Four football games you can try out online (and none of them are FIFA!)

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Four football games you can try out online (and none of them are FIFA!)

With pro football off the menu, not just in the Premier League, but across the globe, for the foreseeable future, fantasy leagues have also found themselves in limbo. It’s frustrating at a time when many of us have a little extra spare time to kill. Fortunately, cyberspace has a few different solutions to keep football fans sane and entertained. You don’t need a games console and the latest edition of FIFA to indulge in some virtual football action. Here, we take a look at some online football games that are accessible to anyone with a PC, laptop or even a smartphone.

Jumpers for Goalposts

The first rule of online games is that flash doesn’t have to mean flashy. This online football management classic is flash-based in the technical sense and is now on its fifth version. It gives you the opportunity to start a career from scratch in the bottom division and work your way up, meeting the interpersonal as well as skill-based challenges of playing football as a pro. Be warned, it is highly addictive – but that’s probably no bad thing right now!

Football Star

Some people like to draw comparisons with fantasy football and gambling. We’ll leave that debate for another day.  Football Star could be the game for you. Coming from the Microgaming stable, this is a slot game that you’ll find at dozens of online casino sites. It’s worth checking a resource like Best Live Casino to see which ones are offering the promotions and special offers. As for the game itself, it has all the usual features you might expect from this developer, including wilds, scatters and 243 ways to win from its five reels. Medium variance and 96.3 percent RTP.

Goalkeeper Premier

Many free online football games are just about sticking the ball in the back of the net. That’s fine as far as it goes, but here’s one that approaches things from the opposite perspective. Get your gloves on and see if you can keep the ball out as the best strikers in cyberspace rain down the shots. Save three in a row and that will count as a goal for your team. There’s nothing overly complicated about this game, but it is simple, straightforward fun.

Speed Play Soccer

Our final entry is all about old-fashioned arcade action. In fact, it’s exactly what football games used to be like in the pre-FIFA days! Now on its fourth update, it has excellent physics and you will master the controls in next to no time. Choose your team and get out there in the middle, what could be finer when you’re stuck indoors for the duration?

Something for everyone

The above four games are all quite different, but there’s something for every taste whether you are into management, arcade action or even spinning the reels and aiming for the jackpot. All are free to play.

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