Fantasy premier league GW27 captain poll – plus a transfer in and out poll


Here’s our fantasy premier league GW27 captain poll for you to say who will be your captain this week. There are also the polls for who you are planning on transferring in and also for who you are transferring out in the gameweek. There’s also an additional polls to see how many point deductions you are receiving and how many active players you will have for this blank week.

Fantasy premier league GW27 captain poll – plus a transfer in and out poll

There’s 5 polls. These are the normal captain and the transfer in and out polls return.  There’s also a poll to see how many hits you are taking and how many active players you are fielding in this blank week.

Unfortunately on all the polls there’s only 1 vote. That makes sense on the Captain Poll. On the transfer polls I would have liked to have 2 but there’s no obvious way of allowing it so sorry it’s 1 vote only. Just do your primary transfer.

Add any comments below on your reasoning.

The fixtures

Fantasy premier league GW27 captain poll

The anytime goalscorer odds

The odds are for £1 invested up to £2.37. They assume the player starts and ignores assist potential.

£1.85 – Aubameyang

£1.91 – Kane

£1.95 – Arnautovic, Son HM, Lacazette

£2.00 – Chicharito

£2.10 – Rondon

£2.20 – Vardy, Salah

£2.25 – Llorente

£2.25 – Mitrovic

£2.37 – Felipe Anderson

The polls

I have had some issues with the polls taking a while to load. Apologies if this is still the case but please be patient. Thanks for taking the time to vote.

Remember the question is who is going to be your captain?

See my most recent article on the blanks and doubles as background.  Also you can see last seasons 715 OR finisher Andrew Ferguson’s plans

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11 thoughts on “Fantasy premier league GW27 captain poll – plus a transfer in and out poll”

  1. It must be said, I like these weeks where it isnt 95% Salah. It was a bit boring for a few weeks there..

    I have had Son in mind for weeks here (not wasting a transfer on auba now with Lacca red in CL and a fh 32 plan). But son away against Heaton I don’t love.

    Fulham are attrocious against wings. I know it is risky but this is one of the few weeks we are all not picking Salah so risk pick time. So at home and against Fulham I think Felipe is the best risk/reward here..


    Amazing write up on Fulham right back issue from two weeks ago and how Martial should go off on them (he did) and Felipe this week..

    Ian, if I had Auba he would 100% be my captain. Still having Aguero, I would rather bring in felipe here for part of my ‘option 2’ plan and use him in this week and save the auba transfer (which is a precious transfer for me now that I know I am using option 2).

    • Anderson’s stats aren’t the best, he didn’t even have a single shot last game. Still could do bits v Fulham though.

      Why is Auba a precious transfer for you?

  3. Sorry geek. Just thought right after I posted that the link is from a seperate site. Not sure if that is bad form on my behalf. I apologize if it is and please take down in that case.

    I just thought it was a super interesting read from a Fulham fan on this weakness and how it pertains to captain picks this week.

  4. Likely Auba for me too but a lot could depend on tonight. It’s not helpful that Arsenal are chasing a first leg deficit and having to do so with Lacazette suspended after his first leg red card, forcing Auba to play in a game he would normally be rested in, just two and a half days before he faces Southamtpton …. which creates a doubt as to whether he will start on Sunday….hopefully they get the job done quickly tonight

  5. Am I missing something? Why is Pogba not a popular choice here? Ok, I know he’s playing Liverpool but it’s at home, they didn’t play midweek, & if you follow the mantra of form over fixtures, he’s number 1 by a mile. Enlighten me please…..

  6. Pogba would normally be an outstanding chance, however Liverpool defensively will be tough nut to crack and he may well be fairly busy defending as much as going forward. The obvious captain choice is just not there this week. Pogba on penalties certainly helps, im sticking with Auba as I transferred him in for this week and left 0.4 available for the switch back to Augero

  7. I’m not convinced about the bandwagon for Anderson. He’s returned once in 7 weeks and I owned him for 5 of those. I was glad to get him out my team.

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