FPL team tips GW8 – FFGeek contributor’s teams part 3


Here’s our FPL team tips GW8 article where the 3rd group of the FFGeek contributors show their teams for GW8. In this part there’s Chris Tucker, Yaniv Salomon, Sergio Torija and Andrew Pratt

FPL team tips GW8 – FFGeek contributor’s teams part 3

This is part 3 of the FPL managers who contribute to the FFGeek site with good histories who show their teams each week. This will give people a feel for what other managers are doing. It’s a fairly informal thing with no obligation on anyone and these teams may change at anytime before the deadline without further notice. In the future it also wont cover early transfers. It’s just to give an idea of the trends for the week no more.

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Yaniv Salomon

Yaniv finished with an overall rank of 4k last season and 8k in 17/18

GW7 points: 60 -4 (average 51) Total points 416 Gameweek rank 1,355k, Overall Rank: 339k, green arrow 69k, Team Value: £101.7m

Hi , so 4th green arrow in a row , now 339k , again like alot of us last week wrong decision with the armband (Mane, as most of you chose Salah, although Mane should have scored a brace), this week no hesitation and its Raheem after he rested was rested in the Champions League. I am still not sure if I will wildcard next week, and I didn’t want to take De Bruyne out if it will be only one game.  So I used my FT and 0.1m ITB to bring Saka for Dendoncker, as the first wasn’t in the squad in the Europa League. Saka is starting in favourable match. No lineup decision for me, good luck all!

Transfer summary:  Dendoncker out and Saka (Arsenal £4.5m mid) in

FPL team tips GW8

Andrew Pratt

Andrew finished with an overall rank of 8k last season and 1k in 17/18

GW7 points: 68 (average 51) Total points 448 Gameweek rank 381k, Overall Rank: 28k, green arrow 66k, Team Value: £101.9m

Thoughts on Gameweek 7

I’m happy with 68 points and a healthy green arrow this week. My cheap Liverpool double defence finally paid off, with Matip getting 3 bonus points. Chelsea and City assets delivered, although Aguero’s assist came worryingly late. There were whispers before the deadline that Jesus would start over Aguero but I figured that if this was case Aguero would get 30-35min at the end against a tired Everton defence. It almost went badly and could’ve been a 1-pointer. My gamble on fielding Kelly over Cantwell paid off.

Watford and Newcastle continue to look poor, to the point that managers will be bringing in players specifically for the games against them. Norwich need to show their worth immediately or Pukki, Cantwell, etc. will continue to be dumped on masse. Manchester United are nowhere and should be avoided. Fabianski being out will probably lessen the attraction of West Ham defenders.

Thoughts on Gameweek 8

This is why Fantasy Premier League is such a fantastic and challenging game. From having a strong GW7 team and being say 3 transfers away from having a near optimal squad from GW9 on, issues piled up through the week. I felt that my transfers today (Friday evening) were the hardest decisions I’ve had to make this season – harder than the WC decision in GW4.

Matip is out for Saturday. My dalliance with Adrian is coming to an end. Reports are that Alisson is in contention for GW8 so this might leave me having to transfer in a playing GK or go GK-less this week. Klopp was a little vague on Alisson so I hope Adrian will be given his last hurrah against Leicester.

De Bruyne is also out for GW8. Reading between the lines, I think that De Bruyne is fine but Pep doesn’t want him picking up a real injury with Belgium so he’ll use his adequate midfield coverage to guarantee De Bruyne is good to go from GW9.

Midweek whispers about a potential Cantwell hamstring injury have come to life and he is also a doubt this week.

With just 1 FT this week I was hoping to save it and have 2 for after the international break. However, that would come with a real risk of not fielding 11 players, and possibly only having 9, including Soyuncu and Kelly who are up against it this week. A grave and ominous prospect..!

Aguero played 89 minutes midweek but I think Pep will not bench him while De Bruyne is out; they can’t afford anything but a win against Wolves. Sterling had limited minutes mid-week and was excellent by all accounts so he’s a strong captain option.

