FPL team tips GW32 – FFGeek contributor’s teams part 3


Here’s our FPL team tips GW32 article where the 3rd group of the FFGeek contributors show their teams for GW32+. In this part there’s Joseph Crilley, Costas Chari, Rob Cosgrove, Kev in Canada and Mikael Danielsen

FPL team tips GW32 – FFGeek contributor’s teams part 3

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This is part 3 of the FPL managers who contribute to the FFGeek site with good histories who show their teams each week. This will give people a feel for what other managers are doing. It’s a fairly informal thing with no obligation on anyone and these teams may change at anytime before the deadline without further notice. In the future it also wont cover early transfers. It’s just to give an idea of the trends for the week no more.

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Joseph Crilley

Joseph’s last 3 seasons OR were 28k, 7k and 13k

GW31+ points: 70 on Free Hit (FPL average 62) Total points 1,865 Gameweek rank 2,246k, Overall Rank: 34k, green arrow 46k, Team Value: £104.3m

 Joe has used his triple captain, bench boost and used his Free Hit in GW31+

Follow Joe on twitter here

My plan for GW32 has always been use my transfer to bring in Aubameyang/Jimenez as captain in order to struggle through the week before hitting the wildcard button next gameweek. However, I have made a late decision to activate the chip ahead of schedule for a few reasons:

– Team looks pretty awful this week as it is relying on Villa and Sheffield Utd who have put in poorer performances than anticipated

– Jota and Abraham do not have secure minutes with the former proving a bigger downgrade on Jimenez than I’d hoped

– The players that I would bring in this week via a free transfer or hit (Jimenez & Man U attacker) would likely prove to be part of any wildcard team

– I could foresee my ideal WC team slipping out of reach due to price changes

– Ultimately though, the reason for GW33 WC in first place was so I could gather enough information for building a team for remainder of season and I feel that I have a sufficient amount now. Or certainly, there is little to be gained in GW32!

So, the wildcard is active and I decided to focus on 4 key teams to be the core of my squad: Liverpool, Man City, Wolves, Man Utd. No real surprises there as these are the teams to show the best form since project restart, plus they all have great fixtures for the rest of the season.

This is particularly true for Man City, but there is obviously a risk with rotation for any of their remaining matches. However, their run from GW33 is simply too good to miss out, especially considering that they are best attacking team in the league and capable of a huge win at any time. Therefore, I am sticking by the irresistible KDB and supplementing him with Mahrez who has proven explosive in limited minutes and Foden. The latter will be my 5th midfielder and I am hoping that he picks up significant minutes during the closing stages of the campaign. I am not 100% certain on these choices as I am contemplating Jesus as an option, but this is where I am for now.

Liverpool and Wolves have proven much simpler choices where I have selected the primary attacker and defender from each team – Salah & TAA, Jimenez & Doherty. I have managed to squeeze in Saiss as my 5th defender for now, though ideally, I would have Patricio in goal instead, but the funds don’t stretch that far. For Man U, a triple-up is obvious and I have started with Maguire in defence as I refuse to believe that he won’t score before the season ends. In attack, I have chosen Rashford and Martial as I prefer their goal threat and it is a solid differential over the popular Bruno Fernandes. The remaining slots have been completed by North London with Aurier chosen in defence despite the fact that he is a complete liability. I just can’t ignore the fact that he is effectively playing right wing for a side which is managed by Jose Mourinho and has Harry Kane up front. Finally, Arsenal are my cheap fillers in goal and attack where I have selected Martinez and Nketiah. I would prefer a stronger goalkeeper, but I have had to sacrifice here to save money so I am just hoping that Arsenal can find a couple of clean sheets and Martinez can pick up save points. On the other hand, Nketiah looks a great bench fodder option as he seems to be the preferred lead striker and I am trying to find a way for him into my GW32 starting XI.

In a wildcard week, it is always good to have an easy captain choice and I have that in Jimenez. Great form, penalties, lovely fixture on paper and there is minimal rotation risk with Wolves playing their game on Saturday as they are out of the FA Cup. Rashford is currently the vice, but no doubt in that Jimmy will lead the line!

