fantasy premier league 2015/16 gameweek 1 – fixture ease schedule


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Here’s our first fantasy premier league 2015/16 fixture ease schedule.  It’s a little premature to say the least but gives us some extra focus for teams and players for the pre-season.   Just to remind you the schedule ranks the teams in terms of the “easiness” of their next opponents from an attacking perspective. It ranks the next 6 fixtures and the next 3 from gameweek 1.  We also then highlight the teams with the best attacking fixtures and then make some player suggestions and give you the key stats in brief from last season

fantasy premier league 2015/16 gameweek 1 –  fixture ease schedule

Essentially the team ranked 1 will have the easiest fixtures from an attacking perspective over the next 6 fixtures whereas the team ranked 20 will have the most difficult. Remember though it’s still June so teams will change.  Also there’s only last years data to rank teams on.  I’ve also ranked the 3 newly promoted teams as the easiest fixture in absence of any other data.
Column 1 will focus on the attacking easiness of the next 6 fixtures. Thats the most important stat for me as you can’t rely on changing a player without a hit in a shorter time frame. However for a shorter perspective I’ve put the next 3 fixtures in brackets in column 2.

Below the table I’ve put some notes on the teams with the best fixtures. Outlining the fixtures and some players to look for.  I’ve used last seasons end price and stats from the season.  Where a new player has been signed I’ve given some last season stats where I think he has potential

Fixture Ease ranking schedule for 6 games and 3 games from GW1 (Next game in brackets)
Team (next game and 6 game rank )GW1 next 3 
1 Sunderland (Leicester A)(3)
2 Southampton (Newcastle A )(1)
3 Liverpool (Stoke A)(10)
4 Leicester (Sunderland H)(11)
5 Bournemouth (A Villa H)(18)
6 Man City (WBA A)(19)
7 Norwich (C Palace H )(5)
8 A Villa (Bournem A)(6)
9 Swansea (Chelsea A)(15)
10 Tottenham (Man Utd A )(16)
11  Arsenal (W Ham H)(4)
12 W Ham (Arsenal A)(8)
13 WBA (Man City H)(12)
14 Man Utd (Totten H)(2)
15 Stoke (Liverpool H)(9)
16 C Palace (Norwich A)(7)
17 Everton (Watford H)(13)
18 Newcastle (Southamp H)(18)
19 Watford (Everton A)(17)
20 Chelsea (Swansea H) (20)

Teams with the next best 6 and 3 fixtures


No one

Leicester (A)
Norwich (H)
Swansea (H)
Aston Villa (A)
Tottenham (H)
Bournemouth (A)


Mane £6.3m    – 11 returns in 33 games  33% consistency (% of games where he has got a goal or assist) FPL point every 15.6 minutes

Pelle £7.5m – 13/18 returns 34% consistency.  FPL point every 22.0 minutes

Newcastle (A)
Everton (H)
Watford (A)
Norwich (H)
Manchester United (H)

Teams with next best 6 fixtures

Sunderland and Southampton above plus


Sturridge (if fit) £11.1m – 6/12 returns 50% consistency.  FPL point every 16.3 minutes

Sterling (if with Liverpool) £8.3m – 15/35 returns 43% consistency.  FPL point every 19.3 minutes

Henderson £6.6m – 13/37 returns 35% consistency.  FPL point every 20.1 minutes (may have pens)

Roberto Firmino – new player 31 games 7 goals 10 assists 14/15 for Hoffenheim in Bundesliga 14/15

Stoke (A)
Bourenmouth (H)
Arsenal (A)
West Ham (H)
Manchester United (A)
Norwich (H)

Teams with next best 3 fixtures

Sunderland and Southampton above plus

Manchester United

Rooney (if played as a forward) £10.6m –  13/33 returns 39% consistency.  FPL point every 21.8 minutes

Di Maria (if stays at Man Utd and starts) £9.4m – 11/29 returns 38% consistency.  FPL point every 15.3 minutes

Mata £8.5m – 11/33 returns 33% consistency.  FPL point every 16.7 minutes

Memphis Depay new player – 30 games 22 goals and 6 assists for PSV in 14/15

Tottenham (H)
Astone Villa (A)
Newcastle (H)
Swansea (A)
Liverpool (H)
Southampton (A)

Hope that gives you a few ideas.  I’ll update the post just before the start of the season

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