Fantasy world cup review – Russia’s start, FFGeek teams and a few suggestions for Friday

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Here’s the first of our fantasy World Cup review articles which I’m aiming to do daily.  We’ll take a quick look back at yesterdays events, the FFGeek teams and a few player suggestions for Friday if you’re thinking of making a transfer

Fantasy world cup review – Russia’s start, FFGeek teams and a few suggestions for Friday

Russia 5 Saudi Arabia 0

After so many games in Euro 2016 where the minnows packed the penalty area and defended as if their lives depended on it this game was bizarre with the level of inept defending that Saudi brought to it.  They gave the ball away constantly, didn’t track runners and were appalling at set pieces.

The star of the show was undoubtedly Russian AM Golovin who I had through sheer luck as a plug at the end of my Telegraph team.  To be fair he was in my list of midfielders for all the formats.  After Dazgoev went off he played more centrally and took a number of set pieces.  Before you rush to get him though remember his Russian league stats are pretty ordinary with a goal or assist every 285 minutes.  He did score against Arsenal in the Europa and this, plus a good campaign there, brought him to many peoples attention.

Cheryshev was the other star with 2 goals after he came on as sub.  The 27 year old LW Villareal player only started 9 La Liga games plus 15 as sub for 2 goals and 2 assists at a goal or assist every 230 minutes.

Those who went with striker Smolov must have been disappointed at his blank

It’s also worth remembering that Russia have now had the easy game against Saudi and now the games get harder with Eygypt next and the Uruguay after that so it’s hard to ignore the feeling that the ship has sailed.

As for Saudi it’s hard to describe how bad they were.  It’s hard to believe they only lost 2-1 to Germany.  Those with Cavani or Suarez will be licking their lips.  Those without will certainly be looking at getting either in.

The FFGeek Teams 

The McDonalds team and the Sun Dream Team didn’t have any Russia or Saudi players.

The Telegraph team had Golovin and I also have a block defence team which I will show after I was asked to, although I really don’t know what I’m doing.  It wasn’t helped by the TFF format only having 3 of the Russian defenders who started as defenders.

Here’s the 4 teams for today.


 Fantasy world cup review

Incredibly 2 Egyptian players (that shows how difficult the pricing was) in my team plus Godin with Isco as captain.  Not a great captain choice.  I did think about Godin but I’ve left it on Isco.  I’m not sure you can make any transfers which take effect in this round. I don’t think you can.  The so called rules which look like they were written subject to a 100 word maximum are a bit “vague” shall we say.    Any help appreciated.

Sun Dream Team

Fantasy world cup review

Giminez, Isco and Cavani today.  No transfers today.

Telegraph fantasy football

Fantasy world cup review

So Suarez and Isco today.  No transfers today.  I need to be careful that I do use all my 26 transfers as the latter stages of Round 3 don’t have many good clean sheet prospects to use them up in blocks if I’m under using them before that.

Here’s the def block team.

I really don’t know what I’m doing here so I wouldn’t be rushing to take anything from it,  apart from a few laughs maybe.  I’ve kept enough money in the bank for the Spain team back 4 which has severely limited me elsewhere and the team looks terrible.  I plan on spending about 12 transfers on the block defence and I’ll just see how it goes.  It’s just an experiment.  Unfortunately I chose Dzagoev and not Golovin so that limited the points.

Here it is anyway

Fantasy world cup review

Cavani and Trezeguet playing today.  I’m going to transfer Dzagoev tomorrow for my France block v Australia tomorrow

Some player suggestions for today

Here’s the fixtures firstly with the times and days in UK time:

1:00 PM Friday, June 15 Egypt vs Uruguay
4:00 PM Friday, June 15 Morocco vs Iran
7:00 PM Friday, June 15 Portugal vs Spain

If you’re planning on making transfers for today on Dream Team you need to do it before the first game.  On telegraph you can do it in between and as I said above I think McDonalds transfers will take affect in round 2

If you are thinking of transfers the obvious ones are for Uruguay.  For Dream Team you will get to see the team sheet which may unearth some value in defence.  Godin is my pick here outside of that.

Otherwise it’s Cavani and Suarez as Uruguay strikers that are the obvious transfers.  They have Saudi Arabia next as well in RD 2.

I’m a big fan of Salah but how much support he will have within the Eygypt team is questionable.

If you’re desperate for someone in the Morroco v Iran match to make the game somewhere near interesting I would suggest Ziyech of Morroco. Morocco do have Portugal next though and then Spain after that so it’s not a transfer with much longevity

I personally wouldn’t be bringing in anyone for the Portugal Spain match.  If Euro 2016 is anything to go by Portugal will just stick 10 men behind the ball and hope Ronaldo can do something.  I think there are better ways to use transfers coming up in the round. 

Geek World Cup Leagues

I’m not sure what the rules are in joining leagues now but here’s the details anyway

McDonalds FIFA Official


or League code:

Sun Dream Team

Fantasy Football Geek
League PIN: WCW6UFM9

Telegraph fantasy football (£100 in prizes)

League PIN 8000919
Passcode 4453

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  1. I decided my captain tactic will be to choose who ever plays 1st and then keep changing during the round until I get a decent score and then stick on it. I chose Golovin so no need to move it now.

  2. Still getting my head around the sun dream team transfers. If I transfer say Cavani out today and transfer in Messi tomorrow will I lose my points from Cavani?

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