’t get injured, what were your transfer plans going to be?

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