fantasy premier league captain pick GW8 – plus transfer poll results


Here’s our fantasy premier league captain pick GW8 article. We look at the fixtures, the bookies odds, the FFGeek captain poll, the contributors picks and some stats to seek out the best captain choice. There’s also the results of the transfer polls.

fantasy premier league captain pick GW8 – plus transfer poll results

The fixtures

fantasy premier league captain pick GW8

Bookies team to win odds

Man City v Wolves £1.11 – Sterling

Liverpool v Leicester – £1.44 – Salah Mane

Arsenal v Bournemouth – £1.44 – Aubameyang

The bookies player odds

The odds are for £1 invested up to £2.40. They assume the player starts and ignores assist potential.

£1.60 – Aubameyang, Aguero

£1.67 – Sterling

£1.75 – Pukki

£1.85 – Kane

£1.91 – Abraham

£2.00 – Salah

£2.05 – Mane

£2.15 – Haller

£2.20 – Firmino

£2.25 – Pepe

£2.30 – Bernardo Silva, Mahrez, Rashford

The Captain Poll results

The captain poll asks who will be your captain? The Poll went up on Wednesday morning so people voting would have known the Man City lineup in the Champions League game against Zagreb

fantasy premier league captain pick GW8

The contributor captain picks

Only 5 so far but for what it’s worth, here’s the contributor picks for those I have teams from as I write this. After the De Bruyne debacle or joy, depending on your view point, a couple of weeks ago, I’ve included vice captains

fantasy premier league captain pick GW8

You can see the contributors teams article 1 here

Sterling v Aguero v Aubameyang


Everyones favourite subject

Sterling came in the 56th minute in the midweek Champions League game.  He has played 823 minutes in all competitions so far this season and had the summer off

Aguero played 89 minutes midweek.  He has played 560 minutes in all competitions so far and had Copa America in the summer.

Unfortunately Pep has showed that the past selection is no indication of future selection

Aubameyang came on in the 79th minute in the Europa League v Liege

Stat comparison

relevant stats v non top 6 opposition 19/20

Here’s a table of stats for starts against non top 6 sides at home.

PPM is FPL points per match

xG PPM and xA PPM is expected goals and assists per match.

SPG and KPPG is shots and key passes per game

fantasy premier league captain pick GW8

The 4-0 home win v Brighton was a pretty disturbing one for Sterling

full 19/20 stats

Here’s their full stats so far. Same definitions except all appearances (sub or not) count

fantasy premier league captain pick GW8


Here’s a summary of their overall defence so far this season.


Gametime wise Aubameyang having been a sub for the EFL game and with Lacazette injured looks a certainty to start

As for the 2 City players the basic rule is that the past has been proved to be no relation to the future as far as selection is concerned.  However for the record Sterling was a sub midweek whereas Aguero played 89 minutes.  The season so far though Sterling has played 823 minutes vs Aguero’s 560 in all competitions

The bookies have Aguero and Aubameyang £1.60, Sterling £1.67

The Polls have Sterling 45 %, Aguero 19 %, Aubameyang 14 %

As I write this only 5 contributors teams have come in and it’s 4 Sterling and 1 Aubameyang.

Stats wise Aguero is  miles ahead of both on the limited relevant numbers and on the overalls.  Sterling has only had the 1 game home v Brighton which for him was a disaster but on an overall basis he’s stronger than Aubameyang.

Defence wise Wolves were one of the stronger defences last season.  They are hardly that now but they’re still way ahead of the Eddie Howe Bournemouth shower.

Aubameyang and Aguero are the clubs penalty takers.

FFGeek view

I don’t have Aguero or Aubameyang so the choice is easy for me.  If the gametime positions were the same then I would go for Aguero all day long.  However FPL isn’t that simple and to go with Aguero means you take on board the fact that he played 89 minutes midweek and decide how much of an issue that is.

Aubameyang has a great fixture and has been a consistent returner and was benched midweek.  The only negative he has is that his stats haven’t been that great.

It’s important you use the information above to make your own choice. I’m 0 for 7 with mine at the moment only choosing between Salah and Sterling so please make your own decision.

Best of luck whoever you choose.

The transfer in and out polls

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