FPL Free Hit teams GW32 – 3 FFGeek Contributors show their draft Free Hit teams


Here’s our FPL free hit teams GW32 article where Joseph Crilley, Costas Chari and Sergio Torija show their current draft free hit teams

FPL Free Hit teams GW32 – 3 FFGeek Contributors show their draft Free Hit teams

Restating the basics about the free hit chip

There’s been quite a few people coming on the site asking questions about how the Free Hit Chip works.  So I’m going to repeat what I said and then add a couple of help sentences that Lex left in the comments section a day or so ago.  Most are copy and pastes from the fantasy premier league sites.  Apologies to those who saw it in my last article.

You can make unlimited free transfers for a single Gameweek. At the next deadline your squad is returned to how it was at the start of the Gameweek.

The Free Hit chip can be used once a season, is played when confirming your transfers and can’t be cancelled after confirmed.

After playing your Free Hit chip, at the next deadline your bank balance and squad is restored to as they were at the previous deadline, with any player price changes in the previous gameweek reflected. Any change to your bank balance whilst the Free Hit chip was active will be lost.

When playing your Free Hit chip, any saved free transfers will be lost. You will be back to the usual 1 free transfer the following Gameweek.

Firstly make your transfers as normal.  When you have done this you push make transfers.

It will then give you 4 options.  The option you want is play free hit.  Once you have done that it will ask you to confirm or cancel the free hit.  Assuming you’re ok to do that then confirm the free hit.

Hope that helps.  Just a reminder these are current drafts and will change.

Joseph Crilley

Joseph finished with an overall rank of 7k last season and 13k in 16/17

He is currently 60k OR.  He has all his other chips in place.

For my what will likely be the first of many free hit drafts, I have decided to keep my team fairly simple and not seek out too many differentials. I believe activating the free hit is enough of a differential in itself so it isn’t necessary to go too risky with my picks. Therefore, I am looking to have a team consisting of 3 players from City, United and Chelsea alongside two other players from the lower teams. I can’t look past Jimenez as one of these options who has arguably been the FPL value player of the season; I do have concerns about rotation with Wolves, but I would expect him to start both games so he’s straight in.

For the top 6 teams, the fixtures are too favourable for me to not include three Chelsea players, despite their inconsistent form. Hazard is a certainty with his flat-track bully nature along with penalty duties and I have chosen to double up on their defence with Luiz and Azpilicueta. Then from the Manchester clubs, I have gone for the obvious attacking pairs of Sterling & Aguero plus Pogba & Rashford which leaves room for a defender from each side. Laporte is the simple City choice while I have elected to go for De Gea in goal as he is very capable of returning a big points haul following one of his magical displays.

That leaves just one space in the starting XI to be filled and the choice is essentially between a 5.5mil defender and a 5.9mil midfielder. The natural selection in midfield is Deulofeu, but the potential Watford rotation worries me so I have currently gone down the defender route to line up in a 4-3-3 formation. Van Aanholt is my choice as he is perfect double gameweek defender material given his goal scoring history and home fixture against shot-shy Huddersfield.

The key missing ingredient is Spurs players – however when I compare against the other top teams, City and Chelsea have far superior fixtures while United offer considerably better value so I have avoided for now. Overall, I don’t expect my final team to vary too much from this draft as the only interchangeable player right now is Van Aanholt, though possibly Laporte and De Gea as well. Having said that, there is still plenty of time before DGW32 for new information to change things, but this is where I stand for now!

FPL Free Hit teams GW32

Costas Chari

Costas finished with an OR of 29k last season and 27k in 16/17

Costas has a current OR of 65k.  Costas has played his 2nd wildcard.

And the button is pressed! By far, in my opinion, the best chip to play for maximum returns. I lost 20k in rank during the last 3 gameweeks so hopeful my free hits turns out as a success.

I am going with 11 players (bench players are at the minimum price).


Kepa. Has great fixtures and is the cheapest secure Chelsea defensive player.


Lindelof has great fixtures.  Wan Bissaka has a good fixture home with Huddersfield and he tends to get bonus points every clean sheet as well. Last is Walker as he has the fixtures and is a differential as well.


Sterling is the first pick for obvious reasons. Pogba is in the team as well and has pen duties. Milivojevic has a good home fixture and is on pens. Alli is my Spurs cover for the good home fixture against Palace (differential as well).


Aguero will most probably be my captain as well. It is good news that he is on a break from the national team. Same with Higuain as my Chelsea cover – rested and a differential. Rashford completes the team as he will play CF now that Lukaku is injured again and I am hoping to see similar returns as before

 FPL Free Hit teams GW32

Sergio Torija

Sergio finished with an OR of 17k last season and 21k in 16/17

Sergio currently has an OR of 1.34 million and has all his chips in place

I am fairly settled on the core of the team, with 2 or 3 each of Chelsea, Man City and Man Utd. So that is Lindelof, Pogba, Rashford, Azpi, Hazard, Sterling and Aguero almost certain. Then debating in defence, going in principle with Ederson+Duffy, but I could instead do Ryan+Laporte/Luiz

In attack I’ve gone with Milivojevic as 4th mid, and Mitrovic as 3rd striker, which is probably very questionable, so I could swap for the likes of Deloufeu, Jota, Jimenez, etc and then the least possible money on the bench obviously.  Having said that,  £3.9m Peltier should get two games in case he is needed from the bench as first sub, and Hudson-Odoi could always provide appearance points and even something more.

