fantasy premier league wildcard GW34 – a very early first FFGeek draft wildcard team


Here’s my fantasy premier league wildcard GW34 article with a very early rough draft wildcard team.  There’s more caveats than certainties but it’s a start

fantasy premier league wildcard GW34 – a very early first FFGeek draft wildcard team

As I said this is literally a first draft with loads of caveats so please view it in this context

Here’s the team:

fantasy premier league wildcard GW34

Overall thoughts

It’s hard not to focus on just the next 2 gameweeks of DGW34 and DGW35.  That has been my immediate focus but I’ve tried to temper it with the fact that there are 3 gameweeks after that.

That’s particularly relevant for GW36 where either Salah or Mane is likely to be my triple captain vs Huddersfield unless I decide to go for Man Utd v Huddersfield in GW37.  It means I have to carry over a transfer in GW35 to get Salah for GW36.  I have thought of keeping Salah this week as they have Cardiff in GW36 and I may still do but it doesn’t half cause problems for the rest of the team.

Also I’m bench boosting in GW35 so there are no makeweights only players who can contribute points.  Every player except maybe Liverpool players will have 2 games in GW35.

One of the problems I have is who will be the polls captain favourite in GW35?  I really can’t pick it.  I can’t see it being Kane with City in there.  I could see it being Aguero which would mean a team redesign.



With a double gameweek in GW34 Ryan is pretty much a certainty in the team for me.  The question is who else of the Brighton team could be in it.  Home games to Bournemouth and Cardiff do suggest a double up in defence but Ryan is the only representative of the GW34 double gameweekers at the moment.  Wolves and Spurs in GW35 do negate the attraction to some extent which is why I’m hesitating to get more.

GW34 Bournemouth (H)
GW34 Cardiff (H)
GW35 Wolves (A)
GW35 Spurs (A)
GW36 Newcastle (H)
GW37 Arsenal (A)
GW38 Man City (H)


A game against Huddersfield in GW35 is an attraction.  The Watford defence is tricky though as selection is a bit hit and miss.  Foster is a certainty though so he gets the nod.

GW34 Arsenal (H)
GW35 Huddersfield (A)
GW35 Southampton (H)
GW36 Wolves (H)
GW37 Chelsea (A)
GW38 West Ham (H)


Alexander Arnold

In someways a placeholder as I’ve got money invested in him and there’s no alternative jumping out.  The immediate fixtures question whether Man Utd or Man City are worth defensive representation although that is tempered by the fact that there are 5 potential clean sheets out of 6 games after that for both Manchester teams.  But I’ve balanced that against the fact that Liverpool could easily get 2 out of the last 3 so it’s in the too hard inbox at the moment.  If I go for a City defender it would be Laporte.  Man Utd Lindelof I expect.

GW34 Chelsea (H)
GW35 Cardiff (A)
GW36 Huddersfield (H)
GW37 Newcastle (A)
GW38 Wolves (H)


I was always going to have a  Wolves defender as 2 games against Southampton and Brighton in GW34 and GW35 give a reasonable chance of 2 clean sheets.  I much prefer Doherty but will a wing back play 2 games in a double is the question and the price difference is massively high.  Still for Watford and Fulham in GW36 and GW37 Doherty maybe worth the risk.  However I’ve played it safe.  With Bennett on the bench in the FA Cup semi I’ve gone for Boly who has pretty good attacking stats


I have some hesitations about the Spurs defence and the price is totally disproportionate for the clean sheet and Vertonghen’s attacking ability but the Huddersfield home game just keeps flashing away at me so for the moment he’s in.  I just can’t see Trippier playing both double games even with Aurier injured as for all Walker Peters problems he could still make an appearance. I will defer to Spurs fan Joseph Crilley on that point.

GW34 Huddersfield (H)
GW35 Man City (A)
GW35 Brighton (H)
GW36 West Ham (H)
GW37 Bournemouth (A)
GW38 Everton (H)

Wan Bissaka

Won’t stay and a placeholder only for the moment as I’ve got a decent amount of money invested in him.  Could be for a Brighton defender if I feel brave.


Good value and reasonably good attacking prospects.  It’s just whether Southampton can keep clean sheets.

