FPL gameweek 5 defenders – player rankings for Defenders and Goalkeepers 


Here’s our FPL gameweek 5 defenders article where we give our Defender and Goalkeeper player rankings GW5. There’s a table of information and commentary on key teams.

FPL gameweek 5 defenders – player rankings for Defenders and Goalkeepers  

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Important note before reading! A different approach this week

I have tried to make sense of this season and looking ahead by ordering the teams in defensive strength so far on the first 4 gameweeks and then marrying that up with last season overall, plus the end of last season and their fixtures ahead.  I’ve then tried to work out which teams have a reasonable blend of both

The Schedule

Note at the bottom of the article is the explanatory notes and methodolgy

If you want access to copy and paste the schedule here’s the google spreadsheet link which I’ve set out differently if you want to sort different columns. Just go File> make a copy to get your own version

The teams are ranked by defensive strength only for gameweeks 1-4.  I’ve separated the schedules into 2 to make it easier to read.

You can also see 19/20 season defenders attacking ranking in this article

fpl gameweek 5 defenders

fpl gameweek 5 defenders

Making sense of the information from this season

If you blend all the information together in the spreadsheet taking into account the teams rankings last season overall, their end of season form, their first 4 gameweeks and then their upcoming fixtures there are 6 teams that come out top.

Wolves – Saiss

Everton – Digne

Chelsea – Chilwell

Leicester – Justin

Man Utd – De Gea or Wan Bissaka

Liverpool – Alexander Arnold

However if you just concentrate on the end of last season’s form, this season and upcoming fixtures it looks slightly different with Aston Villa and West Ham in for Liverpool and Man Utd




Aston Villa – Konsa or Martinez


West Ham – Cresswell

Stats definitions:

I’ve firstly ordered the teams by what I think is their defensive strength based their goals conceded, xG conceded and the shots per game conceded but only for the first 4 gameweeks of the season.  You can see the rank of each stat mentioned above in the columns.

The stats after that are their:

My suggested defender for that team. I’ve tried to take into account what I think is an appropriate price for the team as well as their attacking and points potential. The table then shows their value and current 19/20 PPM.

The likely starting GK for the team with the same price and 19/20 PPM next to them

There’s also the overall ranks for defensive strength from last season and the last 10 gameweeks xGA rank.

The PPMs are for this season

I’ve added in their fixture ease schedule for defensive teams.

The fixture ease schedule for defenders

Here’s a graphic where the teams are ranked by the ease of the attacking teams they face over the next 6 gameweeks.

fantasy premier league fixture difficulty GW5

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