FPL GW31 Wildcard – 2 FFGeek Contributors show their draft wildcards


Here’s our FPL GW31 Wildcard article where FFGeek Contributors Costas Chari and Alex Ball show their draft wildcards

FPL GW31 Wildcard – 2 FFGeek Contributors Show Their Draft Wildcards

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Costas Chari

Costas’s last 4 seasons overall ranks were 17k, 84k, 29k and 27k

GW30 points:  48 -8   (FPL average 46) Total points: 1,890, Overall Rank: 171k, red arrow:  51k Team Value: £104.7m

Costas has used all of his Triple Captain Chip and his Bench Boost Chip. He’s activated his wildcard for this gameweek

Follow Costas on twitter here

GW30 review

Sitting at 170k with 8 GWks to go is far from ideal! but the last 2 weeks perfectly sum up my season.

Gw29 I took hit to get Auba and Bale
gw30 hits to get Havertz Alonso and Richarlison

All the above either blanked or got benched!

Wildcard overall thoughts

I am wildcarding this week and hoping for the best. I am not a template and play it safe manager nor will I ever be as I like to enjoy the game and act according to what I think is right and not what the template thinks is right. This way of thinking has got me 4 of the last 5 season in the top 0.5%.

So my current WC draft does not include players such as Raphinha (due to fixtures) and Lingard (due to fixtures and the Antonio injury). I am basically playing the fixtures in this wildcard as i believe form comes with fixtures.


I couldn’t find a decent 4.5ish option so according with fixtures I am leaving Martinez and going with Leno. Button the cheapie second as he’s £3.9m.


Alexander Arnold is a must have. I also believe the Leicester defense is worth it with these fixtures so Castagne who has an attacking threat as well is in. I am doubling with Fofana and adding Coady due to fixtures as well. Any of the two though could be flipped to Lindelof.


Salah and Bruno Fernandes need no explanation. Neto has great fixtures and he is class. Jota is the in form player. Emile Smith Rowe is the cheapie.


Kane 1000%. Vardy has the fixtures and hasn’t scored for ages so his time is coming. Davis the cheapie

Please let me know what you think

FPL GW31 Wildcard

Alex Ball

Alex’s last 6 seasons overall rank were 312k, 523k, 17k, 10k, 28k and 3k

GW30 points: 72  (FPL average 46) Total points: 1,994, Overall Rank: 10k, green arrow 6k.  Team Value: £105.5m

Alex has used  his Free Hit Chip, Triple Captain Chip and Bench Boost. He is using his wildcard this gameweek

Follow Alex on twitter here

Here’s Alex’s latest 2 drafts:

Draft 1

fpl gw31 wildcard

Draft 2

fpl GW31 wildcard

Differences in the 2 teams

Differences are all in defence:

Draft 1 – Draft 2

Coady – Mitchell

Dias – Stones

Azpilicueta – Alexander Arnold

Phillips – Lowton

Vote for your favourite in this poll

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5 thoughts on “FPL GW31 Wildcard – 2 FFGeek Contributors show their draft wildcards”

  1. Great teams lads – would be interested to hear the reason for the lack of City coverage in the midfield – pure rotation risk with City in the CL? Thanks!

    • hey mate! honestly personally i cant stand the anxiety with the city rotation…. ive had enough…. also i think at premium prices salah and bruno have good fixtures, the rank drop from having a sterling or kdb benched is huge……. if i had the funds to have foden and a decent bench option i would have him though

  2. I’ve literally spent all day on my wildcard. Agonising over TAA vs improving elsewhere – really wanted Maddison over Lingard. Finally settled on what I wanted – got called away and never saved my team. I now have the team I started the day with – 8 hours of faffing and reading every article I could find wasted!

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