GW34 Wolves (H)
GW35 Newcastle (A)
GW35 Watford (A)
GW36 Bournemouth (H)
GW37 West Ham (A)
GW38 Huddersfield (H)



A bit of a risk with 2 Wolves attacking players but as a midfielder playing striker in excellent form he’s worth the risk for me

GW34 Southampton (A)
GW35 Brighton (H)
GW35 Arsenal (H)
GW36 Watford (A)
GW37 Fulham (H)
GW38 Liverpool (A)


I have some reservations about Martial as he is very hot or cold.  He did play well against Watford.   However he was a sub against Wolves which means he must start against Barcelona in the UCL otherwise I won’t be considering him as a first choice Man United player.   I really like Mkhitaryan as an alternative but Emery being Emery hasn’t started him in the last 2 before GW33.  Mkhitaryan did start against Everton though.  However double Arsenal (as I want Lacazette) seems to be asking for trouble.

GW34 West Ham (H)
GW35 Everton (A)
GW35 Man City (H)
GW36 Chelsea (H)
GW37 Huddersfield (A)
GW38 Cardiff (H)


The last double showed how difficult it is to pick a City player with alot of rotation going on.  The paradox is that the more difficult the fixtures the more likely that Pep will play the first choice team.  That gives hope for Sterling going into DGW35.  I would probably think Aguero will play both games given that Jesus has been a little up and down but I’m finding it hard to move away from Kane/Jimenez and one of Lacazette and Aubameyang for my front 3.  Other than Sterling the City midfield even with the fixtures is tricky.

De Bruyne is a hard one to guess as his injury history could suggest Pep will be careful but on the other hand he’s played very few minutes so fatigue isn’t an issue.  Will Bernardo Silva play both games in the double as another alternative or will the 3 of Bernardo, David Silva and De Bruyne play 1 game each or can you guess which one will play 2 games.

GW34 Crystal Palace (A)
GW35 Spurs (H)
GW35 Man Utd (A)
GW36 Burnley (A)
GW37 Leicester (H)
GW38 Brighton (A)


Again that shiny fixture of Huddersfield has drawn in another Spurs attacker.  Alli or Eriksen that is the question?  I probably need to do a bit more thinking before I decide on 1.   Certainly Maddisons goal against Hamer yesterday gives some hope to Eriksen.  However it all depends on Alli’s position.  The last 2 games he’s been way too deep for me.  The reemergence of Son puts some question mark against Alli’s position especially as a support striker which is where you would want him.

GW34 Huddersfield (H)
GW35 Man City (A)
GW35 Brighton (H)
GW36 West Ham (H)
GW37 Bournemouth (A)
GW38 Everton (H)

Ward Prowse

I’ll either go with him or Redmond for this cheap spot.  Ward Prowse in there at the moment as it seems his price will rise soon so I’ve put him in to avoid having to pay more if I ultimately do want him. I marginally prefer Redmond as he plays CAM or as a striker but his stats are pretty ordinary and he is a pretty wasteful finisher.

I would like Deulodeu in as a cheap option with Huddersfield playing but he’s on the bench vs Wolves in the FA Cup which is no surprise given that Gray has been in such good form.  Do I like anyone else from Watford enough to put them in for 1 fixture.  Not really.  Doucoure has really come to the fore in the last 2 with great shooting volumes and underlying stats.  Is that a sign of the future or just 2 games.  It’s hard to say.

GW34 Wolves (H)
GW35 Newcastle (A)
GW35 Watford (A)
GW36 Bournemouth (H)
GW37 West Ham (A)
GW38 Huddersfield (H)



With Huddersfield next there’s no question here for me in having Kane as he’s likely to be a massive captain favourite.

GW34 Huddersfield (H)
GW35 Man City (A)
GW35 Brighton (H)
GW36 West Ham (H)
GW37 Bournemouth (A)
GW38 Everton (H)


The form is impossible to ignore

GW34 Southampton (A)
GW35 Brighton (H)
GW35 Arsenal (H)
GW36 Watford (A)
GW37 Fulham (H)
GW38 Liverpool (A)


Seems to be the most reliable Arsenal attacking asset selection wise and has pretty decent form and stats

GW34 Watford (A)
GW35 Crystal Palace (H)
GW35 Wolves (A)
GW36 Leicester (A)
GW37 Brighton (H)
38 Burnley (A)

The Official FPL fixture schedule

fantasy premier league wildcard GW34

That’s it for the moment.  I will update it as I go this week with maybe little mini articles.

