telegraph fantasy football “ones to watch” game week 13


Here’s the GW13  telegraph fantasy football “ones to watch”.  This is a menu of telegraph fantasy football players to pick from for your team with factors stating why.

Firstly apologies for not doing an article for so long.  I’ve added a new feature putting BUY HOLD or SELL next to players to clarify my position an all players  .  It also makes it easier for people wanting a quick look rather than going through the whole article.


Hart – £4.0m – quality fixtures HOLD

With the negative points for goals conceded its worth investing a bit of cash in the GK position and as I’ve said City is the best defence by miles irrespective of what anyone else tells you.  Fixtures aren’t great coming up that’s for sure.  Heres the next 6

Che  A
Wig  A
Eve  H
Mun  H
New  A
Rdg  H

Still the best option for e despite the cost and at least theres certainty of selection which only Kompany at £5.0m as an alternative

Riena £3.5m BUY

The 2nd best defence but with great fixtures.  Quite pricey but matches with the need to buy a GK from a quality defence.

Begovic £3.0m BUY

The best defence outside the elite and really good value.  Don’t concede much and strong clean sheet prospects at home.  Reasonable fixtures.

Im not recommending budget options due to the negative points for goals conceded rule


Rafael £3.7m BUY

All the Utd team have some game time issues and Rafael is no exception with Smalling and Jones fit.  May actually be on the bench this weekend.  However great fixtures and a good, if not a City standard, defence means a presence is highly desirable. Here’s the fixtures

Whm  H
Rdg  A
Mcy  A
Sun  H
Swa  A

Johnson £3.9m BUY

Great defence, great fixtures and good attacking stats plus no game time risk.  Thats what you get with Johnson but the money isn’t cheap.  Here’s the fixtures

Swa  A
Tot  A
Sout  H
Whm  A
Avl  H
Ful  H

Wisdom £2.8m BUY

The value option but with game time risk and not the attacking prospects of Johnson.  However the price is a steal within a quality defence with good fixtures

Gibbs £3.7m BUY

Just check the injury situation on the weekend but was in the champs league team although didn’t get off the bench.  Cheaper than the rest of the Arsenal defence but should have no game time issues and good attacking prospects.

Avl  A
Eve  A
Swa  H
Rdg  A
Wig  A

Caulker £3.3m BUY

Fixtures have a few quirks.  Here they are:

Whm  H
Liv  H
Ful  H
Eve  H
Swa  H
Sto  H

Spurs have good defensive stats though and Caulker is good value with good attacking stats.  Also played at Lazio so is now fit again.  Without BAE and with Naughton having a nightmare against Walcott last weekend Caulker is bound to return with Vertonghen at LB. Gallas at £3.2m is the other alternative.

Garrido £3.0m BUY

Reasonable fixtures and a good home defence.  With Stoke the only team outside the elite that you could rely on defensively.

Cameron£2.9m BUY

Reasonably good fixtures and the best defence outside the elite teams.  Cameron is the best value.  Huth is tempting at £3.3m but isn’t replicating his attacking stats


Valencia £4.5m BUY

If you don’t want to pay the price for RVP then Valencia is the cheaper version.  I’m not a huge fan as he’s a bit assist based for me but really the only alternative.  Great fixtures.

Sterling£2.6m BUY

Ridiculously cheap with great fixtures coming.  Doesnt shoot enough for a midfielder of my choice but at this value you just cant expect perfection

Cazorla £3.2m BUY

Comparable to Sterling in value terms.  I mean Arshavin is £3.7m!  Good fixtures.  Good shooting and chances created stats.

Puncheon £2.4m BUY

Another option if you dont fancy Sterling.  Has lots of attacking potential but also more game time risk with Do Prado, Ramirez and Rodriguez.  This is exacerbated by a manager who tinkers too much and who has dropped Lambert which is a mind boggling decision

Fellaini £3.8m HOLD

Top of the shooting stats although has had a couple of quiet games which have seen him drop a little in the last 6 table.   The fact that he’s relatively cheap so far ahead in the shooting stats it seems worth holding to see how he copes when the fixtures drop off.

Hazard £4.3m HOLD

Reasonably good value in this format.  Improving stats.  The Benitez effect is a worry though as his non existent tracking back  doesn’t exactly fulfil Benitez’s defensive requirements

Michu £3.3m BUY

Not quite Sterling and Cazorla values but not far off.  Fixtures aren’t great at all but is a good finisher with good shooting stats and at this value just cant be ignored.

Nolan £3.3m HOLD 

Absolutely horrible fixtures

Tot  A
Mun  A
Che  H
Liv  H
Eve   H

But shooting stats are only 2nd to Fellaini.  I probably wouldn’t buy but at this price I probably would want to see what comes out of leaving him in the team


RVP £7.0m BUY

Great fixtures and a must have even at this price as you cant really guarantee anyone else stating. Stats arent as good as last year but with these fixtures you just cant ignore him.

Suarez £6.6m BUY

Another must have really although 2 games away to Swansea and Spurs means you could potentially risk it and defer until after these.

Giroud £6.1m BUY

A little on the expensive side but now showing his form.  Good fixtures and form plus high ranking in the shooting stats

Ba £6.0 BUY 

The only Newcastle option in my mind.  Good fixtures including Saints away next and great shooting stats.

Jelavic £5.8m HOLD

Home to Norwich, then I would probably sell for other options as the fixtures turn to rubbish.   Good shooting stats.

Aguero£6.7m HOLD

Fixtures arent great but the guy is total quality

Lambert £4.9m HOLD

Good fixtures apart from a blank

New  H
Nor  H
Liv  A
Rdg  H
Sun  H

Has good shooting and chances created stats.  Excellent value.  Its just whether this is how you want to use a forward spot

Lukaku£3.5m BUY

A big gamble and not one for  the faint hearted.  A big game time risk but has exceptional talent at a very cheap price.  Game time issues made worse by form of Long and Odemwingie plus unpredictable selection from manager.








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  1. think there could be a good app idea ….. an app in which you enter you team and it notifys you if your player is injured personally I work a lot and don’t always have time to check my team and don’t like it as I slip down our super league at work … just an idea …. good info on here by the way it has helped

  2. Can we get another “ones to Watch” for Telegraph. Switch out Fellini for Bale? Who to buy on Defense after Johnson? Tevez a must yet?

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