Matip transfer out options

I was highly conflicted with my transfers this week – stay the course and bring in players for the longer term (esp. keep De Bruyne) or try hold onto my rank by bringing in immediate fixes. After much deliberation I figured firstly that Matip must go as he’s not playing this week and his upcoming fixtures are tough. I considered:

– Rico (value for money but probably over-performing now),

– Pereira (Schmeichel is on my radar already as a potential Adrian replacement),

– Cresswell (Fabianski being out worries me a bit), and

– Lowton (Pope is on my radar already as a potential Adrian replacement).

I went instead for Otamendi who I think is one of the stand-out defenders for the coming weeks and is part of the only team with more than 50% chance of keeping a clean sheet this week. This means KdB must make way (a -4 point hit) and I went for Jorginho (good value for money and a decent GW8 fixture), which leaves 4.8mil in the bank to change Adrian next week plus either:

– Upgrade Greenwood for the likes of Vardy or Callum Wilson, who have good upcoming fixtures, or

– Upgrade Cantwell or Pukki if they continue to underperform.

I’m gambling that Alisson does not return and if I hear he will then I will not take another hit to transfer out Adrian. My thinking is that the only GK coming close to being worth the 4 point hit is Ederson as his approximately 62% chance of clean sheet equates to about 0,62 * (6 points for clean sheet) = 3,7 points (< 4 points and other City assets have better value and upper ceiling anyway).

Don’t despair – there are a lot of other managers sweating right now 😀

Good luck, all!

Transfer summary:  Matip out and Otamendi in

FPL team tips GW8

Chris Tucker

Chris’s last 2 seasons overall rank were 17k and 1k

GW7 points: 54 (average 51) Total points 439 Gameweek rank 2,600k, Overall Rank: 64k, red arrow 1k, Team Value: £101.3m

Gameweek 7 saw a very minor green arrow, which was a pleasant surprise as I thought it would be much worse after a captain blank and a mere 5 points from my 3 attackers!

The big talking point this week has been the De Bruyne injury. I never really contemplated selling as, at the moment, he looks like he will be back after the international break and, having bought him for 9.6m, I am loathe to be compelled to bring him back for significantly more money later on down the line.

That said, his injury does leave me in a bit of a hole, particularly if Cantwell doesn’t play. I don’t like taking hits but after toying all week with the idea I  removed Digne and Dendoncker for Otamendi and Yarmolenko. I think that’s where I’ll end up. Digne has been somewhat of a let down and, whilst I appreciate that his fixtures are turning and he is capable of big returns, I’m not convinced that he’s worth 6.0m. Otamendi and Yarmolenko have fantastic upcoming fixtures and give me a route to fielding eleven players this week. I’ve always felt Yarmolenko passes the ‘eye test’ and it will be interesting to see if he can keep up his form. If not, I can remove him on my wildcard, which I anticipate will not be far away.

Best of luck to you all.

Transfer summary:  Digne and Dendoncker for Otamendi and Yarmolenko

FPL team tips GW8

Sergio Torija

Sergio’s last 3 seasons were 596k, 17k and 21k

GW7 points: 59 (average 51) Total points 429 Gameweek rank 1,474k, Overall Rank: 138k, green arrow 70k, Team Value: £101.7m

An ok week last with 59 points and 1.4m GW rank, for a green arrow. 6 returners including Kane as captain, although no double digit haul. De Bruyne almost there with 9, but he did pick an injury as we all now know.

This has been a week of intense playing around with the team, with most combinations funded by Salah. Originally I was going to do a double swap for Aubameyang, but De Bruyne’s injury meant I started to look at Sterling instead to keep City representation. I was edging towards the straight swap with Salah, however a last look at my bench has made me reluctantly swap De Bruyne for Sterling, funded by Heaton to McGovern plus the money in the bank. I still have Aubameyang in mind for the coming weeks, but my natural entry point is in a couple weeks time swapping directly with Kane.

Captain Sterling this week, with Kane as vice.

Good luck all !

Summary:  De Bruyne and Heaton out for Sterling and McGovern

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