Sun Dream Team transfer window 2 – the best strikers

Here’s my view on the best strikers in Sun Dream Team to give some food for thought for your transfer window 2 decisions

Sun Dream Team transfer window 2 – the best strikers

I’ve listed what I think are the best Sun Dream team midfielders using the  following stats so you can make your own assessment:

1 Total Sun Dream Team points

2.  The Sun Dream Team midfield ranking.  This is just their ranking by points total

3.  The points per game (PPG).  The Sun Dream Team supplies games including sub appearances which makes the information a bit distorted.

4.  The % of Sun Dream Team 7+  plus awards of their total games.

5.  The % of Sun Dream Team star man awards of total games played

I’ve then attempted  to rank them although obviously you will have your own views.  I’ve also provided a bit of commentary.

1. Rooney (£7.0mm)    Points:  87     Str rank:  3     PPG:  5.8     7+awards: 66%     Starman awards:  33% 

I’ve put Rooney top over Aguero despite the lower points per game for a few reasons.  Firstly, United have better premier league fixtures than City.  Secondly, Rooney I think will be rotated less than Aguero due to number of better quality strikers at City.  Rooney also  needs to play games to stay fit.  Thirdly, Rooney has slightly more love from Sun Dream Team and is a more involved player in the game.

2.  Aguero (£7.0m)    Points:  108     Str rank:  1     PPG:  7.7     7+awards: 64%     Starman awards:  29%

Hard to have enough superlatives for Aguero and his form this season.  Only negatives are rotation with 4 good strikers at the club and reasonably tricky fixtures in the premier league.

3.  Suarez (£7.5m)   Points:  73     Str rank:  6     PPG:  10.4     7+awards: 86%     Starman awards:  29%

Outstanding start to the season although has had good fixtures to facilitate that.  Disadvantage is that he wont have extra European and Capital One cup games like Rooney and Aguero.  However, Suarez  probably wont be rotated for FA Cup games either given his late start and lack of additional competitions.  Remember Liverpool were knocked out early from the Capital One.

4.   Giroud (£4.0m)   Points:  83     Str rank:  4     PPG:  4.6     7+awards: 61%     Starman awards:  11%

Struggled with the creative midfield in Arsenal to get much Starman recognition but is an absolute bargain at £4.0 given current gametime security.  Heavy workload will ensure rotation in the domestic cups though

5.   RVP(£8.0m)   Points:  66     Str rank:  9     PPG:  5.1     7+awards: 54%     Starman awards:  5%

Really not a favourite of Sun Dream Team this season.  However, just coming into some form.  Like Rooney, also has good premier league fixtures plus the Capital One and the Champions league.  Has had injury problems which is another shadow on him.  Still class is permanent has the ability to explode like he’s done in the last 2 seasons.

6.   Remy (£3.0m)   Points:  54     Str rank:  11     PPG:  6.0     7+awards: 56%     Starman awards:  11%

Lethal finisher who has made quite an impression since his loan move.  His loan is for the season so can’t go back in January.  No extra games but Newcastle will contest the FA Cup.  Excellent value

7.   Bony (£3.5m)   Points:  65     Mid rank:  10     PPG:  4.1     7+awards: 31%     Starman awards:  13%

2 goals against Stoke and an injury to Michu could just be the turning point for Bony.  The extra gametime security and confidence from those goals could turn out to be the making of his season.  Stats are distorted by the number of sub appearances so far.  Don’t take them too seriously

8.     Lukaku   (£4.0m)   Points:  44     Mid rank:  13     PPG:  4.4     7+awards: 50%     Starman awards:  10%

Going through a little bit of a quiet spell at the moment but no doubting his basic quality.  No extra games but Everton will contest the FA Cup seriously

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2 thoughts on “Sun Dream Team transfer window 2 – the best strikers”

  1. If it was a straight decision between Suarez and Aguero?

    And a straight decision between Remy and Bony?

    I like bony, but am getting frustrated with his bench time..

    • Probably Aguero and Remy but its close you could make the case for either. Agree re Bony there is gametime risk when Michu is back

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