Fantasy Premier League Team Tips GW7 – 4 FFGeek Contributors Teams Part 2


Here’s part 2 of our fantasy premier league team tips GW7 articles where 4 FFGeek Contributors show their teams for GW7. There’s Rob Reid, Kris O Stephen Troop and Alon Shamir. Between them they have 18 top 1% finishes in the last 5 competitive seasons.

Fantasy Premier League Team Tips GW7 – 4 FFGeek Contributors Teams Part 2

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It’s worth noting that the teams shown may not necessarily end up being the final teams or the transfers may have been made in the days prior to the posting . It’s an informal situation to give you an idea of trends. However the FFGeek team and the Contributor tracker team mentioned above on the FFGeek Patreon site all make transfers as articles are posted. So you’re always up to date and live

Kris O

Kris’s last 7 seasons ORs were 19k, 39k, 44k, 46k, 23k, 12k and 19k

GW6 Points: 51  (FPL average 43) Total points: 430, Overall Rank: 96k, green arrow: 14k  Team Value: £101.6m

I go into this game week with two free transfers and 0.6m in the bank. My plan was always to raise funds from a downgrade of Jota or Greenwood, upgrading either the non-playing Omobamidele to a Chelsea defender or Bamford to Lukaku.

With the news that Bamford is definitely out, and likely miss a few more matches he’s an easy sale – it would be a brave manager not to have Lukaku by gameweek 9, so it makes sense to move to him now.

However, Alexander Arnold is also injured and although suggestions he’s back following the international break I’m going to risk moving him on in the short term to a Chelsea defender, allowing me to spend more on a replacement for Jota/Greenwood.

I’ve made the following decisions, subject to Friday press conferences:

Jota out – due to Firmino returning and a bad fixture versus Man City. Additionally, if Alexander Arnold is fit for Watford in gameweek 8 and I want him back, I’ll likely move on the remaining player of Greenwood/Jota so in that scenario I wouldn’t benefit from Jota’s better fixture.

Rudiger in – due to my view he’s more game secure then Alonso and I was spooked by Chilwell’s return in midweek. I can’t afford a non-playing defender with Omobamidele (not playing) and Livramento (vs Chelsea) on my bench.

Smith-Rowe in – hopefully this is my brain making this decision and not my heart as an Arsenal supporter following an excellent North London derby win. I was also lining him up before his haul last week!

This sums to a -4 point hit.

Additionally I’m going to move on Bachmann for another hit – Watford haven’t transferred their strong championship defence to the premier league and he may have lost his place to Foster (though he is my backup keeper). Ideally I would wait until I had a spare transfer, but I can’t see that happening for a few weeks and I have no wildcard. So it makes sense, to me anyway, to maximise the time of my new goalkeeper. Noting my point above I’m going for another Arsenal player in Ramsdale. I’ve made this move tonight as Ramsdale price looks like rising and Bachmann might fall – I like to avoid price losses when I take hits (I’ve already lost money on Bamford and both Lukaku and Rudiger prices have already risen).

With all that activity I’ve not had much time to consider captain. I’ve had Ronaldo for the last three weeks, so maybe I’m due a change. I’ll probably go Lukaku.

With three gunners in my team I’ll be cheering twice as loudly when we take on Brighton in the late Saturday kick off.

Transfer summary: Jota out Smith-Rowe in, Omobamidele out Rudiger in, Bamford out and Lukaku in

Team shown below before my Lukaku, Smith-Rowe and Rudiger transfers. Assume Bamford is Lukaku and captain

Fantasy Premier League Team Tips GW7

Rob Reid

Rob’s last 6 seasons overall ranks were 12k, 148k, 94k, 22k, 4k and 7k

GW6 Points: 46 (FPL average 43) Total points: 402, Overall Rank: 497k, red arrow: 36k  Team Value: £101.5m

Follow Rob on twitter here

GW6 Review

A disappointing outcome for my “Threemium” team this week with blanks for Lukaku and Ronaldo mudding my gamble on this strategy for this week. This was compounded by having the wrong Captain choice and also not owning Antonio, though Jimenez did mitigate this a little on Sunday by mirroring the West Ham striker’s return.

Looking around the rest of my team, it was a bad week for my defence compounded by leaving my only clean sheet (Marcal) on the bench. My midfield did ok though to give me some comfort – returns for all 4, albeit nothing in double figures.

A red arrow 2 weeks post-Wildcard is frustrating and a little worrying, but I was aware when I played the WIldcard in GW5 that this probably would be the toughest week of first 6 afterwards. I’ve also managed to roll a transfer and am not quite as badly afflicted by injury as some other teams. I’m also set with 2 Chelsea players in my team for their good upcoming fixture run so much to be happy about going into GW7.

GW7 Team

2 free transfers with no funds in the bank.

My initial plan post-WC gave me a spare transfer essentially to use either in GW6 or this week, so seeing as I rolled last week I’ll have to use it this week. Ideally, I’ll just use the one as I’d like to have 2 free transfers after the international window, but I’ll be keeping a keen eye on Friday’s press conferences for any further injury developments. At present, Trent Alexander-Arnold is definitely out, but he looks like my only flag with Raphinha confirmed as fit. I’ve also got one non-playing defender still in £3.9m Omobamidele so I’ll need to watch my defensive cover.

I’d like to try and free up some funds if possible and my plan pre-Trent injury had been to sell Gray (who has a tricky fixture versus Man United) and replace him with Smith-Rowe of Arsenal. I’d then sell Jimenez in GW8 for Toney, Edouard or Armstrong and use the funds to upgrade Marcal to another premium defender – either Cancelo or a second Chelsea asset.

