FPL wildcard teams GW9 – Kev in Canada and Ben Wooton show their draft wildcard teams


Here’s the 4th of our FPL wildcard teams GW9 articles where FFGeek contributors Kev in Canada and Ben Wooton show their draft wildcard teams.  Kev finished in 6k last season and 195k in 17/18.  Ben’s last 3 seasons overall rank were 61k, 26k and 31k.

FPL wildcard teams GW9 – Kev in Canada and Ben Wooton show their draft wildcard teams

You can also see Rob Reid’s wildcard article as well as Keith and Costas’s and also Kris O’s wildcard drafts

Kev in Canada’s wildcard drafts

Here’s my current stats and GW8 teams points:

GW8 points: 34 (average 36) Total points 425 Gameweek rank 4,008k, Overall Rank: 1,342k, red arrow 172k, Team Value: £102.6m

FPL wildcard teams GW9

☆   Why I wildcarded now:

•   move money from Defenders to Forward
•   Aubamayang/Vardy look key for next few months and have tricky prices to get in organically
•   changing of fixtures for core teams starting now (ARS, LEI, CHE).
•   cheap Defensive options have now established themselves

The only other time I was considering wildcarding was to accommodate the upcoming blank and then double of Liverpool/West Ham matches around GW18. However, after planning ahead, I felt it would be straightforward to plan around those fixtures with the use of free transfers.

Ultimately, not owning Aubameyang and Vardy the next few weeks seemed a bigger opportunity to be ahead of. I believe the time to move the Defence money forward is now. All of this seems harder to accomplish as opposed to navigating one blank week.

☆   My plan over the next two weeks:

•   make sure the rapid price risers are in my squad for the time being (Mane, Tammy, Soyunco, Pope, etc.) weather I stay with them or not
•   leave in any players with built up value until I lock in the final team or their value is about to drop and they are not in the plans
•   monitor injuries and any player news

☆   Current thoughts on how I want to potentially shape the squad:

•   Aubameyang/Vardy locked. Third striker between Tammy Abraham and Aguero
•   Alexander Arnold is locked. The other four D will be freeing up funds to move forward
•   have a decent bench because I am wildcarding early and may need to navigate any injuries
•   have a draft if De Bruyne is deemed fit and one if De Bruyne is deemed out. Have an easy player to swap to De Bruyne in midfield in the injured template
•   balance premiums in forward and midfield for easier transfers going forward
•   ditch Salah but have an easy transfer to him (Aubameyang, Aguero, Sterling)
•   potentially have 3 City attackers
•   downgrade Ederson to unlock funds and allow 3 Man City attack. Gazzaniga at 4.4M and Roberto at 4.4M. Their fixtures perfectly pair with eachother.

☆   Current Drafts

•   KDB is fit

FPL wildcard teams GW9

•   KDB is injured

FPL wildcard teams GW9

☆   Value players I am monitoring

•   Targett – 4.4M – looks very attacking for Villa but fixtures are tough for a while
•   Taylor – 4.2M – lost his spot to Pieters hot start but injuries have him back in
•   Rico – 4.1M – fixtures get poor soon but hes attacking and on corners
•   Lascelles 4.4M – fixture turn nicely GW10
•   Hudson-Odoi – 5.9M – looks good but it is a crowded position at CHE
•   Saka – 4.5M – gametime is a concern when Lacazette is back sometime soon
•   Connolly – 4.5M – I dont think I could leave out a third high quality forward to make room

☆   Final Thoughts

A lot can happen over an international break. I am hoping no one gets injured. I still have a lot to think about but the teams I am putting together all look good.

One thing I want to make sure I mention is that I am focused on not losing perspective on how deadly City are. Going into a wildcard after they blank can be dangerous. Imagine if you wildcarded after the Norwich match and got rid of them? You would have missed 8 goals the next week..

I will update everyone before my finalised wildcard. Have a relaxing break!

Ben Wooton’s Wildcard draft

Ok so I had a few injuries and doubts running into the international break so i have decided to wildcard with team sitting at 138k.

Current team and stats

Here’s my stats and team from GW8:

GW8 points: 35 (average 36) Total points 469 Gameweek rank 3,785k, Overall Rank: 138k, red arrow 44k, Team Value: £101.6m

Wildcard team thoughts

In terms of keeper I have Pope and prefer to keep him for now, but I have also popped in Gazzinga for Button. A Spurs keeper seems value at 4.4m for a few months. Also means he gets Watford next game and that feels like a clean sheet.

Defensively I have decided to keep Robertson, Lundstram and Tomori. In come Soyuncu and Alexander Arnold for Otamendi and Digne. With a lot of people losing Liverpool assets I have decided to take both the wing backs on and will play every week. Man U and Spurs don’t look tough fixtures now.

Midfield wise I am keeping McGinn and Sterling. Seems foolish to lose the either as I have had from the start and both offer alot in their teams.

Big news is losing Salah but I felt he could drop and so decided to pop Mane in short term. Mane’s risen already and if Salah is deemed fit I might swap back. Mount comes in for De Bruyne, along with Saka for Cantwell because he’s cheap attacking option in a better team.

Up top I have kept Abraham. I have given Pukki the boot along with Greenwood. For now I have Jimenez as a bit of a punt, he’s there alongside Connolly as a cheap option for bench. Feel this could well change

As things stand I have 4mil in the bank.  If this gets spent it will be to upgrade my forward (s)

Current draft wildcard team

transfer summary

Otamendi out Alexander Arnold in

Digne out Soyuncu in

Cantwell out Saka in

Salah out Mane in

Pukki out Jimenez in

Button out Gazzaniga in

De Bruyne out Mount in

Greenwood out Connolly in

Staying put:  Pope, Robertson, Lundstram, McGinn, Sterling, Abraham and Tomori

Good luck if you’re wildcarding

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You can also see Rob Reid’s wildcard article as well as Keith and Costas’s and also Kris O’s wildcard drafts

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6 thoughts on “FPL wildcard teams GW9 – Kev in Canada and Ben Wooton show their draft wildcard teams”

  1. Ben what do you think about transferring in Maddison and Otamendy instead of McGinn and Robertson? Otamendy looks like will blow with points soon. Look at his threat index.

  2. I had otamendi before wildcard and I did intend to keep, but man city defence just feels a bit hit and miss without laporte and with LBs up in the air. The Liverpool double up right now feels like going against the flow. TTA has been consistent, robbo a touch unlucky. I think at the moment id still like to risk them esp with utd up next.
    I like maddison and will keep eye on him he’s a similar price to mount and an easy switch but I can afford him anyway with 4m cash on the hip. Thanks

  3. As a straight in / out yes but he’s another 3.5mil plus so it’s money I could potentially use better up top, anyway no rush with IB.

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