fantasy premier league team selection GW22 – the FFGeek team for GW22


Here’s our fantasy premier league team selection GW22 article.   We look at last week, the transfer thoughts, lineup dilemmas and the captain choice

fantasy premier league team selection GW22 – the FFGeek team for GW22

Gameweek 21

 GW21 points: 61 (average 54) Total points 1,245, Gameweek rank 1,598k, Overall Rank: 120k, green arrow 13k, Team Value: £102.2m

Firstly here’s the points:

fantasy premier league team selection GW22

I wrote in more detail about it in my early FFGeek team article if you want more info but here I’m going to be brief.

A good gameweek in the sense of the 13k green arrow but the last minute change of captain from Kane to Hazard is pretty consistent with my run of getting the 50/50 decisions wrong.  I did get alot right earlier in the season so maybe it’s an inevitable evening out

Team planner and transfer thoughts

1 free transfer and £0.9m in the bank.

Here’s the team planner which include my 2 transfers of Aubameyang out and Barnes in and Martial out and Salah in.

fantasy premier league team selection GW22

So in theory apart from Doherty and Kolasinac good odds all round.  It’s a bit perturbing that Ings and Barnes are now my differentials although I still have the 3 template replacement players to battle with.  Captain choices will now become even more important.

All week I’ve been determined to get Salah back and end what has been a complete nightmare.  Given that I’m going to keep Harry Kane the choice comes between Hazard and Aubameyang to fund it.

I’ve done loads of analysis and I could really make a case for either as the sacrifice for Salah.  I have thought with my paltry funds that I should go to a 2 premium captain model but if I did that it would make sense to do it next week when Arsenal and Chelsea play each other and I feel I’ve given myself enough excuses not to deal with the Salah issue.

Given that I have 3 players out I had thought of not transferring in at all and replacing Lovren with Alexander Arnold to bolster the numbers.  However I feel it’s time to fix the situation with Salah.

In the end I transferred out Aubameyang.  There’s no right or wrong answer in this and I was flirting with the idea of getting the dog to decide.

I could have got in Rashford if I sacrificed Sane but that meant 2 United players vs Spurs which I wasn’t happy about and Sane gone which equally is not great.

So that means I’ve gone for Barnes of Burnley who has produced some pretty decent stats of late for the price.

It does give me a problem in that I now have Richarlison, Hazard, Kane, Sane and Barnes as GW27 issues or potential issues.  Richarlison and Sane definitely won’t be playing in GW27 and 1 or 2 of Kane, Barnes and Hazard also won’t be.  I have 5 transfers to rectify that as well as sort out Lovren.  I had thought of using GW27 as the reason for transferring out Hazard instead of Aubameyang but that seemed a bit of the tail wagging the dog given that the situation is I have 5 transfers to sort out 1 or 2 non subs bench issue plus Lovren.

So the transfer is Aubameyang out and Barnes in plus Martial out and Salah in.

Lineup issues

With 2 injured players and 1 suspended then it’s the easiest lineup ever.  Lovren getting injured in the FA Cup really was a killer blow.

Captain thoughts

You can see my captain analysis article here.  I’m going for Salah

The team

Here’s the team lineup then:

fantasy premier league team selection GW22

Good luck everyone for GW22

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8 thoughts on “fantasy premier league team selection GW22 – the FFGeek team for GW22”

  1. You’re showing a lot of faith in Hazard this season (last week, for example). He’s so inconsistent in his returns. I’d have stuck with Aubameyang. I do feel Hazard is due a bad g score soon, though.

    • Hi Allan,

      I’m not sure how many times I’ve had him in but It was a difficult choice and in the end you just have to hope you get at least half the 50/50’s right. Good luck this week

  2. Hi Geek

    Great site. Love the analysis, but as you say, a lot of it ends up coming down to the luck of calling the 50:50s right.

    Small error in the article – Barnes isn’t a definite to not play in GW27; depends on the Chelsea/Spurs result

    • Nick thanks for the nice comment firstly.

      You are totally right on Barnes. My apologies and I’ll correct it

      Thanks very much for the spot. Corrections are definitely always welcome. Good luck this week


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