I’m a bit concerned however about fielding a full defence. Duffy should definitely play, but there is a chance that Rudiger gets rotated and there are some mumblings that Marcal may be dropped for Alt Nouri. So there another option whereby I make the premium defender move early, but it’s Alexander-Arnold out for a 2nd Chelsea defender. I then roll the other transfer and use in 2 in GW8 to buy Trent back after downgrading my 3rd striker. I’ll have a bit of a play about after the Pressers on Friday night before I come to a final decision.

As for the rest of my line-up, McArthur and Omobamidele will be my bench and I’m settled on Lukaku for Captain this week. As usual, I’ll post my team on Twitter on Saturday morning – much pondering to do before this! Good luck everyone and I hope you enjoy the games.

Transfer summary: To be confirmed

Here’s the team prior to any transfers being made

Stephen Troop

Stephens last 5 seasons ORs were 22k, 86k, 43k, 52k & 64k

GW6 Points: 41 (FPL average 43) Total points: 426 Overall Rank: 132k, red arrow: 64K  Team Value: £101.2m

Follow Stephen on twitter here

GW6 Review

41 Points taking me from 68k down to 132k

A very tough gameweek for me despite the fact I wildcarded. That been said if I hadn’t have wildcarded I’d have been pretty much the same. Raphinha was the only player I took out that returned, and I had Sarr+Gallagher who did return to make up for that. I’d have had 5 more points from a Salah captain though which evens it out.

The wildcard felt a little rushed as I left it until Friday evening after confirmation of Bamford being out but believe I’ve set the team up well. The potential mistake is Pukki over Toney who I’ll want in a few gameweeks time when the fixtures improve. I could have gone Jimenez too but it would have made it more difficult to get the City defender I want soon. Removing Lukaku to Ronaldo really didn’t work out and I’ve not committed to not having Lukaku until GW9.

It was a tough week for many people too but there were no real hauls from players and a small number of points made a huge difference. Even though I’m at 32k, I’m only 20-30 points behind 10k.

GW7 Preview

I have Alexander Arnold who has been confirmed won’t play in GW7 but expected to return for GW8. I won’t be selling for that reason. Shaw is a doubt also but hoping he is fit, if not I have White as cover which is ok. Therefore I’m rolling the transfer this week to have 2 after the International break. I’ll be using one of those to swap Shaw out for a City defender. Plan is Ronaldo to Lukaku GW9 and at some point Pukki to Toney and Sarr back to Raphina but can’t plan too far ahead in this game.

Captain Ronaldo again. Lets hope for a more successful start to this week. Everton’s defensive stats are good so far this season however have had decent fixtures so will be interesting. Lukaku will be a big threat this week.

Transfer summary: Carrying over the free transfer

Here’s the team assuming no transfers are made

Fantasy Premier League Team Tips GW7

Alon Shamir

Alon’s last 5 seasons overall ranks are 44k, 1k, 123k, 4k and 2k

GW6 Points: 56 (FPL average 43) Total points: 427, Overall Rank: 123k, green arrow: 75k  Team Value: £101.2m

Follow Alon on twitter here

General thoughts and goals:

I am quite pleased with the way this season has begun for me. An OR of 123K this early is an excellent start but I’m well aware that at this point everything might change in a heart beat, as the points gaps are still relatively small.

Traditionally, I considered a finish outside of the top 10K a disappointment but nowadays when so much valuable info and advice are available online, a top finish must be harder. I guess that top 20K should be considered as the new top 10K, but in reality the top 10K would probably maintain its prestige nonetheless. A true success for me, btw, would be to finally finish in the top 1K after missing it by a close margin a few times, but this would be much harder and will probably require a bit of luck as well.

GW6 review:

Although my Ronaldo captain pick disappointed, I had a decent GWk. My double Wolves defence paid off, Jota finally produced points in addition to just stats, Raphinha had another impressive performance, and my transfer (Antonio for Bamford) returned in the last moment. My GW5 WC seems to be a success so far, but a few injuries and rotation risks might make me regret I didn’t hold it a bit longer.

GW7 preview:

As discussed in my previous articles, I wildcarded with the intention to jump on 3 premiums (Salah, Ronaldo, Lukaku) by GW7. But the various injuries my squad has since suffered (Bamford, James, Trent) means I don’t have the luxury to make this previously planned move. I believe however that it is all for the best as strategically-wise I have never really believed in a long-term 3 premium squad.

In the beginning of this week I contemplated a transfer of either Lukaku for Ronaldo or Alonso for Marcal. The latter felt more attractive but Alonso doesn’t seem as nailed anymore and it might be crucial this week when I face a few absences. Therefore my transfer must be a nailed asset instead of a player who I currently don’t plan to play this weekend. The obvious move is Reece James to Rudiger but recent news suggest that James might be fit after all, so I’m tempted to hold him. I don’t expect Jota to start this week and Greenwood is also at risk in my opinion, so they are both a potential transfer out but I can’t think of an alternative I like enough. Sarr looks really good but faces difficult fixtures.


As explained above I’m still undecided but it will probably be a Chelsea def instead of James.


I currently have it on Ronaldo but the way Man Utd looks and the uncertainty regarding the penalty duty don’t make me feel too confident. I guess Antonio is also a decent shout but I just can’t bring myself to put the armband on him. yet..

I wish I had Lukaku this week which would make things easier.

Good luck all!

transfer summary: to be confirmed. Possibly Reece James to another Chelsea defender

Here’s the team prior to any transfers being made

Fantasy Premier League Team Tips GW7

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Fantasy Premier League Team Tips GW7
Fantasy Premier League Team Tips GW7

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