fantasy premier league forwards GW9 – player rankings for forwards


Here’s our fantasy premier league forwards GW9 article where we give our forward player rankings for GW9. There’s a table of information and discussion on some players of interest

fantasy premier league forwards GW9 – player rankings for forwards

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Important note before going further

The first schedule ranks players by their NON penalty underlying stats and expected assists converted to FPL points in GW1-8 to date. Those who have taken penalties or are expected to be the penalty taker have an * next to their name

Then there’s there fixture ease ranking  their average minutes in the first 8 gameweeks plus their value for money factor and their anytime goalscoring odds

The 2nd schedule shows their xG90 and xA90

I’ve already posted the defender rankings and best attacking defenders rankings and midfield player rankings

Player values are as of Wednesday 18 November

The schedule ranked by forwards NON penalty underlying stats over GW1-8  

Here is the link to the google spreadsheet. You can go to file>make a copy and then sort it how you like.  300 mins needed to qualify

fantasy premier league forwards GW9


fantasy premier league forwards GW9

A few players worth commenting on

Players not in the schedule

Ings is injured.  Wilson, Antonio, Brewster and Robinson are all injury doubts.

Aguero, Jesus and Martial don’t make the 300 minutes threshold and Jesus gametime with Sergio Aguero getting fitter then his longevity is questionable anyway.

Calvert Lewin and Richarlison

With Fulham and Leeds next they are a hold at worst.  Richarlison appears to be the penalty taker.  Calvert Lewin’s stats are excellent although Richarlison has the slight volume edge


How much Villa is too much is the primary question. Great stats and now seems to be the penalty taker.  Brighton, West Ham and Newcastle next.


Has been a surprise success.  The fixtures aren’t great but Leeds do like to attack which is a bonus


A patched up Liverpool defence where the bookies have a lot of faith in his ability to score.  Then it’s Fulham, Sheffield and Brighton.

A fixture ease schedule for attacking players

Here’s a graphic where the teams are ranked by the ease of the defences they face over the next 6 gameweeks

fantasy premier league fixture difficulty GW9

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