fantasy premier league teams GW28 – some early thoughts on the FFGeek team


Here’s our fantasy premier league teams GW28 article where we give our early thoughts on the FFGeek team for GW28. We look back at gameweek 27, The team planning schedule, transfer thoughts, some blanks and doubles words plus early captain thinking.

fantasy premier league teams GW28 – some early thoughts on the FFGeek team

Gameweek 27

GW27 points: 41 (average 35) Total points 1,618, Gameweek rank 1,994k, Overall Rank: 71k, green arrow 1k, Team Value: £102.9m

Here’s the link to my GW27 team selection article if you’re interested

Here’s the points:

fantasy premier league teams GW28

A week with a 1k green arrow and an OR improvement to 71k OR.

4 returning players, which is my minimum,  although no double figure point hauls isn’t good.  However there were only 6 in the whole gameweek. A gameweek rank of 1,994k outside my target of 1 million.

A gameweek where I never thought I would see a green arrow from that’s for sure.  I was really hoping for a not too dreadful red arrow.  I was dreading Sunday due to Aubameyang and Pogba.  However Aubameyang being on the bench helped to make it a captain neutral week.  Pogba didn’t return and I matched the template which is always a good gameweek starting position.  Even though my differentials didn’t do much neither did anyone elses.

The non template scoreboard

You can see how I work out the template in my 10 top managers article

The Template players I have are Doherty, Wan Bissaka, Salah, Son HM and Rashford.  They tend to have a minimal effect on your rank if you have them and a huge negative effect if you don’t own them and your template replacement player doesn’t match their points.

fantasy premier league teams GW28

So as I said above, I pretty much matched the template and in a captain neutral week this was enough, even with only 1 differential return, to squeeze out the tiniest of green arrows.  Me taking no point hits for additional transfers when everyone else seem to be doing so also can’t have helped.

The team planner

There’s 4 free transfers before blank GW31.

As you’ll probably know I’m following the strategy of preparing for blank gameweek 31 with free transfers rather than using a Chip.  That means my transfers are pretty much limited to the 8 teams who have guaranteed fixtures in GW31.

They are, Liverpool, Chelsea, Everton, West Ham, Burnley, Bournemouth, Leicester and Huddersfield.  Newcastle play in GW31 but are not guaranteed in GW33.  Similarly for Fulham.

My favourite course of action for the doubles and blanks at the moment is prepare for GW31 through free transfers and free hit in the likely double gameweek GW32.  Hopefully have 11 starting players in blank GW33 through picking players in the next 4 transfers that are guaranteed games in both blank GW31 and GW33.  Wildcard GW34 and then bench boost or triple captain in the likely double GW35.  If I don’t triple captain in GW35 then Salah at home to Huddersfield is a possibility unless Brighton beat Millwall in the FA Cup quarters and Chelsea v Brighton needs aan additional double gameweek.

You can see alot of information and potential strategies in my latest double and blanks article btw

I’ve not assumed a transfer at this stage due to the fact that I’m not sure what, if any transfer I’m going to make

If you’re wanting to do some transfer planning then use FFGeek contributor Joseph Crilleys natty little google spreadsheet plus the accompanying notes. You can follow Joe on twitter. I found the easiest way was to use the copy spreadsheet function although Joe via twitter I’m sure will answer any questions.

fantasy premier league teams GW28

GW28 prospects

So not a bad set of fixtures although the 3 template match ups are a concern.  The Liverpool defence v Watford, Jimenez at Huddersfield and Pogba at Palace seem better chances than Kolasinac vs Bournemouth, Hazard v Spurs and Barnes at Newcastle so that is a worrying start.

However the overall fixtures are good though which hopefully could even things up.

The captain face off of Aguero v West Ham H vs Aubameyang vs Bournemouth H could be crucial.  I trust the West Ham defence to shut up shop much more than I trust Eddie Howe to go to to toe with Arsenal in the hope of showing how clever he is that’s for sure. I suspect very few managers will have both players so that could be crucial in determining the outcome of the gameweek.

Transfer thoughts

1 free transfer, £0.7m in the bank

A tricky week this week for transfers.  I ideally would like to do Wan Bissaka to Alexander Arnold home to Watford but I don’t have the cash and with Alexander Arnold being benched for Milner this weekend that makes me a bit nervous anyway.  I can do a straight transfer to Matip but I can forsee a situation when Lovren is finally fit and there’s doubt about who’s going to start.

Rashford looks unlikely to start in GW28 and I could do Arnautovic.  He again was on the bench v Fulham and with him playing City away there seems little point in rushing that one.

I do have the exact cash for Wan- Bissaka to Chilwell which is a possibility as they are home to Brighton.  I can’t see whoever takes over installing Fuchs over Chilwell so that remains a possibility.

Lineup decisions

If I don’t make a transfer and Wan Bissaka and Rashford are injured then the choice is Hojbjerg v Ben Mee.  My instinct despite the odds is to go with Ben Mee.

Captain choice

At the moment it’s hard to see past Aguero especially as it seems that Jesus still has some injury issues.

Team lineup

Here’s how the team lines up prior to any transfers.

fantasy premier league teams GW28

That’s it. Hope you had a good gameweek and found it useful in thinking about your team for GW28.

Btw I have had some problems with the website crashing when the traffic has got heavy so I apologise for that.  If I get into any issues with my final team lineup I’ll tweet it or facebook it so you may find it useful to follow me on one of those if you don’t already.  I hope to resolve the issue permanently by next week

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