fantasy premier league wildcard tips GW21 – our imaginary wildcard plus a team from Joseph Crilley


If you haven’t used your first wildcard yet then you have a few hours to do so.  So here’s our fantasy premier league wildcard tips GW21 article where we pretend we are using our wildcard. It gives player suggestions with more longevity than just for the up coming gameweek.  Also guest imaginary wildcarder Joseph Crilley is also adding his team and write up as well


This is an article where I’m pretending I’m using my wildcard to give you player picks with more longevity than the next game. It’s fairly short and there are no stats. That’s just time pressure and the short gameweek.

If you are using your wildcard today you’re very lucky and I hope this article helps.


The team is well within my budget and with enough cash in the bank to convert Firmino to Harry Kane for DGW22

 fantasy premier league wildcard tips GW21


As I said above, the team is well within my budget and with enough cash in the bank to convert Firmino to Harry Kane for DGW22

The structure is a flexible one and formation could change depending on fixtures.

There are 3 top 6 defenders who should play every game plus 2 defenders who depending on fixtures could make a back 4.

The attack involves 2 cheap players in Loftus Cheek and Calvert Lewin who could rotate or 1 or 2 could give way for a defence based lineup.

There will be 2 bench players in Son and Arnautovic for their blanks in GW21 and also Adrian who obviously will be covered by Speroni.  Kane will also come in for Firmino for DGW22.


 Adrian for DGW22.  Speroni rotates well with him even though I have doubts about the Palace defence and his shot stopping ability and even Hennessey as competition.  The real save monsters of Pickford and Pope all have issues or cheaper replacements  in the team.  Fabiasnki is probably the other potential GK for more cash


Otamendi  is in as I believe in the City defence and his attacking and bonus potential

Christensen is in as the cheaper entry into the Chelsea defence and their for budget reasons.  Alonso is the attacking version but you pay the price.

Jones is great value and their even with Man Utd’s defensive troubles at the moment is worth having

Kenny and Mee represent cheap clean sheet value with managers getting the best out of their defensive strategies.


Salah and Sterling need no explanation I hope.

 Son and Arnautovic are my DGW22 choices.  See my article on the Spurs midfield choices

 Loftus Cheek still remains the best cheap £4.5m ish Mid

No Hazard for Stoke at home pained me but I just couldn’t fit him in.  Same for Richarlison.  I would like him instead of Loftus Cheek but budget foiled that


Calvert Lewin represents the safest cheap striker choice at the moment although to save further cash you could go to £4.6m Quaner.  I’m also a huge Okazaki fan but manager Puel obviously doesn’t want goalscorers in his team as he showed with his treatment of Charlie Austin at Southampton

 I am a huge fan of Morata and only some perceived fragility makes me hesitate with him. I’ve got him as my Chelsea representation

Firmino is the 1 week placeholder for Kane and this team has sufficient money in the bank to do that

Joseph Crilley’s imaginary wildcard team

Note;  This team and write up was provided before the Elliot injury so a like for like would be Speroni.  Also note I deliberately made sure that Joe and I didn’t see or discuss each others teams to avoid subconscious influence!

See also Joe’s GW20 review and his team for GW21 in the FFGeek contributor Teams articles

fantasy premier league GW21 wildcard tips

The key decision when forming this wildcard was deciding how many blank players to have on my bench, especially when considering there could easily be some rotation in GW21. In the end, I decided that it was worth planning a transfer to bring in Kane for DGW22 as I thought it was too much money to leave on the bench. His placeholder is Morata who has a great fixture at home against Stoke and there’s some money to get Kane back. The other double gameweek players are Son & Arnautovic who are the form midfielders for their respective sides, and West Ham goalkeeper Adrian in goal who won’t be a wasted space on the bench in the blank gameweek.

The other attacking players include Salah and Sterling who are essential to any team in my opinion. Cheap Huddersfield striker Quaner has started the last three games and has posted some ok stats, so he is selected to provide the funds for De Bruyne in midfield and Firmino up front. This provides the team with a double up on the best two attacking sides in Liverpool and Man City. Long-term that means no Chelsea attackers, but the lack of goals from the side, it’s just three goals in their last three games, means that Morata & Hazard aren’t proving good value at the moment.

There is space for one of their defenders, but Christensen is chosen over Alonso in order to save funds. Otamendi is looking like a points machine at the moment so he’s also in the team which meant some cheaper defenders were required. Kenny still looks good under Big Sam and Robertson is a good buy with Moreno still injured, plus the Merseyside pair rotate well. My final defender is Zeegelar who seems to make Watford a better unit and had a good spell of form before his suspension. Elliot is included due to his low price and has the benefit of a great GW21 fixture at home to Brighton to cover Adrian.

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2 thoughts on “fantasy premier league wildcard tips GW21 – our imaginary wildcard plus a team from Joseph Crilley”

  1. Excellent coverage Geek. Thanks for managing to get so many informative articles out over the Christmas period. Rotation has kicked in a big way for most of us this week…….

  2. Hi,

    I was looking for a bit advice to see if you had any inside information?

    I’ve finally got close to a top 100k place after a couple of superb weeks in no doubt thanks to your regular updates and advice. I’m looking at using my wildcard and triple captain this week but can both be user at the same time?

    I know it’s early for the second wildcard but I wanted to push on and really in crease the strength of my midfield and defence as that seems to be where most of the points have come from over the last month.

    Team will be:
    Courtois Adrian (double gameweek)
    Otamendi, Alonso, Jones, Robertson, agbonna (dgw)
    Ali, Son, Salah, sterling, Arnautovic
    Kane, quarner, Jordan Ayew (with Swansea going more attacking)

    The plan is to play 451 541 for most of the season. Once another consistent striker becomes obvious I will have two free transfers (which I assume carries over if I use my wildcard now?)

    Thank you again for your advice and excellent website which I continue to highly recommend.


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