If you’re needing to plan your FPL transfers use Joseph Crilleys google spreadsheet which is an excellent team planning tool.

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10 thoughts on “fantasy premier league wildcard GW34 – a very early first FFGeek draft wildcard team”

  1. I am going along similar lines for my WC:
    GK: Ryan, Foster
    DEF: Kolasinac, Laporte, Lindelof, Duffy, Boly
    MID: Pogba, Son, Eriksen, Jota, Delofeu
    ATT: Kane, Deeney, Lacazette

    I have 3 Spurs attacking options in my squad with Kane, Son & Eriksen. I can see a rout against Hudds and they can score in both of the DGW fixtures, especially in the home tie against Brighton who have been poor lately.
    I want a Watford attacking asset for sure given those fixtures in the DGW. Delofeu is the obvious option. I have no idea why he was dropped for the FA cup semi, as he wasnt exactly playing poorly of late. In any case, he stole the show today so surely will be back in the lineup. I have also put Deeney in too, but may switch to Jimenez as double Watford attack may be overkill, but maybe not. Lacazette completes my strike force.
    I have Ryan and Duffy for Brighton with the idea of swapping one out with the FT GW35. GW36 I plan to swap Eriksen for Mane for that home tie against Hudds and captain him.
    Pogba and Kolasinac are holders for now. I have no City attacking coverage right now which is a worry. I may swap Kane out for Aguero in GW35 and just abandon the whole double Brighton defence strategy GW34.
    Lots to ponder.

  2. Geek: 3 questions

    1. Ryan and Foster both have tough fixtures at the same time (after the doubles). Have you considered Gunn and Ryan as they complement with 36 Ryan home New; 37 Gunn away WHU, 38 Gunn home HUD?

    2. Why is your TOT midfield query Alli/Erikson and not Alli/Erikson/Son?

    3. Why wouldn’t you just avoid Martial for now and focus on MUN as a transfer closer to GW37?

    • Hi Kev and thanks for the comments

      My reasoning for Foster was around the difficulty in picking someone in the Watford defence who will play 2 games and wanting a Watford clean sheet for the Huddersfield game so Foster was the only realistic pick. I think 37 is unfortunate but a sacrifice I’ll make for the double.

      Son is one of my favourite players but he has been poor for a while now and has been a sub in 2 of the last 3. The Palace game was a defiite improvement but not enough for him to be in my team. There’s still the UCL match to change my mind but I’d be surprised

      If Deulofeu had started in the semi I probably would have had him in the midfield but he didn’t. Does his 2 goal heroics change the position for him playing 2 games I don’t know. Martial is a bit of a placeholder which possibly didn’t come out strongly enough in the article. Don’t get me wrong I like him but he’s very hot and cold and will be binned if he doesn’t start against Barcelona.

      Hope that helps clarify my thinking cheers and hope the tinkering is going well

  3. Brighton are at home to Newc GW36 and Watford at home to Wham GW38… hardly tough fixtures. They are both tough GW37 alright, but I wouldn’t be concerned about one game week.

  4. Thanks for this – very helpful and similar thinking to my own WC team (bench boosting in GW35)

    I’m currently looking at this:

    Ryan, Foster
    Vertonghen, TAA, Boly, Duffy, Valery
    Salah, Eriksen, Jota, Doucoure, Redmond
    Kane, Lacazette, Jiminez

    I really like this team apart from the absence of a Man City player. It seems like a huge omission to not have Man City representation, but then I also really want to keep Salah (I’m TC’ing him in GW36) and it is impossible to predict who will be rotated or not by Pep. Eurgh.

    • I personally like Mendy and KDB as City options for the coming weeks.
      Especially Mendy. He was back to whipping balls across the box this weekend, and with the injury status to Zinchenko, Walker, and Delph I would back him to get a lot of minutes.
      KDB is a bit more risky in the midst a crowded City midfield and tight schedule, but I feel he should be the first name on the team sheet if fit

    • John… you could simply take Salah out for Sterling, keep the money idb and transfer Salah in for Sterling GW36…

  5. Thoughts on my team or suggestions appropriated :

    Lloris /foster
    Chilwell (placeholder) / duffy/ kolasinac / luiz
    Pogba/ dealfeou/ son/ eriksen/ fraser
    Laca /aguerro/ rondon

    1. 6m in the bank

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