FPL gameweek 18 – the alternate FFGeek teams


Here’s the FPL gameweek 18 alternate strategy teams article. This consists of the bookies team, the shots in the box team, an expected goals team and the bandwagons team to assess some alternate FPL strategies.


Here we look at 4 different ways of setting up your FPL team. I really enjoy this as everything is picked by formula so no procrastination required.  I’ve changed the presentation order


The bookies team finished with an OR of 6k last season using anytime goal scorer odds.  You can get a range of odds from betting sites like www.bestbettingsites.co.uk.

The bookies team was set up by picking the best anytime goal scoring odds from bookies for attacking players and clean sheet odds for defenders for the next game only with no reference to future fixtures.

2 transfers are made every 2 weeks unless there’s an injury or a gametime risk. The 2 transfers will seek to improve the overall odds for the 11 players forecast to play. The captain will be the player with the best ATGS odds. I generally use anytime goal scoring odds for my player decisions but if you think odds for the margin of winning help in a decision then have a look here.

The team will be predominantly 4-3-3 as it will seek to have 3 premium forward options as captains

GW17 Pts: 58 pts (av 48 pts) Total points 910 OR: 334k TV: £99.9m

102k green arrow

Here’s the GW17 points:

 fantasy premier league gw18

Here’s the lineup for GW18.

 fantasy premier league GW18

Rolled over the free transfer


This team has been changed to an expected goals team a couple of weeks ago by wildcard. Same theory transfer every 2 weeks except for injury, place lost or suspension. Transfers will be to replace lowest ranked with highest ranked subject to team structure. Captain will be poll leader. You can see the expected goals stats for teams and players in my underlying stats articles.  I get these stats from the excellent site understat

GW17 Pts: 62 pts (av 48 pts) Total points 971 OR: 29k TV: £101.9m

Green arrow of 23k

Here’s the GW17 points:

 fanatsy premier league gameweek 18

Here’s the GW18 lineup:

 fpl gameweek 18

 Ramsey to Pogba and Murray to Okazaki


Last season the underlying stat was shots on target. That team finished with a 77k OR. This season we’ve gone for shots in the box as the underlying stat of choice. The team was set up with the players with the best shots in the box stats from last season within a certain team structure. Defence has aimed to be set and forget. You can get these from whoscored.com

Captain choice will be the player highest in the captain polls. Transfers will be 2 every 2 weeks except for injury replacing the lowest rank player for stats with the highest rank within a general team structure

GW17 Pts: 59 pts (av 48 pts) Total points 967 OR: 36k TV: £102.1m

19k green arrow

Here’s the GW17 points:


lineup for GW18

 fpl gameweek 18

 Dann to Kenny and Niasse to Austin


This is a new team this season. The team was set up with the highest ownership players at the start of the season again within a team structure. Except when there’s injuries, 2 transfers every 2 weeks replacing the most transferred out players with the most transferred in. Transfers will be done early in that week in order to maximise team value. The captain will be the highest player in the polls. I haven’t this week but regularly do a bandwagons article

GW17 Pts: 33 pts (av 48 pts) Total points 850 OR: 1,330k TV: £100.0m

red arrow of 321k

Here’s the GW17 points:

 fantasy premier league gameweek 18

Here’s the lineup for GW18

fantasy premier league gameweek 18

no transfers. Free transfer carried over

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