fantasy premier league wildcard tips GW23 – our imaginary wildcard


 Here’s our fantasy premier league wildcard tips GW23 article where we pretend we are using our wildcard. It gives player suggestions with more longevity than just for the up coming gameweek.  


This article brings alot of others together to give yo an easy format for player suggestions with more longevity than the next gameweek.

Firstly I would say that I wouldn’t wildcard now.  I would use my wildcard to maximise the points potential in the double gameweeks coming up.  See my article on potential blank and double gameweeks

This is a short article where I’m pretending I’m using my wildcard to give you player picks with more longevity than the next game. It’s short as there are no stats. I’ve given links to articles below with all the detailed stats you’ll need if you want to investigate a player in more detail.

In this article there’s some brief narrative on the selection below. There’s stats in the player ranking articles which can be found here using the links below

Player rankings defence and GK

Player rankings midfielders

Forward player rankings

There’s also our fixture ease article which gives player suggestions with good fixtures. Our underlying stats article focuses on expected goals at a team and player level which may also give you some ideas. You can also see who the popular transfers are in our bandwagons article and who the top 10 FPL managers I follow have in their team

You can also see what I’m planning in my early FFGeek team thoughts article


 The team is £0.1m outside my budget.

 fantasy premier league wildcard tips GW23


 Effectively the introduction of Quaner for budget reasons as a, realistically, 2 point bench player means that the formation will either be 3-5-2- or 4-4-2 depending on the fixtures for Richarlison, Arnautovic, Hegazi and Tarkowski.

 The players are built around a core of 6 which I mentioned in my article 6 players who could hurt your rank if you don’t own them


 I’ve gone for a mixture of fixtures,  value, bonus points, save percentage and defensive strength to go for Pickford and Adrian.

Adrian being value, fixtures and save percentage and Pickford being defensive strength and bonus points potential.


 I’ve gone for a Man City, Man Utd and Chelsea core of my defence.  If money were no object I would go for Alonso and Otamendi in the Chelsea and Man City defence respectively but it unfortunately is so I’ve gone for the cheaper versions of Christensen and Stones.  Jones is my Man Utd defender of choice.

I did think about Ben Davies who should have an unopposed run in the Spurs team with Danny Rose injured but the next 3 games after the Everton game are just too tricky to warrant the immediate expense

My 2 cheap midfielders of choice are Hegazi who is the cheapest WBA option and Tarkowski the cheapest Burnley option.  I did think about Bardsley at £4.3m but just aren’t sure how much longevity he has.  Both are good all round cheap defensive options in reasonable defensive teams.


Salah and Sterling need no explanation I hope.

Lingard is the current form option.

Richarlison and Arnautovic are the cheap options of choice at the moment both with reasonable short term fixtures, advanced positions and good underlying stats


As I said above Quaner is in due to budgetary constraints.  He’s by no means my favourite cheap striker but is one of the cheapest and seems reasonably gametime secure.  He is an injury doubt but it appears short term and he shouldn’t be needed in the first fixture.  If I had more funds my cheap striker would be either Murray or Callum Wilson

I’ve stuck with Kane due to his explosiveness, ownership and captain popularity.

Aguero is the tricky one.  On the face of it the injury to Jesus should allow him to have an uncompeted run at the CF spot.  The EFL Cup tie against Bristol showed that using a midfielder as an option didn’t give an immediate solution.  The inhibitor on his gametime will be a signing, with Sanchez looking like someone who can hit the ground running and then move back into an attacking midfield position.  However if I was wildcarding now it’s easier to get rid than get him in later and it also covers the potential captain problem if he is a big favourite

The Chelsea issue

There’s no Chelsea attacking player in this team which isn’t ideal given their great run of fixtures.

The options would be to downgrade Aguero and put Hazard in for Richarlison or Arnautovic.  A stright downgrade to Morta would also work.  Despite the cloud of negativity around him I still think he’s a worthwhile investment unless Conte loses faith.

Injury doubts

3 players in Arnautovic, Salah and Quaner have injury doubts against them.  Arnautovic and Salah seem likely to play.  Quaner is less of an issues if the injury is short term as it appears to be

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  1. Decent team. Have been toying with WC myself. Can’t decide now or wait for DGW in future.
    “There’s no Chelsea in this team which isn’t ideal given their great run of fixtures.”??

    Isnt Christensen Chelsea….

    • Thanks for the comments and you are right Christensen is a Chelsea player. What I meant to say was no Chelsea attacking player. I’ve amended it now.
      Thanks for the good spot and all the best for the weekend



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