fantasy premier league team selection GW12 – the FFGeek team for GW12


Here’s my fantasy premier league team selection GW12 article with the FFGeek team for GW12. We look at last week, the transfer thoughts, lineup dilemmas and the captain choice

fantasy premier league team selection GW12 – the FFGeek team for GW12

Gameweek 11

I went into GW11 in detail in my early thoughts article so I won’t go into it too much here.

GW11 points: 60 (average 52) Total points 711, Gameweek rank 1,768k, Overall Rank: 39k, red arrow 10k, Team Value: £102.3m

Here’s the points:

 fantasy premier league team selection GW12

So as I said in my early thoughts article,  if I look at my basic metrics for a gameweek then I’m off the pace. A gameweek rank just about 1.7m compared to 1 million as a target. 4 returners which is the minimum you’d hope for. 2 double figure returns which was something. Lastly a red arrow of 10k to 39k which is definitely not welcome.

Monitor list

So I’ve introduced my team planning schedule which helps me plan my transfers ahead. I think that in some ways it’s wishful thinking as often you end up doing reactive transfers to injuries or someone losing their starting place so it is a bit aspirational but worth doing still.

The table is self explanatory but here are the definitions anyway

GW12 odds CS*/ATGS A bookies odds for clean sheets or anytime goal scoring. I’ve ignored the 2 midfield bench warmers

Pot Exit Point. Then I’ve tried to mark in a potential exit point for a player generally based on fixtures and match it up with someone incoming. If I say unknown it’s because I don’t have anyone yet. If it says ASAP on exit point then it’s as soon as an opportunity arises. If it says none, I have no current plans on removing them

 fantasy premier league team selection GW12

I went into detail on each player in the early thoughts article so I won’t again but above shows you what I’m currently thinking about my team.

Transfer options

1 free transfer and £1.7m in the bank.

Mitrovic was always going to be the transfer out although there were alot of different options I thought of as a result .  I wanted to have some cash in order to have the option of Richarlison in next week.  Ings and Jimenez have been the focus and leave enough cash to upgrade Ward.

I guess the best option overall given the money I had and ignoring Richarlison is Wilson but having 2 Bournemouth players at this junction seems a bit over kill even if it was planned for only the Newcastle game.

I did think also about Murray who has good fixtures and I do like him.  I’m not sure about Brighton though not particularly attacking and I would have to sell Fraser then to get Richarlison.  Plus Gross apparently could be back soon which means even that penalties are up in the air.  Having said that Southampton haven’t actually been screaming goals either though and are worse off than Brighton and Wolves.

A negative with Murray and Wilson though is that I would have to sell Fraser to get Richarlison as I said above.  Ings and Jimenez mean I could replace Ward and have more flexibility.  Ings gives me £0.4m in the bank Jimenez gives me £0.2m which is a bit close for comfort given the 2 weeks coming up before the next gameweek.

Jimenez and Murray actually have better returns than Ings and consistency so far although both have a few minutes issues.  Both Jimenez and Murray also have better fixtures although not initially for Jimenez.  Ings definitely has pens though.

In the end you have to make a call so I’ve gone for Ings.  I can safely introduce Richarlison next week and have 4 playing midfielders giving me the option of 3-4-3 or 4-4-2 or 4-3-3.  Replacing Fraser would mean staying with a fixed 4-3-3.  It isn’t ideal though to have Ings playing against my GK this week.  Someone has to blank.

So Mitrovic out Ings in. £2.9m in the bank


The lineup was a question of Wan Bissaka vs Doherty vs Hojbjerg.  However I’ve gone again for the Palace defence despite the Chelsea performance with Doherty first reserve.   NOTE  late change Doherty in and wan Bissaka on bench

Captain choice

Definitely going to be Salah.  There’s still a captain article to be done and I hate to put anyone off reading it or doing the captain poll but can’t believe anyone will be better.

So vote in the captain poll with this link.  In that article there’s also a transfer poll which I find interesting to see what other managers are doing. Vote in that as well if you could

The team

Here’s the lineup then:

 fantasy premier league team selection GW12

Good luck to everyone!

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9 thoughts on “fantasy premier league team selection GW12 – the FFGeek team for GW12”

  1. Need some thoughts on my team. I am top of all the mini leagues im in so I probably don’t need to be too aggressive at the moment.

    TAA, Mendy, Alonso, Trippier
    Hazard, Salah, Barkley, Richarlison
    Aguero, Wilson

    Button, Masuaku, Jimenez, Bennett

    I have 2FT and 0.0 ITB. At the moment, I could do Hazard – Sane and double up for Liverpool at home to Fulham but I would lose 0.3 in price rises on Hazard and not be able to bring him back in without other changes. I would like to carry 2FT into the international window in case of injuries etc… so any changes would be using 1FT max. Any ideas?

    • I’m assuming you mean Hazard to Mane rather than Sane. Honestly I think your team is perfectly fine. There is nothing of urgency in your team and you have decent fixtures for everyone bar Richarlison this week and there’s obviously no point transferring him out when he’s playing CF and has 3 home games against Cardiff, Newcastle and Watford as 3 of his next 5. My recommendation would have been Masuaka to Diangana but I’ve just realised you’re 0.1m off. Seems like a waste of a transfer I know but I really don’t think there’s any point in doing one. I would however recommend switching Jimenez and Masuaka around on your bench.

  2. Everyone hopping on the Jiminez train this week. He did have an incorrect offside goal but his other points were due to Tottenham young defender kicking out randomly for no reason the box. Also Mitro may be a keep …. feelings Fulham may have to attack again having failed against Huddersfield

  3. Patricio

    VVD Mendy Alonso

    Salah Hazard Fraser Masuaku Maddison

    Aguero Murray Arni

    Should I take hit to replace Maddison?

  4. Ming Lu…. regarding Jimenez, I feel people are mostly looking at Wolves 2 games after Arsenal this week, namely Cardiff and Huddersfield. I personally am bringing him in for Wilson for those two gameweeks. His PP90 is 5.0 which is the same as Kanes and at 5.7m that is good value.

  5. Hey Geek
    For what it’s worth I’m playing Doherty over Wan B he has looked great recently, unlucky not to get an assist last week and with all the injuries and general dodgy Arsenal defence I think he has a great chance for attacking points…. Wan B is 2nd behind Camarasa (Cardiff mid) Goodluck to all

  6. Once again Ming gets punished by the refs… Mitro incorrectly ruled offside and young Seg missed a 1 on 1 when put through by the Big Man. Ofc these guys who dont watch epl will put him on the sinking ship!

    • Bad luck Ming Lu. I unfortunately couldn’t watch the games. Mitrovic is the leading forward transfer out as I write this Cheers and better luck in GW13 I hope

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