The captain choice will be interesting and probably quite spread, at the moment I’m not discarding any of Hazard, Pogba, Sterling or Aguero

 FPL Free Hit teams GW32

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21 thoughts on “FPL Free Hit teams GW32 – 3 FFGeek Contributors show their draft Free Hit teams”

  1. This is my team at the moment. Am I crazy for trying to have 3 City attackers?

    Luiz, wan, lindof
    Sane, hazard, sterling, Pogba
    Jiminez, Rashford, aguero

  2. I have 9 double Gameweek players. Do I still need to freehit?….. I’m feeling like using my triple captain instead on a man City player….
    Any thoughts

  3. If you have nine double players , plus Mane or Salah, and still have your triple captain chip Hakeem, I think triple on Aguero or Sterling is a great option. The free hit might be handy in blank 33 or double 35

  4. I am in the same situation Hakeem, although admittedly without the free hit, which I used last week. The real dilemma I think who to use the triple captain on? Aguero will be a big captain favourite, but Sterling is both a big differential and a consistently high-scoring player. Defence or attack? Sword or shield?

    I am currently leaning to Sterling I have to say, since I am sitting at 12k and hoping to break into the top 10k. But a big Aguero haul could do the job just as well. What to do!?

    Might as well flip a coin.

  5. Laporte hasn’t played for the last 3 GW’s, isn’t he a massive gametime risk for the double gameweek?

  6. I’ve basically locked in 10 of my 11 players, AWB, David Luiz, Pogba, Sterling, Hazard, Aguero & Rashford all won’t be moving while currently have Ederson, Azpilicueta, & Shaw who are all somewhat rotatable with Kepa. De Gea, Rudiger, Lindelof, Smalling & Laporte just depending on scoring potential, rotation risk and a need to free up funds.

    No idea who to go for my last spot;

    Best defenders $6.1m & under?

    Best mids $7.0m & under?

    Best strikers $6.5m & under?

  7. I notice you’re all putting dross on your bench. Don’t you think it’s worth having one decent player on the bench? Someone is going to get rested in DGW. Also, I wouldn’t double up on Chelsea defence. Cardiff and /or Brighton will score against them.

  8. Allan, as long as your player plays 1 match and rested in the other, your sub will not be used. So ideally you wouldn’t need a bench unless your starting XI doesn’t play both games.

  9. Again: Lindelof’s wife is 38 weeks preggo. Maybe I am just the only dude that visits this site that has a 3 yo and and an 11 mo old, but that guy aint missing that baby being born.. he would regret it for life and hes already rich as hell so if Im him im missing a few days for that magic.

    Based on that he has the most rotation risk out of City, Che and MUN starters. Yet he seems to be on most of the FH squads for some reason.

    He is also at a weird price point, as the only comparable is shaw on 9 yellows, so I would be interested to hear what your plan B’s are for him if it sounds like he will for sure miss a few days around that week.

  10. My team


    Azpi Lindelof Schluup

    Hazard Pogba Sterling Davidsilva

    Aguero Rashford Jiminez/batshuayi

    Please let me know thoughts. My confusion stems from
    1)Who of Jiminez batshuayi.
    2) David Silva or Laporte
    3) Schluup or wan bissaka

  11. With the pregnancy news(thanks Kev), I think I’ll go young for Lindelof. Not a follower of manc games, does young have a good chance of playing both the games.

  12. Kev,
    How do you know this stuff, it is taking fpl to another level, but have to agreed, he may have to choose, very hot curries over the international break or wrap wife in cotton wool until week 33.
    Pregnancy is always simple on paper, best of luck to him and wife, must have priorities right, family first then that silly game of people chasing a ball around a field

  13. Every chance then that Lindelof may or may not miss one game. I doubt he would miss both. Man Utd defensive coverage definitely a problem , with Shaw flagged too and on nine yellows. Young and Smalling more expensive and may play both . Then again lots of players will only play once …

    Bigger concern is Rashford, included in most teams I have seen. He is flagged, has blanked for the last five games, and looked a shadow of what he was a month ago. Apparently he is in pain since he came back from injury and “ can’t twist or turn properly “ ( !! ) Lukaku injured too as an upgrade option.

    If going without Rashford, does that mean using Jiménez who seems likely to only play once and be rested for the cup semi, or Higuain who is hit and miss and probably will only start once, or reshuffle and compromise in defence to go two up front Aguero and Kane !!!

  14. Wolves have only one registered striker in Jimenez, with Jota his partner but registered as a Mid… There’s a good chance Jimenez will not be rested I think. Doesn’t look like he needs one… Jota more likely to be rested I feel.

    As for Rashford… I expect him to be fully fit next week. Hes being given a rest now over the Int. break. And he “twisted and turned” just fine for that goal against Wolves in the cup.

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