Fantasy premier league team tips GW12 – FFGeek contributors show their GW12 teams part 2


Here’s our fantasy premier league team tips GW12 article where the 2nd group of the FFGeek contributors show their teams for GW12. There’s Joseph Crilley, Mikael Danielsen, FPL Word and Robert Cosgrove.

Fantasy premier league team tips GW12 – FFGeek contributors show their GW12 teams part 2

Here’s part 2 of the FPL managers who contribute to the FFGeek site with good histories who show their teams each week. This will give people a feel for what other managers are doing. It’s a fairly informal thing with no obligation on anyone and these teams may change at anytime before the deadline without further notice. It also wont cover early transfers. It’s just to give an idea of the trends for the week no more.

You can see the link to the part 1 contributors article here.

Joseph Crilley

Joseph finished with an overall rank of 7k last season and 13k in 16/17

GW11 points: 70 (average 52) Total points 740, Gameweek rank 742k, Overall Rank: 9k, green arrow 1k, Team Value: £103.7m

GW11 review

The green arrow run continued for Dier-bolical XI as did my streak of successful captain picks following the long overdue double figure haul from Aguero last weekend. The other star of the show was Richarlison who bagged a clinical brace and now seems to have settled into the striker role at Everton. The South American duo were backed up by a goal from Wilson and an assist from each of my premium Chelsea pair of Hazard and Alonso.

Unfortunately, there was a blank for their teammate Barkley who I brought in for GW11 in order to fund my Mendy move. I had a feeling that I would regret bringing him in and the prospects are bleak following his immediate blank and 90-minute European midweek run out. The other disappointment was the lack of clean sheets, but that was a similar story for everyone, so I was still able to crack the top 10k for the first time this season!

GW12 Team

My plan had been to roll the transfer into the international break, however Maddison being ruled out along with some worries about the fitness of Richarlison has forced my hand. The injury to Maddison is particularly frustrating given that he would be lining up against that Burnley defence this week which is part of the reason I had held onto him. It was not to be unfortunately, so the Leicester man needed to be transferred out and it is been tricky to know how to replace him.

I only had 0.4mil in the bank which ruled out exciting options such as Martial and Sigurdsson while I have chosen to avoid Anderson. I’m trying to learn the lesson of not getting overexcited by someone hauling against Burnley following my Barkley experiment. Elsewhere in the 6-7mil bracket, there is Gudmundsson, Pererya and Fraser among others, but I’m not feeling particularly warming towards any of these options.

Therefore, I’m leading towards getting a cheaper option this week and then using the cash I have in the bank to move Barkley out next week and bring in either Martial or Siggy. I am strongly considering Demarai Gray from Leicester to capitalise on their Burnley fixture, but leading the race right now is the youngster from West Ham, Diangana. At just 4.5mil, he would enable me to also bring in Doherty next week and his price would mean that he will become a bench player in future weeks. I will make my final decision on Saturday morning, but the current plan is Maddison -> Diangana with future transfers in mind.

Fortunately, captaincy is easier this week – Salah gets the armband for the visit of hapless Fulham. Here’s hoping for a big haul!

Best of luck to everyone this weekend and may your arrows be green!

Fantasy premier league team tips GW12

Robert Cosgrove

Robert finished with an OR of 20k last season and 23k in 16/17

GW11 points: 68 (average 52) Total points 708, Gameweek rank 887k, Overall Rank: 46k, green arrow 5k, Team Value: £103.0m

I finished GW11 inside the 1m mark so am happy with my result overall! I got my 50-50 team/bench decisions right also even though Doherty was wrongly denied an assist which would have been excellent. My 3 week transfer plan concludes this week which was supposed to be roll the free transfer over the international break, however I do no trust Wan-Bissaka at home to Spurs and the only option I had to transfer him to was Femenia away to Southampton which is a hard game to predict. Femenia has more potential than wan-Bissaka for a return this week and with Janmaat still injured he seems nailed on to play so I made this transfer.

I was about to submit my team for the article until I saw Maddison flagged with a knee injury! I had 2 options: 1) bench him and play Kenedy or 2) take a hit and transfer him out. I am not happy with Kenedy in my team so felt option 1 was never going to happen therefore reluctantly I have opted for option 2.

This was a last minute reactive transfer which I was not happy about! I really wanted Leicester cover in my team this week but the options available to me were not great. The best player in their midfield in my view is Gray but his minutes are such a worry. He is £1.5m cheaper than Maddison but as I had already done the Femenia transfer I would be forced to bank this money until after the international break. Given the opposition being awful in defence I believe that the risk is worth it. I looked around for other options but nothing really jumped out at me so I have done the transfer Maddison OUT Gray IN for a -4 point hit.

My captain was always going to be Salah.

Good luck!

Fantasy premier league team tips GW12

FPL Word

FPL Word finished 35K OR in 17/18. 9k in 16/17, 1k OR in 15/16, 5k OR in 14/15

GW11 points: 60 (average 52) Total points 704, Gameweek rank 1,676k, Overall Rank: 54k, red arrow 12k, Team Value: £101.8m

Holding transfer this week after considering Shaqiri for Bernardo Silva. Decided it’s too risky and short-term. Besides I do want the comfort of 2 FTs next week. Salah (c). Good luck!

Fantasy premier league team tips GW12

Mikael Danielsen

Mikael finished 100k OR last season and 5k in 16/17

GW11 points: 67 (average 52) Total points 704, Gameweek rank 999k, Overall Rank: 54k, green arrow 3k, Team Value: £103.8m

Mitro out. Arnie in. Salah (C)

Good luck!

Fantasy premier league team tips GW12

FFGeek contributors League

Fantasy premier league team tips GW12

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