The FFGeek 48th FPL podcast plus Imaginary Free Hit team


Here’s our FFGeek 48th FPL podcast with the FFGeek Patreon subscription site link. Podcast 48 and has myself on it as well as FFGeek contributor league Rob Reid. We talk about how our teams did in GW37+ and our plans for GW38+.  We also answer questions from the FFGeek Slack Channel and both provide imaginary Free Hit articles

The FFGeek 48th FPL podcast plus Imaginary Free Hit team

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Welcome to the 48th FFGeek podcast

Thanks to FFGeek contributor Rob Reid for coming on.

Rob’s last 5 seasons overall rank were 148k, 94k, 22k, 4k and 7k

Here’s the link:

The Questions

In relation to the Free Hit for GW38 ,

1. ) Would you drop all your Man Utd assets due to tough last fixtures?

2) Is Raheem Sterling a must have?

3) How do you rank these:  Kane vs Auba vs Salah /Mane

4) Who is the best Captaincy option

If you had the Free Hit left, what would be your best 11 players pick for GW38

Is there any defensive assets from Arsenal that can be considered for returns defensively and offensively as well

Who are the best “sword” captain options

In the absence of any leaked City team news, assuming we triple up, what are your preferred 3? Also is Mendy worth a go, or a waste of a  City attacking slot

Would you take a minus 4 points deduction to get and captain Sterling in place of Fernandes.

Top 2 players you would want to have for GW38 (Can already be currently in your team or not in it)

With Magnus Carlsen just 12 points off the top, what kind of impact do you think him winning would have on PR for the game?

Is a Burnley block madness ?

Can the pod call 2 potential surprise GW38 results?

Is it worth taking a points hit to shuffle your Man City assets to the optimum

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