Good luck all and may your arrows be green!

Transfer Summary: Wildcard

Captain: Jimenez

FPL team tips GW32

Costas Chari

Costas’s last 3 seasons overall ranks were 84k, 29k and 27k

GW31+ points: 103 on Bench Boost (FPL average 62) Total points 1,853 Gameweek rank 31k, Overall Rank: 48k, green arrow 46k, Team Value: £102.6m

Costas has now used all his Chips

It was a phenomenal GW for my team that resulted huge green arrow that finally breaks me in the top 50k of teams. Although it does leave a bit of a sour taste as I have wasted yet another chip (last week FH resulted in a 28k rank drop) as my Bench Boost just gave me 2 extra points.

I am thrilled my bet for Martial paid off and in general the triple United that I am sure will soon be template.

I had 5 captain options and luckily I picked the 2nd best and to be fair the best option Martial was probably the last option before the GW.

My transfer of De Bruyne to Son did not work out well but I don’t regret it. I will not have to worry about Son getting benched and since the title is over and Pep priority is FA cup and Champions League i can see De Bruyne rested in the easy games. So since I wont trust him starting I wouldn’t be able to captain him going forward – it is a huge risk BUT I am willing to take it.

Since the BB has gone I will take some funds off the bench and in the starting 11. I know most FFGeek Contributors will say keep a strong bench but I have a different opinion. I have downgraded Stephens to Robinson to save the 0.4 and will soon downgrade McCarthy to a £3.9m keeper. Having just 2 playing bench players is enough this year due to the 5 subs. You would be the unluckiest manager in the world to have 3 starting players bench and not a single one coming on for a cameo after 15 subs!!! Hence I will strengthen my playing 11.

This week the team line up is fairly straight forward. I would only have thought benching Saiss for Lascelles but everyone has a Wolves defender so I am keeping him in.

Captain- no straight pick this GW. Its between Jimenez, Son and Martial. Currently on Martial as he tends to go through brilliant periods of 3-5gws.

Good luck

Transfer summary:  Stephens OUT Jack Robinson IN

FPL team tips GW32

Rob Cosgrove

Rob’s last 3 seasons overall rank were 45k, 40k and 23k

GW31+ points: 88 on Wildcard (FPL average 62) Total points 1,837 Gameweek rank 327k, Overall Rank: 73k, green arrow 23k, Team Value: £102.3m

Rob has used his Bench Boost and his 2nd wildcard in GW31+

Another great game week score where I played my wildcard and have no regrets! My plan this week is to free hit to take advantage of Arsenal playing Norwich and to stay clear of the Man City Liverpool game.

With Liverpool now winning the league, does this mean the assets of both Liverpool and Man City will be rotated? This will be the big question for all of us FPL managers!

This is how the team looks, with money left over that I don’t really have a plan to spend. I could upgrade my bench to players that actually play I guess.

As always I won’t make the changes until after the previews

Summary:  Free Hit likely to be activated

Here’s a draft team:

FPL team tips GW32

Kev in Canada

Kev finished in 6k last season and 195k in 17/18

GW31+ points: 89 on Wildcard (FPL average 62) Total points 1,819 Gameweek rank 285k, Overall Rank: 112k, green arrow 38k, Team Value: £104.7m

Kev has used his Triple Captain and Bench Boost and used his Wildcard in GW31+

Follow Kev on twitter here

You can also hear Kev on our latest Podcast

After feeling forced to Wildcard going into GW31+, I know feel set up for the run in.

I am going to roll the transfer and captain Jimenez.

Good luck.

Transfer summary:  carrying over the free transfer.  Captain Jimenez

Mikael L Danielsen

Mikael’s last 3 seasons overall rank were 12k, 100k and 5k

GW31+ points: 79 on Wildcard (FPL average 62) Total points 1,827 Gameweek rank 985k, Overall Rank: 93k, green arrow 6k, Team Value: £104.3m

Mikael has used his Triple Captain and Bench Boost and used his Wildcard in GW31+

Avoiding teams with FA Cup for cap, so Jimmy (C) and Son (VC)

1 transfer: Vardy to Rashford

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