FPL captain poll GW4 – who will be your captain in GW4?


So here’s our FPL captain poll GW4 article where we ask you who will be your captain this week?  You can also see one bookies anytime goalscoring odds.

FPL captain poll GW4 – who will be your captain in GW4?


There’s just the 1 poll for your captain choice. I’ve moved the transfer poll to a separate article

There’s only 1 vote per poll.

Add any comments below on your reasoning.

The fixtures

It’s a normal 11.30 Saturday gameweek this week so if you’re out on Friday night then make sure you set your team up in case of an over sleep!

FPL captain poll GW4

The anytime goalscorer odds

The odds are for £1 invested up to £2.20. They assume the player starts and ignores assist potential.

£1.55 – Aguero, Sterling

£1.80 – Vardy

£1.85 – Salah

£1.91 – Abraham, Haller, Pukki

£2.00 – Kane

£2.05 – Mane

£2.15 – Aubameyang

£2.20 – Bernardo, Firmino

The Captain Poll

Remember the captain poll is who will be your captain? not who you think will be the best captain

Thanks very much!

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4 thoughts on “FPL captain poll GW4 – who will be your captain in GW4?”

  1. Wouldn’t it be better to rephrase the question so that voters could choose their optimal captain regardless they own him or not? That would give more useful information in my opinion. We already know from published stats who’s been selected the most. But we don’t know who do people really want if given the choice.

    I have voted sterling because that’s who I have and what I understood the question to be. But if I had Aguero, I would have chosen him.

    Just a though.

    • Hi mate. I’ve deliberately chosen the question as who would be your captain so people can get a feel for what others are doing rather than what FPL managers would do if they had an unlimited choice and to avoid people voting for players they don’t own. I think this allows you to assess the merit and risk of your proposed captain choice against what other FPL managers are choosing. If you’re looking for the best captain choice I think the bookies odds of the anytime goalscoring odds which helps assess the best captain choice. Where are the published stats on who has been captained by FPL managers prior to the gameweek opening btw? Thanks very much and good luck this week

  2. Fair enough. Thanks for your reply and as always truly appreciate this website and the effort you and your colleagues put into it.

    Good luck all,

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